Arsenal’s ‘hippy gas’ story is nothing but hot air….

News that some of Arsenal’s players have been pictured taking ‘hippy gas’ on a night out left me asking two things. Is it illegal? Were they breaking a club curfew? That the answer is ‘no’ to both means this is a non-story.

As much as Emery might feel inclined to have a word with his dressing room, there is nothing they can be punished for. They had every intention of keeping their evening out to themselves, having booked a private area in a club. Of course, it’s not ideal for an athlete to be taking part in such activities. In a perfect world they would never have a cigarette or alcohol until retirement, both of which are more dangerous then laughing gas. It hurts the club more from a PR perspective. In 2018 it’s hard for the man/women in the street to relate to the modern-day footballer.

Public relations would rather that our star names would be spotted at charity events than partying. Why do you think the tabloids felt the need to price check every item ordered? Us, as readers, are meant to be dismayed how thousands would be chucked at alcohol. Really though it only confirms what we already knew. Young multi-millionaires are going to live a lifestyle many of their fans can’t relate too. Both parties where possible want to keep that fact hidden. Just read Jermaine Pennant’s book to get an idea of how footballers live.

I’m not even angry with the Sun. Their job is to write an article which encourages us to run out and buy their paper. Even me writing this is me advertising their work. If this had been printed the week of the Man City fixture, when the night out supposedly happened, perhaps It would hit a nerve. Hearing about this while we are on a 20-match unbeaten run shows our players life styles are not affecting their performances.

I was angrier with Iwobi partying the night before an FA Cup tie last season.

So, did the Sun really tell us anything we didn’t deep down know? That young millionaires on a night out are going to spend money to the lengths the average person can’t comprehend? That men in their teens/twenties are not always going to be sensible on a night out? Like I said, read Jermaine Pennant’s book.

Dan Smith


  1. jon fox says:

    Perspective, as ever from me. As Dan says, young millionaires live in a different world from most of us. We carry on supporting the players despite knowing full well they all ” earn” obscenely high salaries for basically kicking a ball around. While we pay to watch or pay by SkySPORTS/ BT Sports, and thus indirectly to their huge salaries, we are condoning this obscenity of Prem wages . But we do so, therefore we cannot in conscience knock the wages , EXCEPT when they do not give 100% on the field. This was the EXACT reason I slaughtered the idle WALCOTT FOR TEN YEARS , SINCE I CANNOT STAND WHAT IS ACTUALLY CHEATING THE CLUB AND CHEATING US FANS. Ozil is currently doing much the same. But those “outed” in that private room have all given 100% , Ozil apart. This so called “drug,” laughing gas , to give it the widely known name is not a gateway drug nor addictive. What those players did was certainly unwise and that was ALL IT WAS. The club has apparently warned the players as to their behaviour and now the so called story- the one that never was a story, except to the appalling and hypocritical Sun – is tomorrows fish and chip paper. LET US MOVE ON AND WORRY ABOUT MORE IMPORTANT THINGS, such as whether to make Horlicks, tea, coffee or drinking chocolate for our night time beverage. Oh, and tomorrows game which seems not to be a story at all; to The Sun!!!

    1. RealArsenalFan says:

      I would sue the Club for allowing someone to video the players as they were in a private section and sue the person for videotaping them, also the Sun for publishing a private party

      1. Drayton says:

        Might sue the Sun, but come on. You’re gonna sue the club?

        1. Break-on-through says:

          He means the actual club that they had the party at, not football club.

    2. Drayton says:

      Bravo! I’m curious how Wenger and Ferguson would’ve chewed up this non story.

    3. Uchman says:

      A million lies can never make up a truth, that u hate a particular player doesn’t mean the rubbish u say about such player is true, this is absolutely rubbish and bizarre, what makes walcot idle? And a lazy bone?Walcott came here as a 16 year old teenager, he was among the guys that took us to the Carling cup finals in 2006, he even scored in the finals against Chelsea and dude never look back, it was difficult for him to break into the first team bcos we had a very stable mildfield 4 in flamini-fabregas helb and rosicky,injury to rosicky and later sales of helb opened door for him and dude never looked back, he formed a very strong partnership with RVP , he was our main attacking outlet, even when RVP left he still formed a strong partnership with oliver giroud, dude scored over 100 goals and gave over 50 assists, dude never hide in games, against bigger oppositions Walcott is always our biggest hope of getting goals, he scored many goals against Chelsea, many goals against Liverpool,many goals against Tottenham, man city,Everton and man u in that order, he is always the chief catalyst of many of our great comebacks, the 7:5 against reading after being 4;0 down, the 5;2 against Tottenham after being 2;0 down, the 2;2 against Barcelona (when he was introduced in the 2nd half)after being 2;0 down, and many like that, Walcott was never the same again after he suffered a knee ligament injury in our match against Tottenham where we beat them 2;0 via Walcott goals,which took him out for over 9 months and made him to miss the 2014 world cup, it amazes me how some one @ ur age will be manufacturing lies just to discredit some one u don’t like, that is soooo childish of u,and its very bizarre to say the least, pls desist from that, in the last 10 years if u can tell me just one English winger who plays in English top flight ,who has scored over 100 goals and gave 50 assists for his club side then I will admit that Walcott is idle and lazy

      1. jon fox says:

        If you can not or won’t admit to yourself that Walcott was naturally lazy, even though , as I have often said, he had a fair degree of talent too, then there is little point us further discussing. Some fans just cannot bear face the awful truth of laziness about any player in our shirt. I also say and often have, that OZIL, sublimely talented though he is when he deigns to word hard and show that talent, is similarly wasting his career and the club are wasting his huge wage on a largely non productive player. As Wenger chose to do on Walcott for so disgracefully long. You either have the capacity to face the truth as I do or you do not. Up to you! BTW, your stats on Walcott are deeply unimpressive at the required level for A FORWARD WHO SPENT A FULL DECADE HERE.

        1. Uchman says:

          U r still blabbing without any significant point, what makes Walcott lazy? I pointed out a lot of facts yet u never refuted any of them, I ask u again pls can u tell me at least can u tell me one English winger who got over 100 goals and 50 assists in the last decade, what makes Walcott lazy and idle?/

  2. Break-on-through says:

    01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111

  3. Thomo says:

    As you say admin they are not breaking the law or anything and are doing it in private,people will start talking about being role models as if they should live as saints…thats bs

  4. Maks says:

    Sun is shitty paper with shitty people running it.
    Enjoy Auba and others.. play good and do whatever you want for your pleasure.

  5. GB says:

    Just the sun regurgitating a story that happened in August. How sad of them!

  6. gotanidea says:

    Why do we even talk about a story from the Sun? We know that most of their stories are not true and do not make any sense

  7. Innit says:

    Stupid thing to do
    Emery better do something than ignore it and allow it to continue and possibly get worse
    At least a good serious talking to and a warning
    Laughing gas and smoking is not good for playing

    1. Thomo says:

      Ismoking didn’t do Zidane cruyff and Bobby charlton any harm

  8. ozziegunner says:

    Why does any one patronize any part of the Rupert Murdoch media empire? The man is lower than a snake’s duodenum.

  9. Gurrosco says:

    An occasional laughing gas outing is pretty harmless for good, spirited fun. We may also say that spuds have evolved from funny to just plain sad hence the need for a laughing catalyst.

  10. Lance says:

    Many of us seem to think this is a non issue. But have we asked ourselves if that behaviour affected the performance of the players in our opening game against Man City? That may explain our lethargic performance against Man City. Ozil, Guendozie, Laca and Auba all took part in that game.

    1. Thomo says:

      That lethargic performance as you called it was due to it being a team that had played its first competitive match under a new coach with new players nothing else

  11. Sue says:

    Arsenal aren’t the first to do this & certainly won’t be the last… Sterling did it a little while back & I think Walker did too. Not saying I agree with it though!

  12. Drayton says:

    Admin, why are my comments being moderated and deleted? I believe I’m bringing up very strong points about why Kroenke is the right owner for us and I’m trying to get into the intelligent debate that Jon Fox so clamors for. I’m not stirring up trouble. I want that debate. I want Englishmen and women’s perspective on why Kroenke is so disliked. I don’t understand why I’m being moderated w smart posts that speak to facts. (Yes, I got carried away on the political posts the other day about nukes and Putin and Trump, but other than that, I’ve been pretty straightforward w good questions and good comments dating back to 2014.)

    A steady follower,

    1. Drayton says:

      To be clear, I was responding to some moronic nuke comment and an interesting rebuttal to it

      1. Drayton says:

        My apologies. My eyes deceived me. Thank you, Admin, for not banning me off this senile tirade. I see me posts now 🙂

        Up Gunnas!

    2. jon fox says:

      Interesting comment to read. I welcome intelligent debate and will always reply to an intelligent remark. You seem to be indicating that you feel Kroenke is the right owner for us and if you care to fully explain why, I will be only to glad to explain in full why I profoundly disagree. Over to you! THough you must surely have already realised the KROENKE SUPPORTERS AMONG GOONERS ARE AS RARE AS HEN’S TEETH.

  13. Uchman says:

    Players will always have their moments ,they r humans, when viera was our captain he do take players out and made them have fun, same john terry did for Chelsea, and its a kind of bringing players together and made them form a strong unit, as far as they r not doing it a day before an important match, all in all smoking is never good for their careers,since its in the open ,the coach need to give them strong words and stern warning!!! It shouldn’t be repeated!!!

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