Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka rejects Bayer Leverkusen because he wants Champions League football

Exclusive from England365: “Xhaka wants to stay at Arsenal and play in the Champions League!”

Fabrizio Romano may be pointing out that Granit Xhaka is leaving Arsenal for Bayer Leverkusen, but Greek outlook England365 reports something completely different. What is this; 

How the Swiss wants to remain in the “Gunners”, at the moment he is discussing with another team, which will play in the Champions League, having rejected Bayer Leverkusen!

Yesterday, Fabrizio Romano pointed out that Granit Xhaka is leaving Arsenal, bound for Germany and Bayer Leverkusen, with the agreement between the two sides known since May and still valid.

However, the information of England365 and Dimitris Manakos want to broadcast that this information is incorrect, as people from the close family environment of the Swiss point out that he has excluded Bayer Leverkusen from his mind.

In particular, the Swiss wants to compete in the Champions League next year and the Germans did not manage to secure their participation in the top club competition. For this reason, he is discussing with another team, which, in contrast to Leverkusen, will be in the… stars next year.

Developments are “flowing”, Xhaka has more than one option in his hands, he does not prefer Leverkusen, but in the back of his mind is Arsenal.

For this reason, England365’s sources concluded that “it is likely that Granit will still be in the Arsenal team next season!”

Dimitris Manakos

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  1. Hope he stays & end his career with us. Can see him as a furure Arsenal manager.

    ALWAYS FORWARD!! (but dont give ur destination away)

    1. Lol. Slow down there, partner. Why would we want him to end his career with us? Unless he wants to retire at like 32 because at some point he’ll become a liability with age. Arsenal needs players that will consistently play at the top level. Xhaka is in his twilight years. Yes, I’d like him to stay one more season if possible. He deserves to play UCL after helping us get there and also him staying will give us good midfield competition/depth while the new midfielders take the time to get used to Artetaball. After that, he can leave with Arsenal’s our blessings.

  2. Sounds like clickbait to me tbh. I would like Xhaka to stay one more year as we transition to a new midfield. I would do this with promise of releasing for free next year so he can grab that big contract before he retires or a pathway to coaching at Arsenal could be another option. Either way I feel 1 more year would be ideal beyond that depends on his legs and what he wants to do. I dunno if I can see him as a future manager but I didn’t see arteta as Wengers successor 15 years ago either so ya never know. What we do know is Xhaka has been misunderstood. I’m sure he has never received a straight red card at Arsenal?

    1. Nigel, I think you will find he has had 5 straight red cards.
      Anyway, I think the article is BS put out by yet another ITK who knows FA !

  3. I’ve been saying it for so long that you can’t just dissolve a midfield base that finally clicked after just one good season. Arsenal have enjoyed the experience in xhaka and partey so selling @ most one of them is ok. Since partey is also rumored to be off then keeping xhaka is vital next season.

  4. Xhaka cost us the title with that moment of madness when he lost his head confronting Trent’s late tackle.
    The very rarely subdued Anfield crowd turned nd they scored immediately.
    That unfortunate was the beginning of the end of our season.. IDC what anyone says/thinks, he’s a BIG liability to have in any team with his oversized ego nd I for one would be over the moon he’s gone!

    1. Cmooon man. Still with this story with Liverpool…..exaggerated
      This thought is very naive.

      1. We cannot afford to off load xhaka and partey at the same time one of them need to stay to help the new boys in the transition of our midfield.

  5. No joke @ chigozirim.. that exact moment was when our season began to crumble nd we weren’t the same team we’d been the whole season after that. I strongly believe that had we have won that game, we would have been crowned champions. Our boys were never the same after that exact moment of utter madness nd I’m sorry to say but that’s not the first time Xhaka’s done that regardless of whatever the situation was at the moment nd it’s definitely not going to be the last. I was a big champion of him turning things around up to that point, but I’m sorry I don’t think I could or would ever forgive him for that. IMO!!!!

    1. And what about the role played by Zinchenko who was nutmegged like a schoolboy by TAA which led directly to a Liverpool goal?Are you absolving him from being culpable for our dropping two points?You are entitled to your opinion but you are way off the mark.

  6. The role he played after the Xhaka incident, prior to that we were on top of them, fact!

  7. Xhaka is a dead player, he was dead when Wenger signed him, dead when Emery was in charge nd dead under MA minus a few good months under his belt in and over a 5yr period, 29yrs old nd hundreds of games under his belt. C’mon even a blind man can see it 😂
    He was never Arsenal quality nd 100% wouldn’t make the starting 11 in any of the top 4 in most leagues yet alone a Man Cithey, RM/Barca, Bayern Munich, Juve! If we do manage to get the £21m for him, we robbing them 😅

    1. Total cobblers, he was the mainstay in our team last season and if you can’t see that you are totally deluded.

  8. Mainstay after how many seasons @ GB??? 😅😅😅
    Stop getting emotional bout opinions, obviously you part of the deluded crew, let’s stick to the facts instead of always getting your egos involved (to the detriment of the team) 😂 like Xhaka does all the time 😆

  9. Xhaka really improved this season.lets give him one more season.
    That his last ditch tackle against Newcastle was superb

  10. Shak….i think, you really don’t understand football. Xhaka was the success of midfield this year. This was confirmed even from top Coaches like Muhrinjo…etc

    1. I agree with you let’s keep him, he was one of the goal score also. If you want to see him doing the job you must always watch our match against big teams in Premier league but this season there was no small team, he has dominated 80% the whole season if I m not wrong….

  11. Xhaka should stay at Emirates we still need his strength and performance for champions league

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