Arsenal’s front three are now showing their worth

Arsenal’s front three could replicate SMF in seasons to come! (opinion)

Arsenal have to keep Lacazette, Aubameyang and Pepe together if they are to be in with a chance of getting to the top of the Premier League.

So, after a topsy turvy season, yet with the players coming into their own it seems, given a full season with a proper pre-season and normal timetable of fixtures, I believe that Lacazette, Aubameyang and Pepe will really come in to their own within the next few seaosns and could go as far as replicating the goalscoring attributes that Salah, Mane and Firmino did in the title winning season for Liverpool.

Now there will be people saying that our front three “are nowhere near as good as Liverpool’s” and my response to those people would be, OF COURSE THEY ARE!

I know the season is coming to an end, but from what I see, even from Pepe, disregarding the fact that Aubameyang has been struggling, I believe Pepe especially will really begin to show why we sought after him and forked out all of that money to get him.

We can already see glimpses when he plays alongside Lacazette and Aubameyang, and I think if they played together week in, week out, in a consistent manner with the correct tactics, then we will as a team, create a formidable front three who will terrorise defences and make them run scared.

Like I have always said, Arsenal is unpredictable, and anything is possible. But if those players want to prove certain people and fans wrong, then the best thing they can do is do the talking on the pitch, and so far, so good.

They just need to keep it up and keep it going for many more seasons to come. Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Over the next few seasons? Auba will be 32 soon and Laca isn’t far behind. We need a refresh imo.
    I think selling Auba in the summer would be the smart move if it was possible, and probably Laca as well (as I’ve mentioned many times, I’m a big fan of his so wouldn’t be unhappy for him to stay, just think it’s the right time).
    Hopefully Pepe is now really starting to show his ability. The best thing about him is his composure in attacking positions, it’s just about getting the ball to him in those areas.

    1. selling two key experienced finisher in one summer?

      do you think the new players or the young players can integrate to the team and build good communication and teamwork??

      A team needs experienced players to guide and lead the team….

      Your suggestion works in Fifa21 but in real life footy…there are alot of factors to consider

  2. I initially thought it is an article written 2 years ago when we were having high expectation to see the said front 3. But now we have seen what they are capable of doing. I am surprised how one can still have the same expectations 2 years later with the cureent form of Auba. Better say PLS but this also has one or 2 years to shine. I don’t see Lacazette having good performance beyond 32.

    1. Laca has great strength and build-up play. His game isn’t built around lung-busting runs and pace. He still has at least 4 more years in him, if managed properly.

      1. Chris, as well as the attributes you mention of bringing team mates into play, apparently Lacazette this season, has the highest scoring percentage from chances provided of any EPL player. So much for “lack of threat”.

  3. Please if you bored, just say so, Aubameyang should be sold this summer, even though Lacazette has been great, I think we need a long term plan.

  4. You people have started again, so what happens to the likes of Saka, Smith Rowe and Martinelli?

  5. Pepe puts in a good performance and then is dropped to the bench to give Willan a start.
    Pepe has scored 8 goals last season and 10 this season so far, third being Aubameyang and Lacazette. What has Willan contributed?

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