Arsenal’s injury curse strikes again!

On a day when Arsenal fans should be celebrating our elevation back into the Top Four (and back above Tottenham) we are instead discussing a woeful performance against a Leicester side that are rock bottom of the Premier League. The Gunners DID manage to hang on to take the barely-deserved three points but yet again we have seen a couple of injuries to knock us off our stride.

Arsene Wenger is particularly worried about Aaron Ramsey, who only managed to stay on the field for seven minutes after coming on as a substitute for Theo Walcott. “It’s the disappointment of the night,” Wenger said on TalkSport. “To see him come off after seven minutes is very difficult.

“I rested him today because I wanted to be cautious with him. In the end I brought him on, I thought 20 minutes might be ok for him, but it’s difficult to swallow, that.

“We need his energy level and his quality and it’s difficult to lose him like that.

“I don’t know how bad it is. He’s not overplayed. Since he’s had these problems I’ve been more cautious.

“But it doesn’t look good. He had a recurrence a few times, it’s difficult to know why…it’s worrying because it is a muscular injury but the fact he had to stop straight away is not a good sign.”

We also saw Alexis sustain a nasty knock to the knee in the first half, although Wenger persisted with the Chilean hitman until his usual substitutions 20 mins from the end of the game. “Alexis Sanchez does not look bad, a kick on the knee,”

“At half-time I wanted to take Alexis off, but he said ‘no, I’m ok’, but he was not himself from that moment. I don’t know if he will be out.”

Sanchez later posted on Twitter a rather cryptic message which appears to suggest he may have made the injury worse by carrying on in the second half. His post said: “Sometimes the love for the game and anxiety to be on a football pitch works against you”

Well we will just have to wait for confirmation of Alexis’ status, but with just three points now separating third place and Liverpool in seventh, we really could do without any more injuries to our best players. Fingers crossed for Alexis!

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  1. there’s something wrong with our med staff or the type of players we buy . those things we can control.
    then there’s things we cant control: the refs being against us, letting hacks go, and other teams know they need to hack us to stop us (and that if they do, the refs will let it go ).

    1. I’m not convinced it’s a problem with the players we buy. Look at Özil’s injury record before he joined us, it’s near perfect. Debuchy’s is very good too. Both of them have been plagued with injuries since joining though…

  2. What a horrible game by the ref…
    The handball that turned into a goal? The yellow for Giroud? The over all bullying of Arsenal? Im not even sorry to say, but mr Mike Jones, you are a bell-end!

      1. Why is it our players get booked for a first foul but opposition can kick lumps out of our boys – like Upson on Sanchez. Remember Gary Cahill’s 2 footed challenge on Alexis in Chelski game, which was in front of the ref and no action taken.
        If you look back at videos it seems many opposition players have tried to kick Alexis out of the game.
        I think standard of refereeing is getting worse and worse.

  3. wenger cld hv sub sanchez out earlier rather than letting him play for 25mins into 2nd half….

    now hes out for 2 mths…..its over

  4. Good god, it’s not a curse it’s called bad management. Every soft tissue injury is preventable. I implore you to read up on some sports science and actually gather an understanding of this.

    Sick of hearing about “curses” and “bad luck”, it’s bad management either from a medical perspective, or from Wenger ignoring the medical perspective. The ignorance is astounding.

  5. Arsene Wenger looks like a tit in a trance on the touchline. He looks like a lost schoolbov
    looking for his mum.He needs help to find his way back to his seat. Roll on the end of his contract.

  6. Arteta Wilshere Ramsey !!!.
    Thank goodness we have Diaby 🙂
    If Sanchez is out we have
    Chamberlain Podolski and Sanogo 🙂

  7. “I always believe every injury can be avoided,” Martinez told the Daily Mail in 2012. “I don’t believe in soft-tissue injuries. If you get a soft-tissue injury in football, a mistake has been made.”

    So why do Arsenal get so many of these injuries? Antiquated training methods (ask ray parlour) or inept psychotherapy and General medical treatment and recovery?

    Whatever it is the story repeats itself. Even with new wunder medical staff we still have the same old problems. This leads me to believe the problem lies with AWs training methods that are as Ray said ‘5 years behind everyone else” (I paraphrase).

  8. Come on though. Does Wenger really think that Sanchez, of all people, is “okay” when he says he’s “okay”?

    Alexis could be blind with no legs but still find a way to run up to AW and yell “Listos Wenger!”

  9. We will know more about Ramsey and Sanchez injuries from the boss Gunners up-dates and from his weekly press conference tomorrow or next. Let us thank God for winning the match yesterday and collected all the 3 points at stake. It has not been easy for the Gunners in their games in the last 2 games they ‘ve played in 4 days.

  10. Its a bummer for Ramsey- but we have a big squad- and we cannot use that as any excuse. For me, he struggles to make the starting line-up

    So I wish him well- but lets push on!

  11. Pretty angry that Alexis was relentlessly targeted last night, as he has been by other clubs, not just Leicester, yet the referee did sweet nothing about it. In actual fact he gave Giroud a yellow card for being in a place he was legally allowed to be in, much more than he ever for the relentless attacks on Alexis, which didn’t even warrant a free kick!

    The PGMO should be called to account for the apparent lack of action by some if not most referees, and action should be taken if they are found lacking.

    1. Now Mourinho has stuck his head above the parapet for consistent double standards in refereeing other people should weigh in as well. It was right for Costa to get a ban, but so many other offences, for which video evidence exists are simply overlooked.

  12. WENGER should man up, it doesn’t matter how Super Star SANCHEZ is for the Club, he should not have risked bringing him in for the second half, that was foolish from both WENGER and SNACHEZ, darn!!! was not a DERBY or playing a top team, was against LEICESTER , that YES had a great game, but we had plenty of players that could have taken SANCHEZ place.

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