Arsenal’s Gabriel vows never to relive uncharacteristic Chelsea drama

Arsenal defender Gabriel Paulista has claimed that he has learnt his lesson from his sending off against Chelsea, and vows never to do it again.

The Brazilian joined the club from Villarreal in January of last year, with Arsenal paying a reported fee of around £11.3 Million, plus allowing Joel Campbell to move in the opposite direction on a temporary deal.

Gabriel started his Gunners career with some impressive displays, but has since failed to earn a regular starting role for the club, and has only played the full match in 15 of the clubs 32 league outings this term.

His most acknowledged appearance came against Chelsea this season, when he was sent at Stamford Bridge for his part in a scuffle with controversial (hated) striker Diego Costa, and the defender has vowed never to make the uncharacteristic mistake again.

“The thing is, I’m a very calm guy, but when I enter the pitch it’s something different,” Gabriel said.

“We are a little transformed. But it was just the heat of the moment, and a moment of learning too.”

“I learned a lot from it. I’ve caused problems to my team, but I know I’ve made a mistake. This whole thing is behind me now and it will never happen again. Now we must move on. It’s in the past. I don’t hate anyone and he (Costa) knows that.”

His ban was overturned for the fracas, but the team went onto lose the match 2-0, having been at a stalemate before his departure, and clearly feels the need to tell us fans that he has not forgotten what happened, and will certainly not be doing any such mistakes in the future.

I was excited to see the 25 year-old when he first arrived, but he hasn’t become the player I was expecting this season. His antics against Chelsea were obviously a huge down-point for him, as well as us, but is Gabriel good enough for Arsenal? Maybe it is still to early to say…

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  1. Completely Off Topic but Jamie Vardy deserves POTY award if or even, when, Leicester win the league!

    What a story this guy is having over the last few years;
    -Started in Conference
    -Went up all the leagues
    -1st non league player to cost 1m pounds
    -Got into premier league with leicester
    – 1st season Fights out of relegation in style
    -Breaks premier league scoring record
    -Gets 1st England call up, scores consecutivtly
    – Wins The Title after 12months prior being Bottom!
    – Wins POTY in England, Maybe top scorer?
    – Goes to the Euros with England, possibly starts!
    – Plays as Defending English Champions in the Champions League!

    Pretty cool tbh.

    1. o.t
      dortmund were miles better.
      squad for squad there better in every position

      the difference
      jurgen klopp

      1. @muffdiver
        I disagree Muff. BVB took their foot off the gas and got complacent, thinking they had the win in the bag. Not taking anything away from Liverpool players or their manager, they fought well to the end.

        1. over two legs dortmund were better.
          only second half tonight saw a great turn around.

          dortmund are better than anyone in our league in my mind.
          cant downplay klopps ability to inspire and motivate players.

          think about how barca beat us an never left second gear in both games.

          our players are some of the best in the league yet they show little character when there tested.
          i believe wengers has flaws in dealing with players. an alwayd has…just relied on leaders like viera an thierry an adams once they went…

  2. How much more evidence is needed for Wenger to realise he is no longer up to the challenge. Regardless of the boards lack of ambition it is clear that others have and continue to do more with less.

    Wenger should really take a long and good look at himself and decide whether he still believes he can move AFC forward.

    I, looking at past evidence and the achievements of others believe this is far from the case.

    Thanks Arsene, but pipe and slippers time.

  3. liverpool 3-3 dortmund
    what an incredible match

    real shot at europa league glory or champions league nothingness

    think about it gooners

    1. 4-3.

      That’s what Klopp would’ve brought Arsenal side. Hunger and fighting spirit.

      1. @J McLovin
        In all fairness, Liverpool were always fighters. They were under Brendan also, until they and the board turned on him…

        1. I told my Liverpool supporting brother that Rodgers style is exactly the same as klopp…but Rodgers killed himself by buying too many British players…and to be sincere, liverpool haven’t really changed under klopp…
          They are still inconsistent,but pulls off some wonderful wins once in a while,that’s all…
          Let’s wait and see what happens when klopp gets his own players

          1. @goonerboy
            Those players were forced on him by the board who spent the Suarez money on new talent. Brendan, in his own words, had no say in it…

      2. well ask some of the geniuses on here.

        ‘look at them in the league, hes overated, hes no wenger’

        yeah cos beating bayern to bundesliga titles an destroying real an cl final and whole team of world class talent he found in 5 years is nothing

        pffft. bugger off

        can u imagine his team talk-

        1. In fairness, Wenger’s Arsenal also knocked out Real Madrid on their way to a Champions League final. Dortmund have pretty much got one team to beat in a less competitive league. Klopp never had a stadium move to oversee. Klopp & Wenger have both made inspired & less inspired signings- eg/ Immobile, Kampl, re-signing Kagawa/Sahin much less successfully. He’s a bit overly smug for my liking too.

    1. I want some peanut butter with me jelly LOL.

      Klopp can turn average Pool players to fighters. On paper, by no means, Liverpool’s players are not better than Arsenals. Yet, we could’ve not done a comeback like that in a million years.

      When Reus hit it 1-3, Wenger would’ve been complaining to the 4th official rest of the match.

  4. Klopp has man management and motivation underlined by passion. The man aided the players in turning that game around.

    Something AW has never and will never have.

    1. It would seem the neighbor’s wife syndrome has become contagious on some Arsenal fans. If it were Arsenal in Liverpool’s shoes you would be telling us how rubbish the team and how lucky they were. If it were Arsenal in Dortmund’s shoes you would be telling us how their manager lacked tactics, and how spineless they are. There is no basis for trying to bring Arsenal into the Liverpool-Dortmund game because no parallels can be drawn there. I recall one season Arsenal drawing 1-1 away to Dortmund before dispatching them 4-1 at home in the UCL. Then the team was being managed by Klop. They beat us 2-0 away in Klopp’s last season before we beat them at home, if I am not mistaken.

      Dortmund are an attacking team with very good midfielders and frontmen. However, their problem even during the Klopp days was in defense. Last night that was exposed. I recall in another season when they almost threw away something like a 3 goal advantage against Real Madrid in the final five minutes of that game. The two goals scored by Liverpool last night were more of gifts rather than anything to do with Liverpool’s spirit or anything you want to allege here. Even the Origi goal, it was down to Dortmund trying to play high line. At that point Liverpool needed three goals to progress, and what Dortmund needed to do was to put men behind the ball but they chose to play up field.

  5. N’Golo Kante this, N’Golo Kante that… This club, this team needs AT LEAST, 5 new players, 5 top new players… And that is without Wenger being around (which will never happen!).

    Wenger was talking about “progression” last season (Deluded and delusional manager) and the club about to win the league was almost in a relegation battle last season.

    This is a joke, nothing but a joke….!!

    You can support or stick with the manager, but sometimes you have to realise that this is ridiculous and just beyond the absurd…!!!

  6. Liverpool 4-3 winners. Win coupled with heart, desire and passion!

    Are you watching Arsene Wenger or are you still going to say, “but I didn’t see it”, how a manager can make the difference to a team?
    We need a young manager now with better ideas to move our beloved club forward. If you really love Arsenal as you make out you do in your press conferences, then this is the time to pack up and go. You are not Sir Alex and therefore can’t motivate these boys anymore. JUST GO NOW!

    1. I know it’s “only”
      the Europa League
      and it’s “only” the
      quarter final but what a comeback.
      What a night of football.

  7. If Wenger really “LOVE” Arsenal like he “always” pretend to say or do, he would do each fan a favour by leaving (with all his staff) at the end of the season or even by announcing that he will walk out so we can start the search for a fresh new young manager…

  8. I now have to say that 3-0 from behind in champions league to go to win it in penalties and today in 2016 to make such a comeback it truly is great spectacle to watch but unfortunately Arsenal are looking stupid and Wenger is to blame.
    Top 3 headlines

    Vardy for POTY

    Liverpool comeback on European night

    Man city breaking new grounds with confidence

    And at Arsenal Wenger will be saying “I am happy of the team’s performance in 2016”.

  9. It has gotten to a point where you are ready to fight with anyone that supports Wenger by visiting the frustrations on such..
    For those of you still supporting Mr bean,Are we all wrong???
    The pundits,neutral fans that say we can’t win under Wenger,are they all fools? Are they blind???
    Even some of the players know Wenger will not win anything meaningful

  10. That Liverpool Comeback was un-argueably some Legendary stuff!

    Can’t recall when we had some absolute moment Like this…..

    I pray LiverpooL lifts the EL, that would wake us from comatose….hello 4th

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