Arsenal’s game against Liverpool has just become even more important

Arsenal fans are well aware how much this game means to the Gunners in the race for the Top Four. Our record against the Big Three teams has made for grim reading for quite some time, but after chalking up our fifth win in a row in the 2-0 win over Leiccester we are in our most confident mood ahead of the visit of Liverpool to the Emirates on Wednesday.

With three games in hand over our Top Three rivals, this could be considered a “free hit” for Arsenal against probably the best team in the League at the moment. Klopp’s men have won their last 8 games in the League and only conceded two goals in that run, so are also full of confidence.

They are also in the last 8 of the Champions league and recently won the League cup, but the reason they will be even more keen to beat Arsenal tomorrow is because, after Man City’s 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace last night, The Reds can move up to just one point behind Pep Guardiola’s Champions.

They are on course for a brilliant season right now, but can Arsenal hold back the ‘unstoppable force’. I think that back at the Emirates we have the advantage of the crowd behind us, and hopefully the Twelfth Man will carry us over the line, and put a dent in Liverpool’s title charge.


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Arteta discusses the Leicester win, Thomas Partey, Odegaard, and the race for Top Four

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  1. I’ll be happy with a draw and of course a win.

    As long as we show up and put in a shift then I don’t think anyone will be upset if we lose. If we get rolled over though then fans won’t be happy.

  2. A win over them is long overdue! Free hit or not I expect us to win and nothing less, this notion of acceptance and mentality is unacceptable. Are the Scousers beatable? YES, let’s go for the Three points and that’s the mentality I want for tomorrow.

    1. I’m pretty nervous myself I think it’ll be a close game but I really do not see us winning this. To make matters worse though I have tryouts while the game is on which is just awful. Wish I could watch live.

  3. The Liverpool/Man City title battle is incredible. Their 2019 epic battle where they both went the last 10 games unbeaten ranks as one of the truly great PL title battles. However the fact remains this was never a game we expected to win. With our points advantage and games in hand the game is technically/statistically a free hit for Arsenal. The Villa away game is more important a game I fancy we have more chance of winning because Villa unlike Liverpool have nothing to play for. An interesting point of interest in City’s draw with Palace was that Guadiola did not play any subs in pursuit of victory. To me he was telling Klopp that he Guadiola was not going to panic and that the message to his team was that he had complete faith in them to carry off the title no matter what. Whether those two dropped points cost City the title only time will tell but what a card to play. If City is in need of a goal when playing Liverpool would Pep play subs then? I’m thinking Arteta will make some changes with this free hit game. Tavares ESR and Pepe may well start resting Tierney Saka and Martinelli for Villa. Lokonga may get some minutes off the bench too.

    1. Your idea of a free hit game is nonsense. No game in the PREM IS EVER A FREE HIT FOR ANY SIDE.

    2. The game against A. Villa hold the same importance as the game against Liverpool. They are both worth 3 points.

      However the games against Spuds, United & Chelsea are worth 6 points each and therefore are the must-wins. Or worst case, they are the must-not-lose

      Listen to me, if arsenal can get 6 points off those 3 games, there is 99% chance of making Top 4. If we beat Chelsea, we have a good shot at top 3

  4. Of course we all want 3 points, but considering liverpool current form too and winstreak in the league (unlike city), its a difficult task, but i hope our lads will play without pressure.

    Lets hope arsenal going all-out attack, not let liverpool get the possesion, we will be punished if we do.

  5. It’s important, because Arsenal have to entertain their avid supporters at the Emirates

    Liverpool’s forwards will try to shoot frequently, press our defenders high up the pitch and make several tricks to get some rewards from the officials. They won’t give Odegaard plenty of space, so hopefully he’s ready for their intimidation

    I also still remember about Mane’s elbow on Tomiyasu. He could repeat the same trick on Soares

    1. Gai, I think the best way to play Liverpool and stand a chance of winning is to try and beat them on their own style. Put pressure on their defenders and don’t allow them space. Then we should be clinical because we are not going to have much chances. C.Soars and Thieney have to be defensively on point against Saido Main and Salah.. I hope Matinelli makes life difficult for T Anold. Over all, if Arsenal can fight we have a slight chance of winning. After all Westham beat Liverpool at home. Liverpool should not find it easy at Emirate.

      1. I agree that our high press will be very important in that game. Unfortunately, Arteta is worried about the passing abilities of Liverpool CBs to bypass our high press, based on his previous comment about Van Dijk

        I predict we’ll try to do it in the first ten minutes and sit back if the strategy doesn’t work. Our wing attacks would likely be the key to win the game, since Alexander-Arnold and Robertson like to leave their areas

  6. Don’t get me wrong but we will be tough to breakdown for Liverpool in the 1st half..
    But I think Liverpool will clinch crucial victory in 2nd half
    You could see much improved desire and hunger from Liverpool in the 2nd half if we Are drawing with them at the half time and that’s where we could loose this one.. But we will show some great fight..

  7. Free hit or not. This, is where we show how far we’ve come under MA. A win against Klopps crew would give us the confidence boost to fire us up for the remainder of the season…A clean sheet, would be the icing on the cake. IJS

  8. Same kind of 45 minutes we played against City for full 90 minutes and no brain farts, and we can win.

  9. I’m afraid Cedric will be destroyed he’s been getting away with it against weaker opposition but not the pool

    1. Defensively he Ceric was poor against Leicester, if TOMIYASU isn’t passed fit then SAKA has to provide defensive cover for him. Otherwise it could end bad. Hope for a win though. COYG

  10. I believe Arteta will put out his strongest available team, so same line up as last few games – any weaknesses will be exploited and our boys are confident and playing well together

    I do worry that Cedric will not be able to contain Mane, the other worry is Xhaka…perhaps his role is more defensive against Liverpool to shore up the mid/defence areas…he needs a stellar performance

    High press from Ode, Laca, Saka, Gabi backed up by pushing up is the best chance we have, but we need pace at the back and Ramsdale must patrol the last 35 yards

    ESR to come on 60-65 mins and continue to press and give them something to worry about defensively

    I’d take a 1-0 with a 79th minute winner, ESR involved in the goal and then we play the remaining minutes in their half…

    Please 😁

  11. 4 points from from Leicester and Liverpool will be great. Looking at Arsenal’s current squad and the form we are in especially at the Emirates I expect nothing less than a draw. 5 points ahead of united before they play Liverpool will be a good cushion for us.

  12. My view of this game has changed in the last week

    The Article mentions us having a “free hit” in this one but that is no longer the case as we have got ourselves into a good top 4 position on merit and now there is no such thing, each match is equal to the last and next in our current position

    I thought we might rest a few and try to get a draw in this game I now don’t think so, it’s at home, we are playing as well as we have all season, a settled side full of confidence with no new injuries as far as I am aware

    Let’s keep this run going, Liverpool are beatable

  13. If we win, we will be 12 points behind Liverpool, but with 2 games in hand 😉
    I am really looking forward to this one.

  14. What on earth is all this “free hit” stuff about? Yes we have games in hand but until we win these games we haven’t got the points.

  15. For all that say “Free Hit”…. It’s just reality.
    For all that disagree, it’s optimism.
    IMO, the game can go either way but they are still stronger than us ‘for now’.
    What I hope is that Liverpool play into our hands by wanting a win to close down ManCity. If we defend well, we could shock them.

    1. I support your idea. They need this win than us, it seems so we can make them play and hit them on a counter. We score, we defend with our lives. It doenst have to look pretty.

  16. You guys are not serious. If you don’t want to beat Liverpool this time round, when do you think you’ll be able to do it? We’re on form and in good spirits playing at home with almost everyone fit, please let’s frustrate Pool and then kill the game in the dying minutes of the game.

    1. Exactly! I’m fed up with hearing how ‘we can afford to lose this one’ before a ball has even been kicked! We took the game to City, why not tomorrow? Why do we need to rest players and make it easier for them? We’re on a decent run, all playing well; let’s not upset the apple cart and go for the jugular!!
      If we’re serious about top 4 we have to compete with the big boys – starting tomorrow! COYG

  17. I often get surprised by the pessimism of some of our people! Why do some people think Liverpool is unbeatable by Arsenal? I recall a game in 2020 when Aston Villa beat Liverpool 7-2. How special was Aston Villa. We need to have a good game plan and execute it properly. We need not give too much respect to Liverpool. During our EPL game at Anfield on 20th November 2021 we had managed to hold Liverpool for the first twenty minutes until we changed from our game plan and started to give them spaces which they exploited. We have a young team which can give Liverpool a run for their money. We need to have the belief and determination and express that on the pitch. Furthermore, we need to resolve that enough is enough because we have lost too many times to Liverpool in the recent past and now is the time for payback. I believe that if our boys go with iron determination we shall achieve a positive result. Let us remain focused and give the team strong moral support.

    1. Agree. Confidence, focus, togetherness and team work. We just need to be more efficient. Shouldd be able to destroy em with quick counter attack. Payback time!

  18. Pool will surely come with ‘a must win’ mindset especially now that shity have dropped points so they will be looking to reduce the gap which will make it a very tough game but winnable provided we reall put up a brilliant performance.COYG

    1. There is a science call the LAW OF AVERAGE , apart from that Liverpool is not unbeatable,

      Two things are going to be key in tomorrow’s match, Ninty minutes of concentration and alertness at the back on those run ins behind defense .

      Laca is going to be key if we are to score on them , if he turns up with his a game at the office tomorrow, a cant see us losing.

      Arteta seems to be skill at getting his team playing a particular style once he gets adequate time to prepare, I hope Tomi is ready although I doubt it, but the full backs are going to need full support.

      This use to be one of the highest scoring fixtures in the world,
      One thing for sure I wont be watching this one behind the big chairs anymore.

  19. Pool will close the gap between City andthemselves but let them not think it will be done tomorrow. Partey and Ramsdale key.

  20. Arsenal fc 2 – 0 Liverpool fc.
    Honestly, Liverpool fc will have an off day today, 2022.03.16

    Well done our Gunners 😃

  21. I am not being negative but believing discretion is the better part of valor, I think MA should go with a back 3 and hit Liverpool on the counter. The main threat of Liverpool comes from the wings, Salah and Mane and down the middle, Kita, Elliot and Jones. A back 3 would mitigate the attack and we could hit Liverpool on the counter with the pace of Martinelli, Saka and ESR. Partey and Odegaard will manage the midfield and Ramsdale will have to be at his best to thwart Liverpools goal bound shots. With the form and confidence we are in, I think its going to be a great match.

  22. Liverpool are beatable even intermilan Hammered them at their own grave, so let’s go for 3 points, draw or loose I’ll be furious cause am fed of loosing to the same team each and every season

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