Arsenal’s Giroud set for January transfer to Juventus?

The Arsenal and France international forward has not scored a goal at club level so far this season, but that is hardly surprising as the big Frenchman has hardly played. At the start of the season it was because he was not fit after coming back late from the Euro 2016 tournament in which he and his teammates from Les Bleus took a heavy blow by losing the final to unfancied Portugal.

And now there is this mystery toe injury that is keeping him out of our match day squads and has meant that he is going to miss the current international break. As well as that, however, and perhaps the most important factor of all is that the Gunners are doing very well without him.

Alexis Sanchez may have taken a couple of games to get used to his new role through the middle but Arsenal are now looking very sharp up front with him, Iwobi and Walcott, so Giroud may struggle to be any more than a sub, even if he is fully match fit. With a lot of games coming up, in the EFL cup and Champions League as well as the Premier League, Arsene Wenger will want to rotate and use his squad but I do not think the striker will be too happy with this arrangement.

With The Mirror reporting transfer interest in the Frenchman from the Italian Serie A champions Juventus, there are an important few months and a big decision ahead of him. Around the turn of the year we should have Danny Welbeck back as well, providing even more competition and pace up front.

If Giroud is not playing and scoring again by then, will it be au revoir Olivier?


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  1. ,some time i wish was dumb like some people so i can understand the way they think. but it difficult when think are as clear like day light playing iwobi Wolcott Sanchez ozil will catch up to us very soon .iwobi on Wolcott as winger will not work for a whole season team on there manager will figure how to defend against us very easily because they both come into the middle not on the outside so there no space for the other midfield to work players like. shaka. would be less effective.this is the reason our play on the field have not look good so far. on then we wonder why in February the team allways fall off the space can’t win against less team it’s not very hard because our team is one dimensional easy to defend against

  2. What a ridiculous rumor. Not only Juve don’t need Giroud because they have Higuain, Dybala, AND Mandzukic, but there’s absolutely no way Wenger will allow his second choice (at the moment) striker leave in the middle of the season. Ollie may be many things, but he’s loyal to the club and the fans, he’s hardworking, and he is actually not a bad player regardless of what many people say/think. A year or two ago I read this quote from someone which I think describes him perfectly: “Giroud is not the player who’s going to win you titles… but he’s one of the players who can help you win it”. I wholeheartedly agree with this statement.

    1. Yes. We are definitely better with him than without him.

      Wenger isn’t that stupid. It would also cancel out getting Perez. Because we needed him in addition to to Giroud not instead of.

      Giroud is going nowhere

  3. Bob just wants to write an article,so he keeps fabricated stories like these to Keep “JUSTARSENAL” active.

    1. Excuse me!
      That story was “fabricated” by the Mirror – not Bob!
      Don’t shoot the messenger thank you very much!

  4. they ll be doing us a favour if they take the model, if they pay to take him we’ve unofficially defrauded them.
    sell him! no brainer!

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