Arsenal’s HUGE transfer dilemma


Hello there friends. I am sorry you are going to have to read yet another transfer related article that does not announce the signing of a new player for Arsenal. But something has been bugging me and I will like to share it with you. In our last two games of the 2014/2015 season, Arsenal clicked in a manner that earned them the title challengers tag. This team looked complete and flawless. From front to back, we were, slick, beasty and gave nothing away, especially in our FA cup final game.

So why am I worried? ….I fear that signing new players could cause us to lose that click factor we gained towards the end of last season. So far, no player of consequence is threatening to leave Arsenal and this is a huge deal. Just look at Liverpool. They have signed seven or eight players and yet all you hear is Raheem Sterling and the trouble he is causing the club.

Arsenal currently has so much depth in midfield and attack now that a good problem has gradually become an agonizing one. It wasn’t obvious initially until all our injured players recovered at the end of last season. We have a monstrous squad. Seasoned veterans like Arteta and Rosicky will not even make the bench next season. That is how deep our squad is. Of course we need more options in defensive midfield and attack but what do you do with Jack Wilshere if we buy Pedro Rodriguez? What do we do with Aaron Ramsey and Francis Coquelin if we buy Morgan Shneiderlin or Arturo Vidal? What do we do with Theo Walcott if we sign Alexander Lacazette? Who gets played and who gets benched? Am I being sentimental? Theo still hasn’t signed that contract, has he? Why do you think that is? Walcott was on the bench for all of last season and refused to sign a contract partly as a result of this. So how is signing Benzema or Pedro going to improve our chances of keeping our best players? This is the elephant in the room, not money. So far we have had confirmed(ish!) bids of 45 million euros and upwards rejected for both Gonzalo Higuain and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang so the boss is certainly working behind the scenes.

We are at a stage in our club now where every player that comes in gives us more options while simultaneously creating big problems as well. Many will argue that this is a good problem to have and they are right. But ask Jose Mourinho about Peter Cech leaving for Arsenal and he might punch you in the face. I also know for a fact that nobody on this thread will like to see David Ospina go to Everton. But there is a strong possibility that he will leave.

Ospina is too good to sit on the bench when he can be playing regularly elsewhere. Imagine Jack Wilshere trying to force a move to Man City this summer or in the January window? It happened with Nasri, Fabregas and Van Persie and it can happen again. Nothing unsettles a team like high profile exits and Cesc’s exit took us several seasons to overcome. It has taken Wenger years to build another settled team of top quality and I can understand it if he wants to maintain what he has got.

Cazorla, Coquelin, Ozil, Sanchez and Giroud are the first names on our team sheet when fit – and for good reason. A settled eleven brings out the best in a team as well. So at the moment, if everyone is fit, our most potent forward formation features a front three of Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott. This then leaves Chamberlain, Ramsey, Wilshere and Welbeck on the bench. Imagine those four on the bench when they all know they can get games in other teams? Losing one or two of them as it stands is a real possibility and yet we have not even signed a player in their position this summer. Ramsey has spoken out in no uncertain terms about being played on the wings and Wilshere has made his comments about wanting to be wanted by Arsenal. This is usually the kind of talk that precedes an exit, especially when big teams like Barcelona and Man City come sniffing around. And there is yet another angle to this squad management issue that we don’t talk about. Walcott, Ramsey, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Welbeck, Gibbs, Chambers and Jenkinson constitute a total of eight British players who cannot force their way into our starting eleven in their home league. EPL is in Britain and Britain is their home. Brits everywhere are secretly fuming because of this and you can feel it in the perpetual media harassment of Arsenal and the way referees are biased against us. For all his achievements, Arsene Wenger will always be known in some quarters as that foreign coach that led the influx of foreign players which undermined the development of British talent. Folks rarely speak about this publicly for fear of being branded bigots but that is primarily what the FA’s home grown rule is about. Self-preservation.

Arsene has a lot on his plate. I don’t envy him. I want him to sign players but I honestly can’t tell him what to do with the ones he has got. We can sell Podolski, Campbell, Flamini and Sanogo without even coming close to solving this problem. Wenger has had to play Rambo and Jackie on the wings just to accommodate them. I dread the day that two of them will put in transfer requests and I fear that it could happen sooner than later, especially if we were to buy more players this summer. These are real challenges that Arsenal is dealing with – and we must remember this even as we stay frustrated by our lack of transfers. I want a striker and defensive midfielder but I am not prepared to lose Walcott or Wilshere to our rivals in order for this to happen.

Uche Edochie
Lagos- Nigeria

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  1. i am absolutely gutted pedro is going to chelsea.
    like they even need him!
    dont think alot of u realise how good pedro is….
    im crestfallen

    he would have made us contenders…
    now we’re even further from the boring bus parked football that is chelsea

    1. We don’t need to lose any player to bring in others.bringing a new DM will not have any effect on jack. Bringing in a new striker might make welbeck and Theo upset but will provide healthy competition for giroud …its time to be ruthless the same way we fked ospina…why not do the same with giroud??? We are arsenal, we always had world class strikers. Weight,henry,bergkamp,Eduardo (before his injury) and rvp….now we need to upgrade giroud. Giroud needs to be our plan b

      1. I say extend every good players contract to 5 years then bring in new players that we need ST DM

        and if the old players moan read the contract bi!!h, that’s what bigger clubs are doing

        Arsen don’t have long left in managment at arsenal so use the few years wisely if you want to win CL and the EPL once more

        1. Arsene has two more years to win the bpl and if he does then he can be handed a new contract to try and win the UCL. But with his attitude I don’t think he will ever win us the bpl again. Wenger always cares too much about his players. He cares about their feelings too much. He should learn from other managers. He should firstly ask 100mil from the board and spend that cash on a DM,winger and a striker. If I was him that is what I would do…I would want to finish my time at arsenal on a high

    2. Uche says: “….I fear that signing new players could
      cause us to lose that click factor we gained towards the end of last season.”

      “Click factor”??? Damn it!!! They one that made us come 3rd? We need new players, just a few. It is undeniable that Cech is better than Ospina and Wojiech. BUt the truth is that so far, Wojiech has failed to instil much confidence in one with his all-round performances over time, though you can argue he’s got age on his side; Ospina came in and for a while we stopped conceding those characteristical silly goals, and Ospina seems humble and calm. I won’t mind if Wojiech leaves, Ospina is still young too.

      The one that mainly worries me is Giroud. A driver is only as good as the car he drives. That guy makes Arsenal look average.

      As for Le Cock, aka “the peoples’ defender and pride of the men”, I think we need someone else of his kind, like Wanyama. That will give us a pair of WanyaCock (that will be great, just great).

      1. Jesus……. Coq was undoubtedly better than Wanayama last year. The goal for you chuds is to get better, right? Or to spend money and just make it work like it does on FIFA. That seems to be the beginning and end of your football knowledge. FIFA. I’m glad none of you have any say in running an ACTUAL team, would be absolutely miserable

        1. I wonder if I typed in Gibberish. Wanyama is an outright defensive midfielder, unlike that Morgan of a guy u ice cream boys have been craving, and I never said Wanyama would come and replace Le Coq. @Sacrificial Pizza.

          1. Honestly. Whenever people disagree with eachother on here the ‘FIFA isn’t the real world’ argument is used. Of course it isn’t, but I don’t need a computer game to tell me that Wanyama is better than Flamini, or that Man City and Chelsea have better strikers than we do.

            1. I agree with the FIFA jibe, gets boring, but you can bet your house there are guys on here making judgements and forming opinions on players based solely on FIFA player ratings.

              So Soton’s 1st choice CDM is better than our 3rd choice CDM who can’t get on the bench. I’m not sure that is comparing apples with apples.

              Whilst the names and reps are enticing, I’m not 100% entirely convinced I would swap Giroud, Alexis and Walcott for Aguero, Bony and Jovetic or Costa, Remy and Falcao. And before you jump down my throat – right now, right here which trio would you put your money on to score the most goals??! I’d suggest the answer to that will depend on how Walcott, Bony and Falcao in particular go next season – the 3 biggest unknowns.

      2. Wanayama is a player iv been calling for all along. Best option to cover lecoq and not bench him.

    3. People here are too dumb to differentiate gossip from truth. That’s hilarious. Chelsea haven’t signed Pedro yet. It was started by Caught Offside. Chelsea could sign Pedro, but its hilarious to see a bunch of dummies talk like its a done deal haha

      1. If you followed previous trends, you’ll know that we might be in danger of losing Pedro.
        I promise you. ..If Chelsea lands Pedro, they’ll retain the BPL.

        1. If cech i s worth 9 points then Pedro is worth 15 points. Huge signing if Chelsea get him. Just so upset we didn’t even go after him. He would have solved lots o our attacking problems.


      Why do we always make things difficult for ourselves. WE DEFINITELY NEED A FINISHER AND PROBABLY A CDM. I will admit it is a dilemna because I don’t want any of the core 14-15 players to leave.

      IT IS REAAALLY NAIVE TO THINK WE CAN SUCCEED WITHOUT REALISING THAT OUR COMPETITION (Man U, City, Chelsea, not to talk of continental heavyweights like Bayern, Barca etc) are all strengthening.

      PEDRO would have been an awesone signing. I dont know why Arsenal makes signing players look like the toughest job in the world. In the past we have lost Hazard, Suarez, Higuain, Ronaldo etc

      I KNOW WE STILL HAVE TIME BUT WENGER MUST SIGN SOME ADDITIONS. CECH is a great signing but he alone will not lead us to any title. LETS GET REAL.

      1. I sense your frustration but the first part of getting “real” is to have the debate after the window shuts in 7 weeks time.

        In any case Arsenal007 above reckons Chelsea are guaranteed to win the league if they sign Pedro – so not much point us signing anyone really is it? And seancali having kittens about Schweinsteiger – surely ManU will win the league now. But wait, City just about to sign Sterling – reckon they are guaranteed to win the league now.

        1. Jonestown.,.I get your point. Everyone is making top class signings. So that doesn’t mean automatic championship. Yes your right. But we fans have the right to be upset. We are not buying the players we after another they are going to other teams. Yes we have signed cech,a very smart buy and worth every penny. But we need to sign our targets before other teams take them away. Now tell me wouldn’t have the signing of Scwheni improve our midfield??he would have been perfect for us,why didn’t we sign him??he might have fancied us which I’m sure he would.see we are not going after anyone while other teams are taking all the quality players available.

    5. If the Pedro to Chelsea transfer really has legs…then wow, talk about a team that already have 3 or 4 top quality players in that position and still trying to make it better. The same team that won the EPL last year and you don’t see them sitting on their hands and being happy. Pedro is a top talent.

      Meanwhile, some of the crazies over here are happy to conclude that just by having Cech we can win the EPL if we don’t add anyone and that we have a great squad.
      Btw…Liverpool are at it again…50 million for Sterling makes sense if Suarez went for 75M. They sell very well.

      1. Who the hell are the “3 or 4 top quality players in that position” that Chelsea have?? Their fans don’t rate Willian, they are trying to get rid of Cuadrado on the quiet (the £23M guy that some on here were s&***ing bricks about just 6 months ago)….who else is there?

        1. Cuadrado is staying and he is a huge talent. William is a great winger plus they have hazard who always likes to play from the wings. Who do we have???just Alexis…that’s it…Pedro was a player that we needed badly..even 25mil would have been a great buy. The point is we getva winger and move Theo to cf role. Since there are no available world class strikers…if we find one even better,let’s get a winger and a striker. Listen we need to turn our team into a world class team with a few signings. We are so fkin close why not go for it since we have the cash…let’s do what Chelsea did last season signingv3 world class players and win the bpl…we can fkin do it.

          1. @seancali,
            Exactly what I was thinking. And I did not read your comment before I posted mine

        2. Maybe the question you should ask yourself is who do we have? I don’t want to mention who Chelsea have because just like you did, you will try to downplay them. The truth is they have 4 maybe 5 quality reliable players in that position. The only quality reliable player we have in that area is Sanchez.
          Their fans don’t rate Willian doesn’t mean Willian is not better than the options we have at Arsenal except Sanchez. You are talking about fans that are treated to some of the wingers and playmakers in the world for the past 10 years. Its relative…their thrash could be our gold. Sanchez and Ozil were not valued by Barca and R. Madrid. They are here now. It doesn’t mean they are not good enough if their fans don’t rate them.
          Like I said….WHO DO WE HAVE? Ask yourself that.

        3. Maybe the question you should ask yourself is who do we have? I don’t want to mention who Chelsea have because just like you did, you will try to downplay them. The truth is they have 4 maybe 5 quality reliable players in that position. The only quality reliable player we have in that area is Sanchez.
          Their fans don’t rate Willian doesn’t mean Willian is not better than the options we have at Arsenal except Sanchez. You are talking about fans that are treated to some of the best wingers and playmakers in the world for the past 10 years. Its relative…their thrash could be our gold. Sanchez and Ozil were not valued by Barca and R. Madrid. They are here now. It doesn’t mean they are not good enough if their fans don’t rate them.
          Like I said….WHO DO WE HAVE? Ask yourself that.

          1. k-ool/seancali: I suck it up all the time on here listening to how better Chelsea’s defence is, Matic the paex predator at CDM and Costa is elite world class etc but I can’t let banter about how much better Chelsea’s wide options are pass without comment. Hazard aside I don’t rate many of their AMs including Oscar. Presumably we can agree that Alexis and Hazard cancel each other out in the wide left slot. But if you don’t want to listen to me about their wide right slot then you should listen to their supporters – check out any CFC forum. They were gagging for Theo or Ox in a part exchange deal for Cech. Willian does a job and I actually like the guy, not as cynical as most of the others and doesn’t act up too much. At Shaktar he was one of the most promising CAMs in Europe but he is now strangely neutered. He has 8 goals in 2 seasons – whilst people on here hate on Welbeck for his 8 goals playing mostly in a wide position in his first season. And Cuadrado may well come good – and I am happy to see people give him the benefit of the doubt before some of our own players. But he is odds-on to go the way of Salah, De Bruyne and Schurrle. Ramires sometimes plays out there – he can run in straight lines and is good at the sly ankle tap but otherwise pretty average.

            If you’d do a swap deal of Walcott/Ox/Welbeck for Willian/Cuadrado/Ramires then fair enough, that is your opinion, but I wouldn’t.

    6. Never mind Wenger’s huge transfer problem – spare a thought for poor old Jose’s “dilemmas”:

      Chelsea Transfer Spend
      02-03 £0.5M
      03/04 £154M Mourinho arrives June 2004
      04-05 £60M
      05-06 £112M
      06-07 £12M Mourinho leaves Sept 2007
      07-08 £41M
      08-09 £26M
      09-10 £24M
      10-11 £88M
      11-12 £92M
      12-13 £95M Mourinho returns in June 2013
      13-14 £106M
      14-15 £118M

      Spot any correlation between Mourinho’s job movement and Chelsea spending? Crafty fella isn’t he – there is the Mourinho genius in a nutshell.

        1. Oh dear! No, I won’t leave you alone; what are friends for? Here’s my should and a handkerchief.

    1. Won’t lie I’m guilty of not reading long articles from time to time, but what would you prefer? Just a page saying ‘Arsenal’s transfer dilemma: quality players vs game time – discuss’?

      1. Funny. When an article is Mississippi long, I go through the comments first before revisiting the article.

          1. Well that correlates with the nonsense that you consistently spam this site with.

  2. “Cazorla, Coquelin, Ozil, Sanchez and Giroud are the first names on our team sheet when fit – and for good reason”

    WHAT?! No Koscielny? Cech? Monreal? Bellerin?

      1. It’s just f**king great that Per and Arteta are our captains. F**king great that Per, once again, probably Arteta too, will start our games next season. Damn it!!! Speak of setbacks!!!

      1. I don’t understand what’s the big deal with Chelsea getting Pedro. Sanchez is worth Pedro and Hazard combined, then we have Walcott on the other wing and Ox as well including Wellington. On top of that, Wenger is buying another forward, we don’t need Pedro, and there’s plenty of other options when it comes to wingers such as Draxler, Reus, Griezmann, etc.

        1. The big deal is that they already have about 4 maybe 5 top quality players in that position, yet they are still getting Pedro. The big deal is that they are trying to retain their EPL title.
          The big deal is that some people here mouth off about how our squad is very good and will win the EPL and how we don’t need to add but surprisingly the champions of the EPL do not think they are good enough for next season and so they are adding in other to retain their crown.
          That’s the big deal. The big deal is right now we have not been league champions for 11 years and right now we will not be league champions for 12 years.

  3. It’s a wonderful problem. If we had one more home grown DM or Wilshere or Ramsey were one, problem would have been half solved. The fact remains that we need a DM and a ST. If Walcott was really ready to take up a striking role, it would have solved the ST problem too. Perhaps, Welbeck could just step up and be our main striker while Walcott stay at RW.

    I am eager to know how Arsene will solve this problem.

    1. Wenger want welbeck to have more chance, that’s why he’s not after a striker. Giroud and welbeck are our striking options for next season. Theo won’t make it cuz of his lack of power and height. We need Morgan and cavani…. We must spend big to get a world class striker… We have to break our transfer record to do so. Why not do it??our entire season depends on how well we do in the transfer market

    2. I guess English is not your first language but all them same I expect you to know the difference between Fact and Opinion. Passing on your opinions as facts about who must be bought makes you a legend in self delusion.

      1. I am sorry but I have to say this….WTF?!!!
        Self-delusion? You probably will have to take a hard look at ur’self first, seeing as you call yourself The Analyzer. Get off your high horse son!!

        1. The Analyzer is a very serious person. I once matter of factly commented on the players leaving us this year and he/she said it displayed disgusting disrespect and was akin to the fans who sent death threats to Petr Cech. It must make for an odd posture to walk around with your head that far up your own ar**.

  4. Barcelona won treble Chelsea Bayern Juve both won respective trophies and they are still strengthening…here we are someone thinks if we sign playrz it will affect the cohesion of our team…with this current team no matter how good it is we wont win the epl lets have bigger dreams lets see beyond the FA cup…we are sayin there are no quality players bt other teams are picking them one by one…mmh jst sayin!

    1. Exactly!!!! There is no quality player and look at our competitors!!!!! They are signing everyone who’s available.. Pedro to Chelsea!!!! Bastian to manure!!!!I don’t want to continue cuz I will panic and have a heart attack…

      1. Ozil to Arsenal ! Sanchez to Arsenal ! Cech to Arsenal ! We’re signing quality players ! Bastian is past his prime and Sanchez is better than Pedro.

    2. Barca lose Xavi and bring in Turan. No big deal. Bayern sold 5 players and bring 6 in – losing Schweinsteiger is not strengthening. Juve losing Tevez, Pirlo and probably one of Pogba/Vidal – they need big signings just to stand still. Chelsea lose Cech and get Falcao on loan to replace Drogba – likely to lose Remy…………….I think you are being a bit melodramatic.

  5. Fellow gooners its now the year 2016, june to be precise…if you are reading these, please dont ignore it. since i don’t have enough time, i will go straight to the point..the season 2015/2016 has been great but not for arsenal…we started strongly but our form deteriorated as early as November…the most positive thing that i can recall is that we reached the quarter final of the champions league…we didn’t have many injuries but we always missed important players in the critical games..the highlight of the season being the etihad stadium game
    where we had arteta and flamini in midfield..we lost the game 5-0 after a koscielny red card..we finished the season 3rd after winning the last 10 games and unfortunately we got no trophies. our summer(keeper, winger) transfers did well but it wasn’t good enough…few would argue that again sanchez was our player of the season…Giroud got 13pl goals and another 4 in the cl…we didn’t bring in a striker on summer and the manager tried to bring one on winter but failed..our top scorer was walcott…plz gooners if you read these in the past, you can change the future..the club must buy lacazette or cavani who were top scorers in their leagues and krychowiak who did well at southampton…use every means possible to pass these message and remind wenger not to start koscielny on our away game at etihad cz hel get a three game ban…thanks and if you wondering, am still trophy hungry

    1. lol. Yes…Sci-fi drama but every single prediction is true. I doubt quarter-finals in the champions league though. I think round of 16. If we draw “European giants” like Monaco..we will not make the quarters.
      But like you said, the club can still change that right now.

  6. RVP is off to Fernebahce… I hope we meet them in the Champions league some day and give them a heavy beating.. would cherish the look on his face..

  7. Another top article written by UCHE, always keep a eye out for your posts, always talking complete sense!
    “To recognize bullshit,
    nose is better than ear.”
    ― Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

    1. Thot i was the only Uche fan on the site. Thumbs up, man! Your articles are pure class – proper Gooners, you!!!

  8. While I understand the sentimental side the writer has taken you cannot have your cake and eat it too. We finished 3rd last season and while I think that injuries were a problem many of our dropped points stemmed from tactical flaws than a lack of personnel. Injuries or not being 3 – 0 down to Stoke in the first half isn’t injuries, the same with our capitulation at Swansea and Southampton and we had a fit starting 11 when we lost at Spurs.

    But I digress, it would be folly to suggest Arsenal are in no need of improvement. It’s odd how some of us are willing to take a gamble on the fitness of our players but are against the idea of taking a gamble on proven better players. That is the point of depth, to make sure that you have a suitable back up in the event a starting 11 player gets injured.

    If you fail to acquire such depth but then produce only half a season of good football the fault is entirely yours as you COULD have solved the issue.

  9. Our dilemma should be signing both Cavani and Benzema and deciding who to start this season

    Our dilemma should be signing Reus and deciding whether to play Reus or Alexis.

    In other words we should sign TOP WORLD CLASS players.

    Minimum 5
    1. Cavani
    2. Benzema or Higuain
    3. Pogba or Gundogan
    4. Carvalho or Aranguiz
    5. Reus, Greizmann or Vargas

    Sell Deadwood like Welbeck, Wilshere, Arteta, Campbell, Sanogo, Oxlade

    THINK BIG. THINK #1. THINK PL and CL, not just FA cup.


    1. It is either u just broke out of a psychiatric hospital or you are plainly high on weed.

      Simples Simples Simples

    1. You make it sound like Arsene Wenger himself hates buying! FFS he just bought Petr Cech- (a big name player from London rivals Chelsea) in a position where the likes of you thought we did not need anymore big name player.

      Last season alone he spent a combined sum of almost 80 million buying 5 players. Can you honestly argue that our consecutive FA cup wins had nothing to do with the two players we’ve acquired for a combined fee of almost 80 million?

      Look, even the manager himself isn’t averse to spending.

  10. I feel the likes of Wilshere and Co who have yet to prove themselves to be world beaters -consistent performers- should be ready to fight for their places in the team. If you can’t fight for a place here at Arsenal, how exactly will you keep benching the superstars at Barca, Madrid or Bayern -and these clubs buy superstar players almost every year.

    If you can’t keep up, Arsenal is not the place for you -today’s Arsenal atleast.

  11. There are so many good players out there to buy. Now that Liverfool made a fool out of City by forcing them to spend 50m for Sterling they will show us deluded fans who keep babbling that there arent many players out there to buy from that actually avaible for the right money.

    City does give no flying fack about spending dirty Arab money. How pathetic is that.

    We need a striker asap. Or someone who can play as a false striker. Reus. Draxler. Bring them in. Manure has Schweini now, and with his help you never know what Manure can turn things into in the future.

  12. This article sums up a dilemma for a lot of Arsenal fans. Torn between competing with the gazillionaires for top transfers or sticking with guys who have been with us for years. Neither is a guarantee of trophies but the former would feel pretty hollow to me. One of the biggest disappointments for me in the PL over the last few years is to see how ManU has turned into noisier neighbours then City. Yeah I hated them ten, fifteen years ago but boy did I admire how they won it. Now? Even my ManU mates aren’t that bothered. Yes the Arsenal way might take longer but, for me, it will taste ten times as sweet when the title comes.

    1. Yes it will taste 10 times as sweet 20 years from now when we win the EPL and I am no more in my 20’s. Rubbish.
      The more we wait, the more the teams below us will catch up and eventually we will fade into obscurity.
      It is worth observing the way the Westham, Stoke, Southampton buy these days and they buy quality. Westham signed Payet and Ogbonna. These are players that can find their way into teams from 3rd and 6th last season.
      We would be foolish to wait. Its why Chelsea and Man City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern etc are eternally looking for players every season to make their teams stronger and provide more competition. This isn’t the era to wait.
      In 2006 when Arsenal started building the Emirates, didn’t Wenger promise that he was building a team for the future with Fabregas, RVP, Adebayor, Clichy, Toure and all those others? Where are they now? Where is that team? They have all been sold. Patience is rubbish at this moment. I was…we had to wait 9 years to experience another trophy. Right now, we buy quality. No more waiting, no more pet projects. Just buying and winning.

      1. An alien or an idiot would read this and think we have bought no-one for a decade. How can you say all that against a background of spending £200M in the last 3 summer transfer windows – more than the entire expenditure between 1999/2000 and 2011/12 seasons. I suppose your answer is we need to spend more and at a faster rate.

  13. Uche, you try. But the Gunners need 2 to 3 top quality additions at some key areas within themselves to efficiently enhanced their last season strength and form which will make them confident at winning the title in the mist of powerful Chelsea, Man City & Man Utd. Even some present and past Gunners like Henry and Cazorla have called for some top quality additions.

  14. Great article Uche….very sensible. judging by da comments most ppl here didn’t even bother. It’s all buy this buy that without considering stability. its sad really some comments here

    1. Uche, I’m a big fan of your articles- always reek of class, just like The Arsenal. Thumbs up, man!!!

  15. Jones town…
    I find your views so far fetched and naive.
    No matter what you will never admit the truth. You have being doing this for the longest. It can’t be coincidence that so many people come on this site and say the same thing about needing a better cf because giroud is not good enough to score 20 prem goals in a season. And that we need more strength to add to dm. I don’t hear United fans saying rooney is rubbish or chelsea fans saying Costa is rubbish or city fans saying aguero is rubbish, forget Liverpool because we all know balo is rubbish. However jones town it is time to get real. So if it’s not progressive please leave your silly suggestions out

  16. I have a serious question mark on a few people like jones town and unche on whether you are really arsenal fans or some spurs fans who come on here to wine people up with their silly comments

  17. Jones town you have an hidden agenda and would love to know why you are determined to persuade the massive that Arsenal should not strengthen with quality .And that king giroud is a star in the making. Giroud is West ham quality and anyone who knows the art of football can see that apart from you. I have noticed you for many transfers talk the same rubbish and what ever you say is never justified as each time you say we have enough to win prem but we never do due to weak links within our squad ie giroud

  18. To me we neeed one signing and that is Schneiderlin and al pieces will fall into place. Coquelin has been great for us, especially on a defensive role but with him we need to play 4-2-3-1 as Cazorla is needed to build up play. You notice his importance with the amount of touches he does. Schneiderlin would brings us still good defensive qualities but he is more of a play maker type than Coquelin. This gives us the opportunity to play 4-4-2 diamond and move back to 4-2-3-1 when needed for defensive reasons all with the same players.

    4-2-3-1 would look like.

    Bel, Gab, Per, Mon
    Schneid, Car
    Ram, Oz, Alexis

    4-4-2 Diamond
    Bel, Gab, Per, Mon
    Ram Car
    Walcott, Alexis

    The ability to play 4-4-2 will allow us to have more goals however I can’t see that happen Coquelin (yes I do like him). 4-4-2 also allows us to rotate our strikers a lot more.

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