Arsenal’s future is not Doom and Gloom at all!

Arsenal’s future is bright! by Paul35m

Every time someone writes about Arsenal’s future it is either doom and gloom or Arsene out. All the pundits keep saying Arsenal’s window of opportunity to win the title is closing, if they don’t win now they’ll never win… That’s simply not true.

Arsenal have a host of good, young players. They have a number of quality first-team players who are coming into their own. They also have a number of first team stars in their prime capable of leading the team to the title.

Look at this cadre of youngsters; Krystian Blielik, Chris Willock, Jon Toral, Serge Gnabry, Isaac Hayden, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Chuba Akpom, Gedion Zelalem, Jeff Reine-Adelaide, and Glen Kamara. Not all of these players will make it to the top flight but some will. Arsenal’s record of bringing through their own is impressive, especially in the buy-a-title atmosphere so dominant in World football today.

Arsenal have Hector Bellerin, Carl Jenkinson, Calum Chambers, and Alex Iwobi, and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain who have made contributions to the first team already. Bellerin has been the most impressive, but Iwobi looks close to making regular contributions and Chamberlain continues to show sparks that, while they are yet to ignite into a blaze of glory, still show real promise for a lad who is just 22.

In addition, Arsenal have solid young professionals in Danny Welbeck, 25, Mohamed Elneny, 23, Francis Coquelin, 24, Kieran Gibbs, 27, Aaron Ramsey, 25, and Gabriel Paulista, 25 who would be stars on most teams. These players are just starting to come into their own as professionals.

Finally Arsenal have a handful of truly world class stars; Mesut Ozil, 27, Alexis Sanchez, Laurent Koscielny, and Santi Cazorla to add to excellent players like Olivier Giroud, Nacho Monreal, and Theo Walcott. This is a team with a huge future, not one hanging on to relevance by the skin of their collective teeth.

With a handful of players likely to move on; Tomas Rosicky, Mikel Arteta, Mathieu Flamini, Mathieu Debuchy there will be room not only for a signing or two, but also for two or even three of Arsenal’s impressive youngsters to prove themselves in the first team. Jon Toral, Chuba Akpom, Krytian Bielik, Gedion Zelalem and Jeff Reine-Adelaide all look like they might be ready.

This future looks bright.


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  1. According to your title, it is not doom and gloom so long as the present incumbent is no longer allowed to be in charge. That man so believes in his own selfworth with some fans willing to die for him, that the longer he stays there, the longer the likes of me will stay out of the Emirates! I’ve had too many frog legs dished out there that I’m no longer interested.
    We had an opportunity to show at least some discontent with one voice but the organisers were somewhat presumptuous. Please get it organised better next time.
    As I’ve said before, put an hungry manager in charge and this group of players will win big barring of course Giroud!

  2. Yes,the future is bright..
    I personaly wanna see Toral in the team next season and Chambers also..
    If Chambers plays for Everton,he would have been starting…

    We surely have a good squad altogether we just need a better manager..

  3. So what about the future.
    The future is now .
    Its too early to predict how the future of our youngsters would be at the moment.

    Maybe if those youngsters were at kanes pogba s or neymar s level then we would have safely said our future is bright.

    All those youngsters bar bellerin do not give a clear condition of how good they would be in the coming future

    1. Example. .. look what wenger done to chambers!! ?
      This player was performing well for Southampton,
      Rave reviews and all…. 16 million price tag didn’t stop wenger coughing up for this youngster and now look at him under Wenger’s regime.

      1. Also look at Walcott, Chamberlain and Gibbs ! This whole idea on the “future” was used as an excuse for the past decade, what we need is ready made proven players who can deliver now, in the PRESENT. We should only use youngsters when they’re shown able to play on the same level as our first team like Iwobi, the excuse that our future is bright should not be a reason for Arsenal fans to accept mediocrity and broken promises. Madrid, Barca, Bayern all have academy players for the future but it doesn’t stop them from buying world class talent to help them challenge in the present, those same world class players they buy will also teach their youngsters how to develop a strong mentality which the manager alone cannot do.

  4. Cech Kos. Good but old.
    Sanchez one good season.
    Bellerin promising.
    10 second tier squad players.
    13 Championship level.
    We need a massive clear out .
    Keep Cech Kos and Bellerin.
    Dump the rest.
    Bring in 20 new players.
    Hire R. Koeman.

  5. What exactly is excellent about Giroud and Walcott? Their looks? Their six-packs? Maybe their wages? I appreciate that the author is trying to cheers up but cmon! Our future is not bright! As long as that proud negligent old man Wenger is in charge we will always start seasons short of vital players (read striker and DM) , always have club resources drained by those blood-sucking deadwoods and enjoy watching inept tactical decesions made.

  6. We said the same thing about many youngsters in the past and many of them have ended up as disappointments, I won’t mention names, but I think it is futile to rely so much on the prospect of potential in our youth players. Yes youth development its necessary, but the core of the squad or at least 70-80% should be world class, experienced players. Let the youth learn and work their way into the squad.

    One of Arsenals problems is that they have relied too much on youngsters, instead of just bringing in proven talent and getting rid of players that season after season produce mediocre performances and results (Walcott, Giroud, Chamberlain), not to mention players like Flamini and Arteta that should have been let go two seasons ago.

    If I were Wenger I would sell Mertesacker, Wilshere (too injury prone), Ramsey (had one good season in the last four seasons), Walcott (too inconsistent and 27 yo), Chamberlain (too inconsistent), Arteta, Flamini. I would then bring in players Reus (striker), Lukaku (striker), Isco (AM), Kante (CM) and a world class CB (enter name here). I don’t think I need to justify why I chose those players.

    Arsenal NEED this type of improvement to the squad and I feel those players would be a significant upgrade. Giroud and Welbeck can be used as backup/rotation to Lukaku. Reus can play as a LM/LW, something I feel we have lacked for years as Wenger keeps playing makeshift players in that position. We know he is quick and lethal. Isco can be used for more attacking flair in the midfield to either partner/rotate with Ozil/Santi/Iwobi. Kante would add that steel we have been missing for years centre of the park and could pair/rotate with Coquelin, Elneny. We need a new better CB to replace an aging Mertesacker.

  7. G-Rude has excellent hair, and Walcott excellent negotiating skills.

    Football on the other hand…‎

  8. The author is being extremely optimistic in his forecast in my opinion.

    Will the youth blossom?, will the WC players still be here?
    Elevating the abilities of our players beyond the reality…
    Tut, Tut, tut…:)‎

    Of course a vision of Doom and Gloom may not also be correct however based upon the last 13 years (or 20 years in the case of the UCL) this ‘potential’ is extremely unlikely to take us anywhere.

    Wenger once said himself, you either need to change the team or the manager once every 5 years to keep things fresh.‎ Well Wenger stayed and the faces in his team changed over and over and what has been the result of this?

    What is the common denominator in all of this?
    Yes, Stan and the board have not helped but it is the captain who steers the ship and rallies his men not the Admiral back home.

    So, yes where those rosy tinted glasses but be a where of the past and our current situations before you dream of a future that does not exist.

  9. The future has being looking bright since Wenger took over!
    ??Some- whereeee … over- the – rainbowww. ..
    blah blah blah. … Don’t beeeee deluded … as a wenger … stuck in a time, gone by! ?

  10. Couple of quality additions and we have a team capable of winning the title.

    The level of contradiction by some is breathtaking. The same people stating we need a huge clear out, filled with “world class players” are the same people in the next breath, say look at Liecester, they did it without all these world class players.

    We’re a very good side that lacks a world class striker and a centre back.

    I’ll say it again, had we signed Suarez, we would be on our second title now!

    1. What’s the difference between Leicester and Arsenal ? Leicester replaced their manager with a hungrier one, have pacy forwards with skill, have a strong DM, a squad that goes through consistent rotation policy, and most importantly have a squad that knows never to underestimate the opponent. They didn’t spend but they showed everything Arsenal has been lacking for an entire decade. Motivation, desire, and DISCIPLINE.

  11. If Arsenal finally finished 3rd or 2nd in the table on the final day of this season, the Boss should take comprehensive stock of his current 25 man squad including the loaned players to 1st let go those who are no longer able to play for Arsenal competitively like, Arteta & Rocisky.

    And 2ndly shakeout those who have remained at mediocre performance level consistenly(excluding Oxchabo, Ramsey & Wilshere) who should still be given time at the club. But for the rest, save Bellerin, Chambers, Jenko, De Abreu, Cazorla, Coquelin, Elneny, Sanchez, Iwobi, Welbeck, Cech, Ospina, Szcezney and ofcourse Ozil should be offloaded by selling them. And replace them with promoted ones from the under 21 squad that is stocked with abundance of talents. And buy 4 top class players of, a CB, 2 new LB & a top top No9 striker if these top top grades are not available in the under 21 squad in my own view.

  12. Yes it IS true!!!!!!! we have NOT won a premier league in ten years or more and have NEVER own a champions league IF we don’t improve on the squad we have nothing will change as has been proven the current squad are not good enough as a whole.
    The “number” of quality first team players are who?? We have far more under achievers than we do over acheivers, Walcott, the Ox and possibly Ramsey should be playing their hearts out week in week out BUT they are clearly nowhere near as good as they ppromised to be especially Theo who to my mind should be sold immediately to anyuy one stupid enough to put up with his lacklustre and half hearted performances. If they were all so capable of leading Arsenal to the title then why have they failed to do so on more occasions than I care to count??
    Beilik ???? where is he ?? Gnabry??? Where is he ??? Zelamon ?? where is he ????the vast majority of these players will disappear into the championship or obscurity in the next few years as have all the other so called feted players we were supposed to see coming through and who have NOT delivered the goods.
    Bellerin and Iwobi yes they are class and are already in the first team and rightly so but these two are a small percentage compared to the already mentioned, Chamberlain is a liability and in my opinion should be given one more season to get his head down or he should go as well
    These players you mention such as Welbeck and E lneny and Coquelin are great players but they seem unable to put together a real title challenge without falling to peaces in the final third as has been proven time and time again. Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey and Gabriel Paulista are all intermittent with their performances and its telling that of these three ONLY Ramsey has had interest from other more feted clubs Your argument fell apart ages ago but let’s look at the fact that you called Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez (both of whome may yet leave us)Laurent Koscielny, and Santi Cazorla brilliant players is again bang on the money BUT Olivier Giroud, and Theo Walcott?????????? Please god save me from this ignorance, have you been watching the same season as me and the rest of us????????
    Will Wenger really spend on a freight load of new players or will there be just one signing?? Well we have all seen the last ten years that AW will NEVER spend ALL of his transfer fund and neither will he buy the players we all know we need so again where the F@ck do you get your arsenal world view from???
    The future looks EXACTLY like it has since Silent Stan got on board and your article really cant be taken as anything serious by anyone with eyes in their heads. And riddle me this batman…if the team itself is soooooo utterly world class as you state why then have we NOT won the PL for forever or the CL NEVER!!!!!! Could it be Wenger who is the real problem???? . Where is Merkaer on your list ? do you really think that this listing of the players we have and your opinion of them is really going to get us any silverware?? again I ask you what world do you live in???

  13. I have read so many dumb articles here that I thought this is the dumbest footy site in the world but, I have to admit this very article warned me I am yet to see how dumb some arsenal fans could be.
    There is one truth about Arsenal; for many years, we have no true lust for any major trophy; both the fans, the board and worst, the Manager

    1. Read Adrian Durham’s article about Arsenal on the Daily Mail, he was bang on about everything. I always used to hate his criticism of our club and manager but that’s because most of what he said was the brutal truth.

  14. “to add to excellent players like Olivier Giroud, and Theo Walcott”
    Lost you there :/

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