Arsenal’s goal stats show that Mikel Arteta’s ‘project” is now reaping the rewards

Arsenal’s progress this season has undoubtedly incredible and the improvement from previous seasons becomes more and more obvious the longer the season goes on.

For instance, Arteta’s side has scored 66 League goals far this season with ten games to go, with 14 of them coming in our last 4 games, compared to scoring 61 in the whole of the last campaign!

Last season our top three goalscorers were Saka (12), Smith-Rowe (11) and Eddie Nketiah with 10, then came Odegaard with 7 and Martinelli with just 6.

This season we have Saka has already matched last season’s 12, Nketiah is on 9, but Martinelli has already over double his tally with 13 and Odegaard is up to ten. Jesus, despite his long-term iinjury has contributed 5, while Xhaka has had his best ever season with 6 goals so far. And they all have another ten games left to increase those numbers further, which seems inevitable at the moment.

Just in our last game, the 4-1 win over Palace, we had 3 seperate scorers and Arteta highlighted the reasons why afterwards: “It was really good,” he said, “I think we are getting better and better. We need to keep investing in those connections, those understandings, those timings.

“We can become quite unpredictable for the opponent to try and defend it. Again, we split the goals, which is really good. Let’s continue to do it.”

Where are improvement is even more noticeable is in our Goal Difference last season which was a measly +13, against Man City’s incredible +73, but right now we are +40 with City on +42.

What more proof do we need that Arteta’s project is definitely coming to fruit, and we can only improve further….

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  1. That means his counter-pressing strategy, inverted LB tactics and player selections have been working very well in EPL this season

    The players he didn’t sign must adapt to his tactics, including Tierney

  2. The stats prove we are improving as a team and the winters addition was a master stroke in terms of natural and complimentary fit.

    One example is were teams were just starting to figure us out in the final third but Tossard joined and brought to the table an element of unpredictability causing lots of damage to the opposition without Arsenal losing a beat.

    Jorginho though not the blockbuster signing some fans wanted is paramount in giving Arsenal back bone player Partey adequate time to recover properly from burn out and injury.
    His Hollywood passes is second to none.

    The team is much more balanced than at the start of the season, and it is this explanation why Pepe Guardiola is obviously nervous as our final rattle, he is finding harder to withstand.

  3. I really don’t need stats to know how much we have improved as a team. The massive improvements are quite vivid in the open eye.

  4. The goal stats also show that Arsenal does need to spend multi £millions on a shiny new striker before more urgent requirements.

  5. Sir Jax, am not known for my best practices in English, but should that be does or doesn’t.

    Just trying to understand if you think we need a top striker

  6. If Arsenal are to recruit during the summer window one suspects another forward player will be high on the lift but perhaps not the central striker that is being touted but another forward player of high quality than can fill any of the forward positions. With this in mind I would imagine if we do sign anyone it is more likely to be someone like Marcus Thuram, a converted LW, than an out-and-out striker like Vlahovic. Now, I would love to see either in an Arsenal shirt but I believe anyone who joins will need to be able to adapt to our fluid style of play and Thuram is a better fit in that regard. I don’t think he is as good as Vlahovic but with his size and speed he could help propel this Arsenal team to challengers every season.

  7. Don’t think either will happen with Balogun absolutely flying at the moment. You have to give the opportunity to do it in the Premiership

  8. The whole league all around improved this season. There is apparently 4 difference group of teams at even competition. The evidence of that is the remarkable 4 points separating 20th placed team and the 12th placed team while another 4 points separating the 11th placed team and 6th placed team. There’s only 3 points between 5th placed team and 3rd placed team while Man City and Arsenal are locking heads at top 2 at 8 points difference. Man City had 69 points last season compared to 61 points this season at this stage of the season. They clearly dropped points because of the stronger teams in EPL this season. It clearly shows the amount of huge improvement at Arsenal FC. Facts.

    1. I would suggest Man City’s drop-off in points is due entirely to Pep messing around and changing a winning system and nothing to do with any perceived increase in the general quality of league standards. It would appear that there are definite groups of teams of similar level, which makes for a more entertaining league, and it is up to Arsenal to capitalist on Man City being slightly below standard and Liverpool and Chelsea being awful because we won’t get this chance again.

  9. Ever since I became a football fan in 2006,I’ve always heard fans of various clubs wanting the ‘20 or 25 goals a season striker’. What I’ve noticed over the last few seasons though is that football is gradually moving away from tactics of the past that relied mostly on a single player to get the goals- typically the centre forward. This current Arsenal side has proved that the goals can be spread out which makes us difficult to nullify. A team that relies on a striker for goals suffers when the player is injured,suspended or out of form. Currently we have five or six players who can and should realistically get double figures. Saka,Martinelli and Jesus should target 15+ over the course of a season. ESR,Odegaard,Trossard, and Eddie should target 10+ . These numbers,in addition to goals from the rest of the players are enough to win Championships.

  10. Just one of the stats that point out just how different this season is to the previous MA seasons.
    At last we can see the actual evidence in every aspect of the game, both on and off the pitch.
    That’s why I find it laughable that it was said we weren’t giving MA credit, when mentioning the negatives!!
    There were no positives, until this season started to unfold during the summer transfer window….. from then onwards, it’s been success after success.
    Long may it continue and THANK YOU Mikel Arteta!!

    1. Sorry Ken
      You are totally incorrect on this account
      We won 22 games last season and within them wins we played some cracking stuff
      We fell apart at the end but up until then we held our own against most
      Our lack of inexperience, composure and certain players getting injured at key times let us down
      I can even go back the season before where there were certain games when you could see how MA wanted us to play but we lacked the right players to carry it out.
      We have matched last season when it comes to wins and will surpass it and this team who are still extremely young, still very inexperienced compared to some of our competitors will get strong and better as long as we can keep the core together

      1. Respect your opinion AB.

        Do you think we will collapse this season as we did last season?
        Do you think that, by bringing in Jesus, Zinchenko, Trossard and Jorginho this season, we have addressed the lack of experience that you correctly point out?
        Do you think our injuries last season are worse than this season?
        Do you think that we were right to try and play a system when we didn’t have the players to do it, whereas this season we actually do have the players to play the system that MA wants to play?

        1. Morning Ken
          I believe we have been more fortunate this season with injuries
          And by that I mean key players have been sidelined but we have had other slip in to the role and pick up the standards quickly
          We, he needed to play the system to establish who could or couldn’t fit in to it
          I.e Leno. Good goalkeeper but could not play out from the back
          Lacca. Good stiler but the power and the pace of the prem just caught up with him
          I hated the uncertainty of playing out from the back at times but thankfully we have moved on and loom more confident and comfortable doing it
          Do hope we have learned from last season collapse
          Another season wiser, stronger a d Street wise
          10 to go
          All of us Still dreaming of what could be
          Onwards and upwards

          1. Morning to you AB.

            So losing Jesus for three months, Tomi for the rest of the season, ESR from the start of the season and still not 100%fit, Saliba for what a month? Nelson and Nketiah, both out for lengthy periods and the reason we have had players available to “slip” into the roles, is because of our summer and transfer window signings.

            One of the reasons we collapsed last season, was the fact that we let to many players leave, while not replacing them.
            MA still played the system, even though it was obvious that Leno, despite being an excellent keeper, was unable to play the sweeper role, so why did he persist in asking him to do this and, rather play to Leno’s strength until he found a keeper who could?
            Of course, we can now see quite clearly what MA was doing, because he brought in the correct personnel to do that and that is why we are where we are today and where we were (885) before that.

    2. You cannot have positives with the likes of Ozil & Auba in your team. Ozil? Who? That fella who retired a few day back? Well Benzema, Leo, Ibra are still around!! Auba? Who? Kolasinac? Mustafi? Laca! All gems of the Mr. Wenger era who ensured he got the boot! So sad! Too bad! What comes next? We finished 5th/6th under Mr. Wenger. 885 strikes back. These lols were the reason why Mr. Wenger & Unai lost their jobs and Mikel was next had he not been tough enough and bin them all. Remove the weeds and what you have are the grain bearing crop. Same applies to AFC.

      1. There were underlying reasons for some of those situations.

        Auba was a golden boot winner, and finished 2nd behind Vardy the following year. Signed an extension, tasked with defending in a new system, and the rest is history.

        As for Emery, he was a “coach” and had no final say in players he wanted to bring in. Tremendous obstacle for any manager to overcome, as was evident with Arteta and the players he inherited.

        Find it interesting how you excuse Arteta for 885 finishes with those players, but Emery doesn’t get the same consideration with his lack of transfer decision power.

        Just thought it was interesting to point out.

        Anyway we are much better now as a club, and it’s due to Arteta, Edu, and Josh.

        I don’t think it’s possible without all 3 involved, Credit to all for the current success we are having.

      2. Now this is what is wrong with some Arsenal fans, why are you abusing and putting mud on ex players just to make Arteta better? He does not need that if he is class thnlen that will show in his output which we begging to see but if he is not then we wont win any trophy under him apart from FA cup. Why to show his greatness you are throwing mud on ex players n managers. Arteta has not yet achieved quater of what Legend Wenger achieved , do you know how many trophies Emery has won in his managerial career? Some of the fans we have just make us laughing stock. No wonder why they say stupid things like champions league glorified Cup and over rated , Arteta is a generation manager. What ??? Why do you guys have to say such stupid stuff and make the whole club look dumb.

        1. I’d say, and without making comparisons with any manager/coaches past or present, that Arteta is the best young manager in the world right now, irrespective of what he has or has not so far achieved.
          This is of course my own personal opinion, and not necessarily that of more knowledgeable supporters.

      3. Thank goodness that Mr Wenger recommended Mr Arteta for the role and, despite Silent Stan and Gazidis ignoring his wisdom to begin with, it is obvious that Mr Wenger was correct in the first place.
        Before one crows about MA ‘s success rate, let’s see him actually win something with his OWN players, not Wenger’s and Emery’s.
        Dont forget, coming second doesn’t count, especially when city, united, spuds, chelsea and liverpool are all under performing 😂😂😂😂😂

  11. I wonder why you keep referring to other teams as under performing every time arsenal is doing better.

    Shouldn’t it be mentioned that City, United, Liverpool and Chelsea achieved whatever, because, Arsenal had been under performing?

    Do the statistics, arsenal is currently topping the league not because those teams drop points directly to arsenal but because arsenal won more matches than them.

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