Arsenal’s Hard Work is Starting to Pay Dividends!

What a difference there is between the Arsenal from the beginning of the season compared to the current team. We only won one of our first six League games but now we have won six on the bounce going into the international break and are set to face Liverpool at home afterwards. A win against the Scousers will practically guarantee us a Top Four place and with Chelsea and Man City floundering you never know where we may end up. (Well one can dream, can’t one?)

Arsene Wenger saw his tired team fight to keep all three points at Newcastle this weekend, and feels that Arsenal now have the resilience and solidarity to keep up this amazing run. He said on “I am pleased with the spirit of the team and the mental quality of the players,” the manager told Arsenal Player.

“They are outstanding guys and it’s a pleasure to see how they behave and a credit to the club as well to see that quality on the behavioural front and the desire to do well.

“I was very pleased with the resilience because it shows qualities that are important such as solidarity, the fact that we refuse to give in and on that front I think we did very well.

“We’re a stronger team today than we were in September and that’s down to the focus of the whole club, of the whole staff and the quality of work the whole staff puts in. Let’s hope we can go from strength to strength now until the end of the season.”

There are still some big tests to come, but Liverpool may be a little less confident after being knocked back by Man United yesterday (and losing Steven Gerrard !) and a win against them, plus another against lowly Burnley, will set us up perfectly for the visit of Chelsea on the 26th April…

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  1. I believe Arsenal CAN win every game until the end of the season. Liverpool ave now been exposed and it would be brilliant to have Chelsea as our ninth win in a row. Next season we’ll win EVERYTHING!

      1. All I’m saying is don’t get your hopes so high and be realistic too. Somehow, we could win every game but I don’t expect us to. Let’s just hope and pray things go our way, but life isn’t a straight line.

        I hope someone gives Maureen something to choke on along the line. I hope Chelsea do drop points.

  2. Liverpool losing to United makes it imperative for us to beat them at Emirates. If we do that it’ll be a hammer blow they won’t recover from IMO, but to lose would swing the momentum right back their way in arguably an increased fashion.

    Be nice to put down a marker for potential FA cup final too. Big game comingup.

    1. Even a draw in the next game will keep Liverpool out of top 4 and they have to travel to Chelsea and Everton.

      1. After seeing Liverpool play yesterday i think we can beat them. They had some unbeaten run, but i think they are doable. Since we are at home, i feel more comfortable.

        1. Oh, of course I think we can beat them. I just wanted to say that people should not make such a drama of only drawing (after internationals) getting a draw. If we get 3 points out of these three games (Liv, Che, Mu) then the 4th or even 3rd spot is secured. We will win the other games, I am pretty sure of it.

  3. Fans fave players are available…

    Jovetic, Toure, Balotelli, Mvilla, etc….

    time for Wenger to grant the fans wish

  4. This season, the best we can get is 2nd and the FA cup. Facing Fools in the final won’t be easy tho. They are always high on emotions. Then next season I want Arsenal to go all out. I mean Wenger has to know he is running out of time even age wise! Man has to grab the bull by the horn! There is money now and a couple of class players brought in willing to fight for the cause. Let’s add to that and push this club to greater heights.

    (NO SWEARING! Admin)

    1. By going all out I’ll just lay the blueprint:

      Keep every vital current player and ‘squad player’. ONLY ‘squad’ players to be kept includes Arteta, Theo, Rosicky and Mertesacker. Especially convincing Theo to sign on will prove we have turned a corner

      (ADMIN COMMENT – You are new but need to learn you CANNOT swear on here. We are a family-friendly website

      Get Cech or Begovic, ospina is only 26 too.
      Get Schneirdelin or Wanyama
      Get Dybala or Bellarabi

      Lastly I dream of Jordi alba as our starting left back but since that’s a pipe dream, wenger needs to search for an adequate LB. Monreal is really good but almost 30.

    2. It should be Liverpool in the final, but I wouldn’t stake my house on Pool beating Blackburn away on a chilly Wednesday night at Ewood and easily dumping out a (slightly) revived Villa on a neutral ground.

  5. It’s been long overdue for us to beat Chelsea. Hope we can have the Ox and Arteta fit for the game.

  6. Well if the rest of this season is not a true test, I’m not sure what is. United are breathing down our necks, and Liverpool are not out of it just yet. We still have 3 extremely tough games, 2 of which against Chelsea and United we have extremely poor records against in the BPL. If we can finish second or even third, it will show that we have what it takes to be genuine title contenders for next season.

    1. That logic physically hurts me. How can you deduce by finishing 2nd or 3rd it proves we’re capable of being title contenders next year?

      You do realize we haven’t featured in the title race at all this season….surely that would be a better barometer?

      I’m more of the opinion that in order to challenge for the title we need to make some alterations to the management and personnel, as clearly our current methods are only good enough for top 4…

  7. Chelsea are a little down after their UCL meltdown, could see that in last night game. But Arsenal need to focus on getting Ramsey and Sanchez back scoring if they wanna win all the remaining games.

  8. Our last 9 games are tough and they test our limits for 3rd place and we need to finish games fast and not let the foot of the gas in second half
    I feel that the way Manchester are going they may leapfrog us to the 3rd place cause in the first half of the season they had the greatest luck in football since dominant era of football refereeing decisions and penalty appeals etc
    They have a good chance to finish top 4 before int’l break but have performed admirably at high tempo and looks like it will be pressuring for them to play us cause we have better functioning squad.
    over reliance on Kane has allowed them to stay afloat of top 4 teams but are going to loose it somewhere along the line which is going to end their season.
    Did not deserve last season’s trophy but still with some patience and expected fall of arsenal and sudden rise and fall of Liverpool has been their story and can’t see them cementing top 2 just yet and it will be tough once they get back from int’l break to crystal palace

    Overall i expect a calm arsenal with eyes fixed clearly on the league and F.A CUP

  9. I am sure the least of thoughts the boss and the Gunners will think is to take beating Liverpool for granted at the Emirates stadium on the 4th April. Brendan Rodgers ultimate aim and ambition is to qualify Liverpool for the Champions League. And his ambition has received a setback at the hands of the Red Devils who took all the 3 points away from Anfield stadium yesterday before the very eyes of the Cops. Consequently, Liverpool will come to Emirates stadium with a vengeance to take away all the 3 points that will be at stake. And thereby redeem their CL qualification ticket back on track. The big question in this upcoming big game I ask myself is, will the Gunners who are now being forewarned by this my comment, fail to be forearmed to forestall Brendan Rodgers and his Scousers wroughting any havoc at the Emirates stadium? Under the prevailing circumstances of the Gunners ambitions to win the Treble this season, the boss and the Gunners do not have any other choice other than the choice to start A HALTING AMBITION GUNNERS STARTS to halt any ambition of the Scousers are having. And soundly sound them with 3 undisputed goals to nil and thus collect all the 3 points at stake and add them into the Emirates points bag.

  10. Yes we are greatly improved. Yes we could still have a decent season.

    Scary thought though: This Liverpool game probably decides the swing of our season. Let me explain.

    If we win we go at least 7 points clear of 5th with Chelsea and United to play. Our goal difference smashes Spurs and Liverpool so we get an extra bonus on that. With 7 games left we’d only need to win the 5 games not against top opposition and we’d cement our Top 4 place. Better yet to that, if we beat Man United among our 5 wins, we’re pretty much guaranteed 3rd as permutations of matches means that Chelsea and City must lose to Man United for them to get above us if we beat them and win a further 4 games. Best case scenario however, is we beat Chelsea and Man United – this leaves us in the driving seat for 2nd as City have to play both United and Spurs as well as Southampton and several other top half teams. I reckon we’re 1 point short of having a shout at the title, but a win at Liverpool means we have the grounding for a great final run…

    That said a LOSS to Liverpool is diabolical for us as we are suddenly just 3 points ahead of them where we need to win 6/7 games to guarantee Top 4. With Tottenham and Liverpool on our tails we’d need results going our way in other games if we lost to Chelsea and United in order to stop them catching us.

    Basically – positive result at Liverpool then everything is in our own hands and we can make a real try at 2nd spot. Negative result at Liverpool and we’re in doodoo again.

    1. If he is banned that means liverpool lose one goal against us because skertel always seems to score a set piece header against us for some reason. so yea that would be welcomed. Cmmon FA….band the scouser ASAP…lol

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