Arsenal’s Giroud baffled by awards snub – With video highlights

Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has admitted that he remains shocked that he was overlooked for Premier League Goal of the Month award for January.

The Frenchman scored an amazing acrobatic goal, described as a scorpion goal, where he manages to beat the keeper despite the ball being played into him awkwardly.

Despite the incredible effort by Giroud, he failed to be selected as January’s Goal of the Month, being belittled by Andrew Carroll’s sublime overhead kick instead, but Giroud disagrees with the decision.

“Andy [Carroll]’s goal is magnificent, but maybe people won’t remember it in two years’ time,” Giroud said.

“I don’t want to big myself up, but goals like mine leave a mark on history because they’re rare.

“There’s been [former PSG midfielder] Charles Edouard Coridon and Zlatan Ibrahimovic before me.

“Mine, yes. It’s like Zlatan’s improbable overhead kick against England or Marco Van Basten’s volley, goals I would have liked to score.”

The 30 year-old is yet to win a single GotM award since joining the Premier League, but has picked up a Player of the Month award in March 2015.

His failure to be awarded the January award leaves our club without any accolades so far this season, while PL leaders Chelsea have landed seven of the 21 given out thus far.

To make matters worse, the previous month was awarded to Manchester United’s Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who was crowned for his own scorpion goal in December, and his goal shouldn’t have even counted due to offside!

Is Giroud right to feel aggrieved? Was he just unlucky to have come up against the West Ham striker’s finish?

Pat J

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  1. Arsenal007 says:

    Giroud’s goal was super brilliant…Unfortunately, the award was given to Andy.
    I’ll say Giroud should stop making comments on the issues, and prove himself on the field.

  2. davidnz says:

    Yep Girouds goal was more unique.
    So Giroud shoulda won the award.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I must agree with Giroud here and it’s not bias. I remember describing one of those shots to someone years ago but I didn’t know they called it a scorpion kick (I had a difficult time describing what I saw), the one I seen didn’t go in as it thumped back off the crossbar, was watching Brazilian football at the time and it certainly left a mark on me. I understand he is not in complete control of a shot like that but that’s what makes them so rare and such a difficult thing to see in a live game. It has some educated guesswork involved but didn’t Dennis Begkamp’s wonder goal v Newcastle also have educated guesswork attached. I believe Giroud has not got the justice he deserves. I think it might be because we seen one so similar to his a week beforehand. Still I don’t understand it, A Carrols goal was the equivalent of big toeing the ball from six to eight yards, I thought there was nothing extraordinary about it unless you consider that heifer scoring anything besides a header extraordinary.

  4. frank says:

    Yeah but any awards in football are controversial.

  5. Jansen says:

    You can’t play for, or mention, personal glory when your team is in the biggest crisis of Arsene’s rain. To me, it is a bit pathetic to even comment on these types of awards. What’s the point of being the manager of the month? or Goal of the month?

    If I were Giroud I would keep my mouth shut and focus on improving my game and working on team spirit.

  6. royalman says:

    Giroud is right. I think this guy OG is always at negative side of ppl I don’t know why. Anyway, Giroud don’t worry. I love ur goal not only me, many ppl love it too. Great goal. Keep it up

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