Arsenal’s full 2018 pre-season fixtures – from Borehamwood to Singapore

Arsenal’s first ever game with Unai Emery in charge is actually tomorrow afternoon (15th June) at Borehamwood. I have no idea who will be playing but I can’t imagine there will be any of our stars on show despite there not being many Gunners off to the World Cup this summer.

But our serious pre-season games don’t start until after the World Cup, and as there is no Emirates Cup scheduled this summer due to work on the stadium, and we start against Atletico Madrid in Singapore on Thursday, July 26 and follow that up against Emery’s old club Paris Saint-Germain on Saturday, July 28 at the same ground. These two games are part of the yearly International Champions Cup.

After that we are off to Dublin (in the green, in the green!) to play against Chelsea. Last years Champions have been in turmoil this season, not helped by sour relations between the UK government and Russia, and between Conte and Abramovich in fact as well. Perhaps they will have a new coach AND owner by the time we play them in the Aviva Stadium, on Wednesday, August 1, with a kick-off at 8.05pm (UK time). This is also part of the International Champions Cup, and will be swiftly followed by a pre-season friendly in Stockholm on Saturday, August 4, although our opponents are yet to be finalized.

And that seems to be it for now, although there will be quite a few more featuring our youngsters arranged for after the holidays. We are hardly likely to be going to Singapore or Stockholm but I could easily handle a few Guinesses in Dublin!



  1. gotanidea says:

    Facing Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and PSG in pre-season would be great to test our new squad

    It will be interesting to see Lemar, our last season target, playing for Atletico. Also how Emery will face his old team and Chelsea with their new managers

    I hope there will be no last minute purchase again, so the new players can be drilled before the next season starts

    1. RSH says:

      as of right now it looks like Lemar was a huge bulllet dodged. How much is atleti paying for him? Last time I heard his price was still 90mill, courtesy or us 😀

      1. Mobella says:

        60m euro if media is to be believed. I don’t think atleti will ever pay that much for him and i don’t think he worth ⅔ of that. It is funny how every players worth double or triple of what the European clubs get them for when they are being linked to EPL teams. Kluivert was quoted to be going to manu 40m last season but now there is news everywhere he might end up Roma for 15.9m.

  2. John Wick says:

    Haha I just got back from Dublin and definitely going back for that game against Chelsea but will be avoiding Ryanair ? I just hope Leno, Sokratis, Soyuncu, Torreira and Gelson will be in the lineup ?

  3. Vamba Kanneh says:

    I just can wait to see that great tour

  4. Innit says:

    I would like us to have played Real Madrid in the summer. It would have been a great test for Emery. A no-win situation. A Kobayashi Maru scenario if you will.

    All leaders need to a face a no-win scenario test whether its Starfleet Captains or Premier league managers.

    BTW I am completely wasted at the moment

    1. Arsene is Out says:

      Kobayashi Maru!! I love it! All he’s got to do is hack the system!

      Isn’t there a law against www?

  5. Ronny says:

    Not wastes on booze obviously even with spellchecker your language usage is just too good!
    I hope we get gelson all this talk of defensive reinforcements is valid but we still miss the cut and thrust of a pacey winger/runner since losing ox snd walcott. Gelson reminded me of ox of pool in a lot of clips I saw picking up the ball and running at the opposition at pace, can’t always be ticka tacka.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Gelson Martins can play as a right wingback/ fullback as well, like Antonio Valencia

      Therefore if he doesn’t perform as an RW, he could compete with Bellerin (I hope we get him for free)

    1. Nikhilesh says:

      Kev what are your thoughts on this??

    2. gotanidea says:

      Forget him, we already have too many right-footed attackers that can play in the same position

      Instead of him, Gelson Martins might be free and can play as an RB/ RWB like Chamberlain

  6. Atid says:

    Hate to let facts spoil your article, but our first game is not tomorrow, it is in fact Saturday 14th July.

    1. Declan says:

      Yes I saw that and they are playing Boreham Wood not Borehamwood.
      Yes I’m being pedantic but the football club and town names are ‘spelt’ differently. I lived their for 40 years.

      1. Don’t you mean you lived “there” ?

        1. Guneal says:

          Good one there.

          It really ~dozen~ matter how you spell it…

  7. Boliviangunner says:

    I’m getting the good vibe guys!
    Better times are coming!

  8. pires says:

    You have to face man city and chelski at some point anyway…..

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