Is it Arsenal’s Formation? Midfield? Keeper? Or is it just the manager?

The manager is the real problem! by Konstantin Mitov

It’s been like that since January last year with away games. I’m not surprised. Wenger never fails to disappoint you, even when the club looks like it’s on the up. I can’t wait for the day Wenger will be gone from Arsenal, but this day is nowhere close.

You see, we might sign Aubameyang, but even we sign Messi, Arsene won’t know what defending is and thus so we would lose to bottom Swansea again. They wanted it more and destroyed us!

We made a terrible player like Ayew look like Messi, but this is Watford and Bournemouth all over again. We didn’t play in the fa cup, yet we looked slow and tired. Let’s start with the wrong formation.

Three at the back ain’t our thing and every long ball was a real problem since our defense made of a world cup winner, a France international and a Spanish left back can’t handle average players.

Arsene doesn’t utilize the threat of Monreal going forward, because he doesn’t understand that it wasn’t the formation that was the problem to our defense, it’s himself! They say that to show someone how incompetent he is for a job, you just put him in a position of power and Wenger is the best example of this.

It doesn’t matter if we put Koscielny or Holding, because our sorry excuse of a midfield never helps back. Xhaka needs to be sold ASAP. He is a disgrace for this football club and symbolises the transfers we made before Sven Mislintat!

Koscielny needs to be moved on and Cech too. Goodness me, did you read Cech talking about us belonging in the champions league? We belong in the championship looking at this game and it’s time Cech goes. It didn’t work out for him here and I don’t wanna know what Ospina is thinking at the bench.

Elneny was useless again and you have to ask yourself. With all the transfers done, what about a DM? Or some people who actually know how to defend? I mean, Arsene would immediately ruin them, but God! we took the lead and conceded like 5 seconds later…



  1. gotanidea says:

    The whole team reflects the mentality of the manager, unwillingness to take risk in the field. Nobody dared to keep the ball for more than two touches, because they are afraid of getting robbed.

    If they keep passing the ball like that, without waiting for better chances, they will miss a lot of opportunities to split the opponent’s defense. Playing too safe and too cautiously in the field has been plaguing the team for many years.

    Arsenal defenders often lost in duels and races as well. Finding a more mobile and more anticipating defensive midfielder would be more important than getting a tall striker, because Arsenal are often easily hit from quick counter-attacks.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Easy one to answer, over the years we’ve changed:

    Assistant manager
    Back-room staff
    Size of pitch
    Shirt sponsors
    Type of players (big aggressive powerful players to small passive technical players)
    Financial resources
    Arsenal crest
    Kit maker

    The only thing we haven’t changed, which just so happens to be the most important position at ANY club, and that is of the manager. There is literally nothing else that can be changed to improve us, apart from the manager. This why signing the likes of Aubameyang, and Mkhitaryan changes absolutely nothing because they’ll be coached by the very man who is causing the problems.

    1. Maks says:

      Yes, answer is so obvious….

      1. Phil says:

        WOW!!!!I I wonder if the board have ever thought that might be worth considering

    2. Mohamed says:

      With him as coach even coaching fish how to swim could end up the fish drowng

  3. Uzi Ozil says:

    Gutted about last night. When you repeat same mistake for over 10years, then you have to blame the manager. We are so bad off the ball or without the ball…..we give our opponents easy chance with secondary school defending.

    Welcome Aubumenyang and Mikki. Surprisingly, we are doing business in January….

    1. Sue says:

      I reckon we are just to take the pressure off Arsene…

  4. i was a gooner says:

    Play Maitland Niles in CDM

  5. Maks says:

    Ozil is Arsenal player for 4 more years!
    Now I need Wilshere conformation and I will be very very happy… I dnt care about Swanse defeat anymore! Looking forward to the next season, and
    maybe some big matches this season!
    Bravo Ozil, thank you for staying in this fracked team at the moment.
    Yesterday he was only one angry (besides Giroud) during a game, all red in face under the heavy rain!
    We need this Arsenals red more!

  6. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    any 1 know the best pub round the emirates 4 tickets travelling over from ireland soon know im mad but hay ho..

    1. i was a gooner says:

      Sad i might need to watch Chelsea to see Giroud playing..

    2. Coldzero says:

      The Kings head on the corner of Monsell road and Blackstock road is good- 5 min walk to the stadium, The Arsenal tavern alright as well also on Blackstock road. The Kings Head always did a nice pint of Guinness though for those cold match days . The Little Wonder cafe outside the Emirates main entrance for all your match day food needs ?

  7. McLovin says:


    Manager who keeps on picking underperforming players (Cech, Xhaka, Iwobi, Ramsey in the past..)

    Manager who has the same tactical approach to every single game.

    Same manager who kept Sanchez in the team because he was deluded enough to think he will sign an extension.

    Same manager who hasn’t solved the issue surrounding the midfield problem since Gilberto left (decade ago).

    Same manager who bought an injured player in January when we were actually leading the table. It was either him or no one. How? How the hell was it him or absolutely no one else?

    I can keep on.

    1. Midkemma says:

      “It was either him or no one. How?”
      I would say blame Gazidis.

      We all know Gazidis and Wenger do not get on well, Gazidis wanted Wenger gone… Can you imagine Gazidis saying “Of course Wenger, you want to spend £60 million, go right ahead”?

      Look how AFC low balled BvB initially to get Auba then took our time in increasing bids, at least Sven pushed for this and Sven was hired by Gazidis and not Wenger… meaning Gazidis should be listening more to what his pick advices.

      We can praise Sven but I also think we should pay a thought to the difficult task Wenger had at getting Gazidis to part with any money and how Wenger shouldn’t be spending his time trying to convince the CEO, CEO should have trust be it is clear he doesn’t and anyone who claims that had no effect knows nothing.

      Tactics… Yeah, Wenger is losing the plot.
      WTF was he doing playing Rambo instead of Wilshere when Wilshere was doing so well, if anything it should have been Xhaka who was dropped but Wenger does like him and has not dropped Xhaka while Xhaka has been fit. For me, Xhaka is a lesser Wilshere, should not be playing instead of the guy who bleeds red and white and has actual talent for the EPL. Xhaka… great player but the EPL is too fast for him unless a team builds around him and he isn’t good enough to build around, not like Jack.

      1. Phil says:

        Ivan G is slowly but surely introducing the CATALYST FOR CHANGE that he insisted he would bring to the club last year.Sven and Raul will be handling all incomings in the future which further reduces Wengers powers at the club.To be fair to Gazides he has all the pressure on him now and he knows the major stumbling block is the manager.He will not be given a new contract when this one fun’s out at the end of next season and we can only pray that he is gone at the end of this season.

  8. Steve h says:

    1/Swap Giroud for David luiz. Short time fix.
    2/coach Rob holding the ins and outs on defending.Ffs
    3/send Wenger up stairs appoint new manger.
    4/Germany’s head coach in
    5/appoint Martin keown as defence coach.
    6/say good bye to per chec new keeper reqd.
    7/find a holding/defence mid fielder
    8/show some bottle.

  9. Stephen says:

    Xhaka yes, but Elneny was not a waste. Elneny played that role so well that immediately he stepped out we broke down. Elneny was always available to pick up the pass from defense, and his movements ensured he is available for a pass. He is a far better D midfielder than xhaka.

    1. Gun-Powder says:

      i thought as much. was surprised to see Elneny subbed off whilst Iwobi, Xhaka n Ramsey stayed. these 3 need some serious benching!!!

      1. ALBERTOGUNNER says:

        I was the same thing but Wenger cannot bench Xhaka I don’t know what need to be done for that to happen… It was Xhaka out AMN in, Ramsey out Mhkitarian in…

  10. Reddb10 says:

    In a nutshell. It’s just the manager

  11. Grandad says:

    Until we get a new Manager nothing will change and we will become a mid table team.Whoever sanctioned the purchase of Mustafi, Xhaka and sadly Kolasinac has little idea of the modern day game .The accountable person is of course AW but he is unique in that he has the blessing of the owners/Board despite being totally incompetent. Is their another “industry” because that’s what football today is, where the powers that be would accept such negligence?

  12. oba (AUBA)arsenal of lagos says:

    Ain’t bothered a bit ah jes know arsenal ain’t going to the champions league next season cept we win the Europa,but what’s thrilling me is the exodus of the mediocres and the influx of quality y’all wait till this new team gel with the incomings in the summer (take it from me we’ll be geting some more in) we’ll be so sweet and competitive

  13. mark says:

    We need a top quality defensive midfielder. Someone who can be disciplined enough to do that job AND organise others around them. Who that is I don’t know…we don’t give our defence a chance when teams steamroller through our midfield.

  14. Milton John says:

    Wenger spoiled a decade in nurturing Wallcot, Coquelin, Ramsey, Gibbs Oxalade and Wilshere. Still doing the same with Iwobi now. He’s really really past his good days as a manager. Now he’s a grandfather to these Iwobi and new kids in the block. He’ll wait another decade in doing the same rubbish. Hopefully Ivan, Sven and Raul will bring Enrique in the next summer and take this beloved club to where it belongs. This old man Wenger will be kept in the board as a powerless person until his last breath.

  15. gooner4life says:

    Wenger talked after the game about poor defending then does nothing to change the situation why did he not go and get quality defender and dm .As for Xhaka he is a wast of space we should get rid asap and thke arsene with him.

  16. Vlad says:

    KM – How about writing something positive for once? Last week you were saying that Auba deal is not gonna get done. Anything on that? How about Ozil signing a contract extension which you also said won’t happen? What a muppet you are.


    my 11 with Auba
    ……..not cech/I would rather see our young Keeper Macey

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