Arsenal’s incredible 7-game winning run sees 31 goals and 11 different scorers

7 straight wins and 31 goals scored

Mikel Arteta and his Arsenal squad seem to be on a roll at the moment and are in incredible form as we approach the most important part of the season. Winning our last 7 Premier League games in a row and scoring a massive 31 goals in those 7 games is an achievement in itself, but when you sit back and look at the big picture, it is more than just the goals, it’s the fact that the whole teams seem to be united and working together as one, sharing the goals around and bringing the best out of each other.

Other than our loss in the Champions League away against FC Porto, Arsenal have not put a foot wrong and have been approaching games with such confidence that they can and will win games without any trouble. Coming away with some of the most dominant wins we’ve seen in the league this season and becoming the first team to win 7 games in a row in this campaign.

The FA Cup loss to Liverpool seemed to spark something inside this team and the manager and ever since, we have looked unstoppable. I know a few people might want to be negative and say other than the 3-1 win against Liverpool, we have been facing “lower level” teams but with the pure dominance of how we’ve been playing I don’t think that matters. When a team starts to win games consistently, no matter who they’re facing, it brings a level of confidence to a team, and you want that feeling again and again.

Arsenal have come away with some pretty hefty score lines over the past 2 months and have shown we’re dangerous once we get going. For me Arsenal are the type of team who show you what kind of game you can expect them to play in the first 10 minutes of  game and lately these early goals look to have instilled a level of confidence I haven’t really seen us have in a very, very long time and I might be getting ahead of myself a bit and considering how quickly things changed last season maybe that isn’t a good idea, but I can really see us going all the way this season and lifting the Premier League trophy.

Arsenal have not only scored 31 goals but they’ve had 11 different goal scorers in the last 7 games, which is unreal when you really think about it. It shows that this team is working together perfectly and not relying on just one or two players to win a game, instead the goals have been shared around and everyone seems to be getting involved when and where they can.

We move onto to facing Brentford on the weekend at The Emirates and will hope to walk away with our 8th Premier League victory in a row.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae

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  1. Not to be a doom and gloom merchant as I am a half glass full person rather then a half empty but this run means nothing come the end of the season if we fall short and don’t see it over the line
    I beleive MA and the team have a stronger mentality due to the out come of last season.
    If we keep playing the way we are then I expect more wins then loses
    compared to last season season where we only won 3 out of the last 9 games and come.up short.
    We win the next 11 and the title is ours but that is a tall order but not impossible as we have some big games ahead if us and I liked what MA said was sheffield is done and we look to our next match Brentford and game by game.
    Lots more points to be won and lost and not just us but the also the 2 above us amd the 2 below us.
    Let’s see in 11 games time how we end the season but I am optimistic that we can finish head of the pack
    Onwards a d upwards

    1. so none of the great moments and fantastic goals mean a thing if we don’t win the PL?

      is that right? the fun, the excitement, the tension and build up to every game is just utterly meaningless to you unless we win the PL

      I have news for you, there are 100 teams in league football and one lifts the PL trophy, for the other 99 is everything before that meaningless?

      and you call yourself ‘glass half full’, upside down I fear

      very sad

      1. i stand by what i said
        being in the moment as a fan such as against Sheffield, WH etc. there is not a better feeling in the world but if i take last season as an example.
        we had some unbelievable moments. great goals, great games but it feels flat come the end of the season when we didnt win it
        i have news for you…
        yes fans of 99 teams at the start of the season expect there team even if it is 1% to win the title , get promoted, win the FA cup
        as fans for the past 20 years now we still have expected to win the league at the start of the season, even though we know deep down it wont be possible at times but we still expect
        as fans we all live for the win
        this season i expect and hope we have the moments and the title as it always feels better together rather then just the moments.

        onwards and upward

  2. Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City seem to be one level above other EPL teams this season. Unfortunately, Arsenal slipped and the other two title contenders didn’t

    We can only hope Man City beat Liverpool, then Arsenal beat Man City. If we win the other games in this scenario, we would win EPL

    1. gai, To claim ONLY we have slipped but Pool and Ciy have not slipped, is plainly untrue.
      All three have lost points and each point lost at elite title chasing level is a slip!
      I do wish you had the intellect to write in detailed accuracy instead of in untrue cliches!

    2. GAI
      do hope you are well
      just to point out
      city have not won a game against any of the top 5 this season
      Pool- drew , us- lost , Villa – lost and Spuds -drew
      still got to play all the above and if they maintain current form against the above as they have in the past then there are a lot more points they will drop

      onwards and upwards

  3. Have seen enough to know that Arsenal has come a long way and has done well this campaign,
    Arsenal should not be judged by winning the league this season, to lifts that big ears mug one has to be playing top football and to a great degree sheer luck at times

    Only the unknown factor of a say Zidane could ever replace the gaffer at this moment in time, and even then thats a gamble no shrewd business would take.

  4. I am, really happy with our current streak and long may it continue.

    However, all these goals will mean nothing if we will drop points and lose the league by points. Superior GD is handy but winning by any means necessary, is the essential thing.

    So let’s continue momentum and dismantle Brentford. Then it’s Porto and make it break it against City at the end of March. We cannot lose that match..

  5. All those goals could be really useful. We have the best goal difference. You never know if that will come into play at the end.

    That said, this weekend is Liverpool vs City, so it would be nice if that ends in a draw

    But it won’t mean much if we don’t beat Brentford

    We also play City soon

    All we can do is try our best to win every match and hope for the best but we are still very much in the race

    1. Stephanie, Looking at how both City and Liverpol are currently either mostly fit, for City, or still suffering many key injuries , for Liverpool, I suggest we need Liverpool to deny City even one point by beating them.

      IF, WHICH IS NOT THE CASE, Liverpool were not devastated by multiple injuries, I WOULD want City to win But I foresee Liverpool dropping many points anyway twixt now and seasons end but not likewise with City.

      So I hope and pray for Liverpool to beat City this weekend! Realism!

  6. What ever our league position at the end of the season, this run of victories will ever be savored for years to come.

    We have played ‘tappy tappy’ before but never at this level of speed and precision.

    Bill Shankly’s team lost to Arsenal in the 1971 Cup Final but as we went backwards so his team went forward and dominated the 70s playing 6 in attack and 4 in defense or 6 in defense and four in attack free flowing football.

    It was great to watch but what we are seeing now is miles and miles better because its Arsenal. 🙂

  7. I hate that yellow strip with a passion but they have won plenty of games in it. So shouldn’t complain.

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