Arsenal’s impressive stats against the Big Six highlight our massive progress in 2023/24

Well, Arsenal didn’t exactly put on a show, but they did manage to secure a 1-0 victory over Manchester United, which is their second win against them since 2006. Although they have reservations about how they achieved it, Arsenal fans are pleased with the result and the urgent 3 points.

Nevertheless, that game marked a significant turning point for this Arsenal team. Arsenal has pulled off an impressive feat by going undefeated against the traditional Big Six teams. Arsenal’s recent victory against Manchester United adds to their impressive record this season, having avoided defeats against Liverpool, Manchester City, Spurs, and Chelsea. This display of dominance indicates progress. If you aspire to be the best, you must beat the so-called best. Now that it’s possible to beat the best of the best, it’s important to focus on not losing to inferior opponents or even resurgent teams.

Arsenal go a full season unbeaten, home and away, against the ‘traditional big six’ in the Premier League:

✅ 3-1 v Liverpool (h)
🤝 1-1 v Liverpool (a)
✅ 5-0 v Chelsea (h)
🤝 2-2 v Chelsea (a)
✅ 1-0 v Man City (h)
🤝 0-0 v Man City (a)
🤝 2-2 v Spurs (h)
✅ 2-3 v Spurs (a)
✅ 3-1 v Man United (h)
✅ 0-1 v Man United (a)

However it ends, this team is special.

Other than that, this Arteta Arsenal team has just achieved an impressive achievement, setting a new club record for the most wins in a 38-league season. Arsenal’s victory against Manchester United marked their 27th win of the season, the highest number they have achieved since the start of the Premier League. They also broke the Invincibles record of the most goals scored in a season for the Gunners.

Additionally, the victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford should also mark the start of a shift in the storyline at the Theatre of Dreams. Ever since 2006, Arsenal have only managed to secure a single victory at Old Trafford. However, this recent win could mark the beginning of a promising new era for Arsenal’s performances against Manchester United. The victory against Manchester United might not have been eye-catching, but our Gunners managed to secure the points, and that’s what really counts.

Ultimately, Arsenal have done a great job this season, maintaining their title challenge. It’s really impressive. It was truly infuriating how they disintegrated in the final weeks of last season and lost the league by a mere five points. Many Arsenal fans are optimistic about winning the league, but even if they don’t, they should still be proud and maintain a positive attitude, considering that the title is Manchester City’s to lose.

The silver lining is in how they’ve portrayed themselves this season. You could see they have in them the ability to win titles and trophies; they just need the first one to open the floodgates. Their record-breaking, strategic decision-making, overall growth, and maturity are evident. It’s clear that this team is on the rise. Arsenal continues to improve, and with another successful transfer window ahead we should see another marked improvement next season.

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  1. Arteta has done a great job beyond every shadow of doubt. This for me is the best Arsenal team since 2003/2004 season and the gafa deserves all the accolades he can get.

    But, as sad as it may sound, all this pjmight be quickly forgotten if we don’t bag the title and I am 60% sure we will. Tottenham Vs Man City is going to be a 1x game tonight. But Everton, will be a bloody fixture.

  2. Surely things has never looks so good as phase four comes to an end.
    It argues well for the final phase to begin.

  3. Just hurts that the spuds celebrated 4 times playing against us …….. they’re too small a club to ever celebrate against us.

    Proof that they aren’t in T6 is them beating City tonight. Otherwise they’re overrated to be in T6

  4. To overcome City the margins are so small. A loss at the wrong time can change everything.

    To play and produce like we have this year, many would think we would end the season Champions.

    As fantastic as we have been, City have been better.

    It is remarkable to me that after all the clean sheets, goals scored, goal difference, and best defense in the league, it may not be enough.

    I’m happy with our progress this year, and hopefully this Summer we make the final few transfer decisions to get over the top.

    Must be ruthless if we want to be Champs. Not just in transfer market, but also in the squad. Competition to decide who plays, not sentiment.

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