Arsenal’s full 26-man EPL squad revealed with new Shirt Numbers

So Arsenal’s full Premier League squad has been revealed and there are not to many surprises. We all knew Petr Cech was going to be Number One for the last year of his contract, and Hector Bellerin switches from the No. 24 to the No. 2 jersey which he asked for when Matthieu Debuchy left in January.

Strangely Mo Elneny has taken Per Mertesacker’s No 4 shirt, and Granit Xhaka moves from No. 29 to  34, which is very important as he has it tattooed on his back and his arm.

Maitland-Niles takes Oxlade-Chamberlain’s No. 15 shirt which is interesting. Is Emery going to try and turn him into a wing-back like Wenger did with the Ox?

Well here is the full squad list for 2018/19….

1 Cech, Petr
2 Bellerin, Hector
4 Elneny, Mohamed Naser Elsayed (M.Elneny)
5 Papastathopoulos, Sokratis (Sokratis)
6 Koscielny, Laurent
7 Mkhitaryan, Henrikh
8 Ramsey, Aaron James
9 Lacazette, Alexandre
10 Ozil, Mesut
11 Torreira, Lucas
12 Lichtsteiner, Stephan
13 Ospina, David
14 Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick
15 Maitland-Niles, Ainsley
16 Holding, Robert Samuel
17 Iwobi, Alex
18 Monreal, Ignacio
19 Leno, Bernd
20 Mustafi, Shkodran
23 Welbeck, Daniel
25 Jenkinson, Carl Daniel
26 Martinez, Damian Emiliano
27 Mavropanos, Konstantinos
29 Guendouzi, Matteo
31 Kolasinac, Sead
34 Xhaka, Granit


  1. stubill says:

    I’d forgotten Ospinas’ sale had fallen through, got to feel sorry for him.

    1. tonybee says:

      Ospina is on loan at Napoli

    2. Joe says:

      Ospina went on loan to Napoli…

  2. LENOhappy says:

    I thought ospina already moved,the guy is too good to be a third goalie,I really feel for him

  3. Andrew E says:

    If the new numbers make them play better, I’m all for it!!!!

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    so we have 4 gks now?

  5. malongo says:

    ospina joined napoli on loan

  6. barryglik says:

    We should have a fresh number
    allocation every season.
    There should be some order
    in the system as it seems so random.
    My suggestion is.
    Cech 1 Leno 41 Martinez 51 Ospina 61
    Bellerin 2 Lichsteiner 22 Jenkinson 32 Tutu 42
    Monreal 3 Kolasinac 13 Bola 23 Bramall 33
    Torreira 4 Niles 14
    Mustafi 5 Holding 15 Kos 25
    Socritis 6 Mavro 16
    Mkhitaryan 7 Smith-Rowe 17
    Ramsey 8 Elneny18
    Lacazette 9 Aubameyang 19 Nketiah 29
    Ozil 10 Guendouzie 20 Nelson 30
    Wellbeck 11 Iwobi 21 Willock 31

  7. Joe says:

    Ospina went on loan to Napoli…

  8. barryglik says:

    Love your passion Chiza.
    And you are fun.
    You are a fresh voice.
    As for Kos I will not use the “L” word in my discussion here.
    What I will say is that from my memories of Koz
    through out his entire Arsenal career Kos
    has been totally committed to Arsenal.
    He never questioned Arsene.
    He kept fighting through all the dark days.
    He never spoke poorly of any one, players, fans or management.
    He played with constant pain in his legs for years
    and often said he can’t go on like that..but he did for the team.
    Personally like Cazorla and Mertz we should have
    paid him a full season to recover and retire with out
    playing on in such pain.
    Some players deserve such a testimonial season.
    Koz is one such player.

  9. Phil says:

    Chiza my old son-you are talking yourself into a right old muddle aren’t you?You need to give it a rest.You have suggested two very respected contributors are disrespectful when in reality it is YOU that comes over as insulting.I can assure you Koscielny is just as loyal to Arsenal Football Club as he was to Arsene Wenger.He has never as far as I am aware come out and stated he wanted to leave because Wenger was going and you are wrong to suggest otherwise.Kos had been carrying his Achilles injury for two years.He played while not fully fit as many professional players do.Why?Because they are Professionals that’s why.Wenger rested Kos prior to the game in Madrid because he wanted his Captain and best defender in the team.Why would Koscielny play with an injury if Wenger had already confirm he was leaving if the player had no loyalty to the Club?The fact that it was Kos who gifted Athletico their equaliser at the Emirates would have driven him to play in that game.Its why he is a professional.
    This football Club looks after its injured player.Diabi Rosicky Debauchy Ramsey Cazorla.Im proud of this fact.Yet you call it a home for injured players.The Club has a responsyto give all their players the best possible treatment and that’s what they do.Yet you feel it’s an opportunity to come out with such a glib and worthless comment that trust me only makes you look even more foolish than you can even imagine.You “demand” that two respected contributors give you respect.Yet you feel it perfectly ok for you to be disrespectful to them.
    Bit of a pathetic and senseless post if you ask me.Then again I’ve often thought that of most things you have written if I’m being honest.

  10. NONNY says:

    The guy Chizzy is full of crap… And to worsen it the joke Of a guy is demanding respect Bro. Sorry you are nog authorised for anyone’s respect better start earning respect because every time I see your post it makes you look even more stupid than before

  11. Rosicky says:

    We still have elneny and welbeck

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