Arsenal’s Growing Popularity in Malaysia

Arsenal F.C. Is One of the Most Popular Clubs in Malaysia



Malaysia is a country that simply adores football. It is one of the most popular sports there. The Football Association of Malaysia was founded in the early 1900s, but the story of the origin of football in the country is very interesting. The sport was brought to the country by the British, more specifically the soldiers of the HMS Malaya.

Since they were the ones who invented the sport, there were no better teachers for the new fans of football. The soldiers and locals held a competition, and the British even gave the trophies to the Malaysian footballers. Those were the humble beginnings of a competition later known as the Malaya Cup.

When you know the story, it is no wonder that the Premier League is the most beloved foreign competition in Malaysia, and one of the clubs that is growing in popularity is Arsenal.

The Popularity of the Premier League in Malaysia

Since the British brought football to Malaysia, it was only logical that they were the standard of its quality for Malaysians. They fell in love with their clubs and players, and the skyrocketing success of the Premier League only helped to increase its presence in this nation.

People love to watch it, wager on it on the best betting sites in Malaysia that are approved by reviewers, or simply support their favorite clubs. The Premier League represents the crème de la crème in the football world, generating more income and being even more watched than the UEFA Champions League.

Broadcasting contracts for this competition reached the number of six billion USD. This money is shared with the clubs that have a responsibility to invest it, create teams with amazing players, and constantly elevate the quality of football that is played.

These clubs are also present in the final stages of European competitions, which only increases their popularity even more. In Malaysia, Liverpool and Manchester United are the two of the most popular English clubs, but Arsenal is very close, according to the latest research.

The History of FC Arsenal

This great club was founded in 1886, being a team of workers from a munition factory, hence the name Arsenal. An interesting fact is that this team was in Kent. They turned professional in 1891 and became members of the Football League in 1893. Promotion to the First Division was achieved in 1904, but it was nine years later that the club was moved to London.

Their new home was Highbury, and it was their home ground from 1913 to 2006. It was the stadium where Arsenal achieved its greatest success. Their collection of silverware includes 13 domestic titles, 14 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, and 16 Community Shields, and one shared with their greatest rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.

Some of the most famous names that wore the red shirt were Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, David Seaman, Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, Sol Campbel, Freddie Ljungberg, and many more.

The Arsene Wenger Era

This part of Arsenal’s history is called the French Revolution, and it represents a fairy tale like the one gamers achieve in the popular video game, the Football Manager. When George Graham left the club, the officials appointed an unknown French manager at the helm. The fans were skeptical; however, they were oblivious to the fact that they would witness the most successful era of their beloved club.

The Professor, as he was nicknamed, revolutionized the club and was its manager for 22 years. In that time, he finished in the top four in the first 20 years of his reign. He won 3 Premier League titles, 7 FA Cups, and played in the UEFA Champions League final against Barcelona.

One of the most memorable achievements was the “Invincibles”, a team that was unbeaten in 49 straight matches. He changed the approach of the club, scouting young and unfamiliar players, and giving them a chance in the first team. Later selling them for huge money. His teams had some players that were of a questionable standard, but he managed to bring out the best from them.

His management allowed the officials to generate enough money to build a brand-new state-of-the-art venue, the Emirates Stadium. His legacy to the club is amazing, and he is the second-best manager in the history of the Premier League, after Sir Alex Ferguson.

The Mikel Arteta Era

The last two seasons under Wenger showed that the club needed a new approach. They tried with Unai Emery, but that was not it. The fan-favorite Frederik Ljungberg was appointed as a caretaker-manager for a month, and then a new era started. Former player, and assistant to probably the greatest manager of modern time Pep Guardiola, Mikel Arteta was appointed as a manager. And Arsenal’s popularity reached new levels.

Arteta brought in new energy, an attacking style of play, relatable to the club’s identity. His mentality of attacking through passing showed great results, and Arsenal is once again a title contender. He promoted young talent, making players such as Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli a force to be reckoned with.

He won the FA Cup in 2019/20, and two Community Shields. But as we said, his work in making them title contenders once again is the main success and the reason for Arsenal’s increase in popularity in Malaysia.


People from Malaysia love football, and the Premier League is their preferred choice. They support their clubs and create strong fan bases. The most popular clubs, Liverpool and Manchester United, have a stern competitor in Arsenal. The latest success by Mikel Arteta’s squad has won many sympathies from fans all around the world, and Malaysian fans multiplied in a short time.


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