Arsenal’s ‘fully agreed’ signing labelled ‘difficult’ in worrying claim

Duncan Castles claims that he has been told that new Arsenal signing Nuno Tavares is a ‘difficult personality’, as he gives insight into the defender.

The 21 year-old is expected to be announced as joining the Emirates club in the near future, with the deal believed to have been completed already, with Nuno expected to come into the squad as back-up to Kieran Tierney.

The deal is claimed to be for around £7 Million, a relatively low fee for such an exciting young player, but the reasoning behind the asking price may have been explained below.

Castles claims that he’s been made aware that Tavares has ‘defensive frailties’, as well as having a ‘difficult personality’, something that Mikel Arteta may have to deal with.

“Another signing for Arsenal, one that has been fully agreed, is Nuno Tavares,” Castles told the Transfer Window podcast.

“Interesting one this, he’s obviously being signed as cover and as a development player, and an option they can have alongside Kieran Tierney.

“People I speak to who are paid to assess the quality of Portuguese footballers say he’s a difficult personality, but a very good attacking full-back with defensive frailties.

“Other people will tell you that the price is relatively low because he’s not that great but I’ll trust my expert on this and it looks like Arsenal have done a reasonable bit of business getting Tavares in as an addition to their squad.”

The overall comments are positive, but you have to be slightly worried about bringing these players into the squad, especially knowing that he is not going to be given an important squad role, which may move to highlight any attitude problems.

Could Tavares’s signing prove to be a risky one? Could the club have been alerted to this before completing the deal, which is why it is yet to be announced?


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  1. Difficult personality like Sterling who dared to gets tattoo? Difficult personality like Rashford who dared to buy a house while campaigning for kids food, or like greenwood who will supposedly end up like Ravel Morrison, or maybe like Auba who was considered a disruptive party boy when he left Dortmund, or Lukaku, or Pogba maybe? If you don’t conform to exactly what the right leaning media want then expect some negative press. I am sure he is just a young lad doing his best to deal with the expectations and fame like every other young footballer out there.

      1. There’s nothing he has written thats cringeworthy, except your own comment below it which in itself is cringeworthy.


      Care to explain HOW and WHY you are so “sure”. I do not say you are necessarily wrong but I DO say you cannot possible be “sure”! A more measured thought would surely conclude that either character trait can be viable, whether for goodor ill, since neither you nor I can possibly know for “SURE”!

  2. I’m not sure he’s been signed as a back up left back after seeing him play. He’s more attacking midfielder or indeed a left winger. Perhaps like Bale he started life as a fullback but maybe Arteta sees him furtheer forward.

  3. Hope he comes to Arsenal and gets properly disciplined and improves on his defence. He is good attacking wise so his deficiencies can be removed to make him a good all round player.

  4. When it comes to sorting out difficult personalities and attitude Arteta is has shown that this area is his strongest.

    So if Tavares one of those then he has met his match in Arteta.

  5. Cant believe the article because Arteta doesn’t have a clue at sorting “difficult” players out. He just bins them and sells them for peanuts.

    1. Haha
      Was goer say Reggie ,he will be sent out on loan for 10 years if he opens his mouth .

  6. It is better to have a difficult personality rather than a cheater’s mentality. This is a very low risk signing, low wage, unlike a certain ring leader who cost us millions in fees and wages and returned a big fat ZERO on the pitch and in terms of transfer fees. Those bemeaning this young lad have forgotten the ring leader and his cliche who Mikel disbanded very well. If the lad is confident of himself, and delivers than it is good to have a difficult personality rather than the personality of those bunch of loosers collecting their millions and posting emojis and smillies while we languished in 8th place.
    Welcome Tavares!

    1. LC, as you rightly say, it is far less harmful to have a relatively low waged young player around, who may or may not prove difficult, than the desperately long term, team and club damaging player, mercifully now finally GONE, that you refer too.

      Neither you not I need to mention his name, as there will not be a single proper Gooner worldwide who does not know to whom we refer.

      1. When you decide to make a comment, do you think that it is possible to state your opinion about the matter or do you always have to indirectly mention that everyone that disagrees with what you say is not a “proper gooner” or not a realist? This is a forum where people express their opinions about the articles. Your comments are rude, disrespectful and offensive (to those who dare to disagree publicly) and i am honestly surprised that you, a realist, do not see that you are insulting your peers. You have the right to consider that many people here are naive, not proper gooners, not realists and many more things, that doesn’t mean that you need to write it every 5 seconds.

        1. chris, You may not appreciate plain speaking but many others do so. I prefer never to be two faced and to run with the crowd for “popularity”reasons.

          I would far rather speak my own free speech, as is my right, and say it plainly , unambiguously and clearly. If you do not like that, then that is your problem, not mine.

  7. The important thing is that Arsenal’s investment is not all that high. If Tavaras doesn’t work out, he can probably be sold without a loss, if any.
    As a young back up LB, I would rather Arsenal have invested playing time in Joel Lopez Salguero (19) or Tolaji Bola (22).

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