Arsenal’s defensive injury problems are making things hard for Emery

The Gunners have always suffered badly with injury problems, but sure it is not really normal for us to have so many Arsenal players on the treatment table after just one game!

The result from Unai Emery’s pre-game conference looked like this…..

Ainsley Maitland-Niles
Ainsley has sustained a small fracture to his left fibula and will be out for six to eight weeks.

Carl Jenkinson
Carl has sustained a significant sprain to his right ankle and will be out for six to eight weeks.

Sead Kolasinac
Sead has a left knee injury. We are aiming for him to return to training in October.

Laurent Koscielny
Right Achilles tendon repair. We are aiming for Laurent to return to training in November.

Nacho Monreal and Danny Welbeck
Both players are in full training.

Emery’s main job when he arrived was to tighten up Arsenal’s defence, but it looks like all of our injuries are defenders, nominally at least!). The good news is that Nacho Monreal is back in training, but I doubt very much whether he will be fir for the Chelsea game, and I guess it is possible that Danny Welbeck could fill in at left-back…

All we can hope for is that Emery’s new backroom boys can work to change our terrible record with injuries but do you think that is possible?

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    Bad injury record that has plaguing Arsenal for many years shows that something is not right at the management level. I’m afraid that this would continue as long as Kroenke and Gazidis are managing the club

    And selecting Welbeck as a left full back in a tough away match is a crazy idea, unless they want to play with a three-CB formation with Welbeck as the attacking wing back

    The good thing about Welbeck is he is good in duels, with fluctuating results. Emery would most likely use Lichtsteiner anyway

    1. kev says:

      Hoping that idea of Welbeck playing LB never comes to fruition.How many wingers will relish the chance to have a go at him 1v1 will be very painful.
      I just hope it never happens.I was hoping Maitland-Niles would get his chance at CM this season.
      That duo of Niles Torreira would be been a real force if you look at the qualities of both players.That to me is easily the best partnership we can have this season though most won’t see it due to Niles’ age and lack of enough games to judge.
      Kolasinac getting injured forced him to be moved to LB which denied him his chance and then eventually getting injured is the most “Arsenal” thing to happen.Shame really.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Yeah I like how Maitland-Niles and Guendouzi play

        They often win on one-on-one situation and this is the type of player Arsenal need

        1. Declan says:

          Oh dear, AMN breaks leg and it’s Kroenke and Gazidis fault.
          Is the injury to De Bruyne the fault of the Arab owners?
          Is the injury to Wanyama down to Levy?
          Get a grip @gotanidea.

  2. jon fox says:

    The only injuries that matter right now are AMN and Kolas. Monreal is fit but just not match tight yet. JENKS IS EFFECTIVELY GONE ALREADY AND WOULD ONLY PLAY IN A DIRE EMERGENCY ANYWAY. Koscielny may or may not ever play again for us and I, for one , have already disregarded him as a future player. We are still very short of quality overall and I expect no miracles UNTIL Emery can finally get his own men in and Wengers dross out, which will take two full years, esp with our owner and the army of supermoths protecting his wallet. It strongly looks like we will be fighting to hold on to sixth place, to my realistic mind and though we have SOME chance of a higher finish, that depends entirely on Spuds, United coming back to our standard, rather than the other way round. I see City as clear Champs with Liverpool second and probably Chelsea third. I am already concentrating , apart from our own results, primarily on Uniteds and Spuds who are the only ones in top five last season , that we have a hope in hell of finishing above. Even that is unlikely. Realism , remember. I do not blame Emery one bit and know that given sensible time we will regain top- four or above. But miracles are for fantasists only judging by their ridiculous comments on here recently. A EUROPA TROPHY THOUGH IS A REAL POSSIBILITY.

    1. gotanidea says:

      If you paid attention, Koscielny made some mistakes in offside traps when he was playing with Mertesacker

      His playing style is similar to Mustafi’s and he made more errors/ lost in duels once he begun to lose his speed

      Unfortunately Arsenal did not purchase any towering CB to replace him, otherwise they could be more dangerous in set-pieces

      1. jon fox says:

        What are you talking about? I never mentioned Koscielnys mistakes or said he didn’t make them, though I agree he made many. Your other thoughts are correct but MY POST DID NOT SAY DIFFERENTLY, as you would know, if YOU paid attention.

    2. Uchman says:

      untill emry gives us more than 3 league titles, more than 7 fa cups and more than 7 community shiels,more golden trophies,, beats weger’s 49 matches unbeaten run,wins the champions league , gives us more than 20 years consecutive champions league football, offer us the best brand of football in the league, built a better stadium than the emirate stadium and also build the best training centre with the best facilities in the country , give us better legends than Henry, viera ,kanu, petit, overmers, pires, Freddie, ture,campbel, edu, Gilberto Silva, cecs, rosicky, help, flamini, ozil, Sanchez, Lehman etc, increase our yearly turnover from 400m pounds to 1b pounds,give us a better head to head count against every team in English football, make us the richest and the most valuable club in Engand, then arsene wenger will still remain the best thing that has ever happened to arsenal FC, no amount of propaganda ,abuse, banter and lies will change facts and truths, wenger will still remain the smartest manager in epl history and will still remain the most successful manager in the history of afc,

      1. Phil says:

        Yeah I thought exactly the same driving back home last season from FOREST 4-2 BRIGHTON 3-1 SWANSEA 3-1 WATFORD 2-1 CITEH 3-1 3-0 3-0 LIVERPOOL 4-0 etc etc etc etc etc etc

        1. Durand says:

          Phil you forgot the 10-2 humiliation Bayern put on us After Robbin and others were commenting we were pushovers before both legs.

          Uchman also forgot to credit Wenger for 20yrs CL with no trophy, how soft we have become, lack of leaders and real men in the club, 8 yrs with no DM b/c Wenger’s stubbornness, and how he eagerly went along with Kronke for £8 million a year.

          Lastly Kronke built stadium not Wenger; Arsene towed the company line for his paycheck. Also noticed how PL has some of world’s best coaches ( more than just Sir Alex) Wenger hasn’t done so well has he? Seeing how we’re being honest and talking facts right Uchman?

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            If George Graham had 20 goes at the Champions League,I’ll guarantee you we’d have at least three under our belt.

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Uchmann, who on here has been comparing Unai Emery after one premiership match coaching Arsenal, with Arsene Wenger who was manager of Arsenal for 22 years?
            Please get a grip.

        2. ken1945 says:

          Uchman, the last two years of Wenger’s reign was a disaster.
          There is no longer any point in keep referring to the same statistics as everyone knows what happened.
          I am, like you, a Wenger man, but what point are you trying to make?
          Have your own thoughts and memories, but it really is time to move on.
          We have a new manager who has arrived with the intent to make our club everything that you want us to be again.
          Get behind him and watch him take us forward. He is not Wengers enemy, so support him and the club.

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            As a big Wenger man that you are Ken, that was an excellent statement and incredible backing for the new manager but more importantly Arsenal Football Club. A true Gooner.

          2. Phil says:

            Durand-I was in floods of tears as I was writing and ended up with the etc etc.Just too painfull.
            Kenny-You know I never thought of that re GG but post 1991 he had everything in that squad to take us to another level.That was some team.Shame how it ended
            Ken 1945-The voice of reason as always

          3. Durand says:

            Ken1945 my friend let me say that was the best comment I have read from you. No one can doubt your feelings to our club; past, present, and future. Bravo my friend, honesty, integrity, and passion, well done.

          4. Uchman says:

            I support emry wholeheartedly bro @ Ken, and I want him to succeed, but it’s Terrible how the likes of Jon and Phil troll wenger all day even when he’s no longer here, We all know he had Very difficult season, may be the contracts of our two highest profile players to an extent afectec the team. but is it enough to eraze the amazing 20 years he gave us, the highest hypocrisy is expecting him to win like Barcelona with d budget of Aston Villa, for 22 years he’s net spend was slightly above 2000m pounds while man city is over 1b pounds in that period man u and Chelsea has over 900m poundsdo I need to say that wenger inherited a worse team than emry, wenger inherited a team that finished 12th in 1995 ,an ageing team with very terrible drinking and illl disciplined attitudes, but he changed the whole thing and achieved results, if I may ask what is d rational on bringing the likes lich and sokratis? to achieve instant glory or to build? those signings r ridiculous signings players u will lay off after one or two seasons? common, let’s be realistic here, I told pple here, every thing we rejected Under wenger will be acceptable when he left alot of pplehere believes that the only trophies that matters is d league and the champions league, sooo any other thing outside these two becomes failures!!!

          5. ken1945 says:

            Uchman, if you read the postsof those you see as ‘anti Wenger’ fans, they really are not trying to take the man’s record away, or even belittling him.
            I have to admit it took me a long time to realise this myself because I was so intent on defending the great man.
            You really need to believe this also and accept that every fan has a view of his own regarding every aspect of AFC.
            I don’t think that anyone will match Wenger’s successes, but if, say, Emery does produce a great winning team, won’t you celebrate?
            That doesn’t change our history under ANY of our managers, but does take OUR fantastic club to further glory…. isn’t that what Arsene would want and celebrate?
            Let’s both enjoy this new chapter and also agree to celebrate the successful times and acknowledge the faults of Arsene.
            No man is perfect, but those first ten years were so close to it and we were so very lucky to be part of it.

      2. jon fox says:


      3. GunnerJack says:

        Uchman what on earth has your post got to do with the article, entitled ‘Arsenal injury problems…’? Why do you keep ramming your love of Wenger down our throats? In fact what does your love of Wenger have to do with anything at all these days?
        Please stop dreaming and try to get a grip on reality. If you can’t then please spare us your wild ramblings. Thank you.

    3. gearoid de burca. says:

      fantastic !, mr. fox. well written , could not agree more with you sir.

    4. Namo says:

      Thanks Jon for your realistic comments. Not all Nigerians are fantasists though. I strongly agree with your opinion that city are Still favourites, followed by Liverpool. I’m hoping that Mourinho messes up the dressing room at United and drops out of top4 and that the lack of signings at Spurs, takes its toll on the team. Realistically though, our easiest route to UCL football might still be the Europa League trophy.

      1. jon fox says:

        Namo, It is true that not all Nigerians are fantasists and I never said they were. What I said was that most on here who are fantasists are Nigerians. A totally different statement, as I know you will agree. All fantasists are people; not all people are fantasists. A key difference! I am pleased that you are not one.

  3. Jaydawg says:

    The weak are already showing after a few months come Christmas there will be a lot more injuries. Their bodies are not used to being pushed as Wenger was a soft touch thus resulting in the players being sofies. Time for the team to man up and readjust their bodies. Up to them to rest more instead of partying. Eat better instead of a shitty diet. And more stretching and takeing care to be at peak performance.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Jaydawg what diet are you referring to?
      The one that players such as Tony Adams were convinced helped them to further their career?
      The one that every other premier league team took on in one form or another as they realised its benefits?
      Or the drinking culture diet that was prevelant in the club before Wenger arrived?
      Stretching and taking care to be at peak performance … what a simplistic world you live in, wonder if the other premier league clubs have thought of this?
      Come Christmas and Wenger will have been gone for six months, how long do you think it should take professional footballers to be pushed and readjust their bodies?
      My guess is as long as it’s convenient to keep using Wenger as a scapegoat if anything goes wrong with the new regime.

      1. Declan says:

        Jaydawg exactly what diet stops you breaking a leg?

        1. ozziegunner says:

          ?? ken and Declan.

      2. Jaydawg says:

        Lol beleive it or not I was a fan of Wenger and thought he stayed a season too long so don’t tar me with that brush.

        Don’t be fooled by thinking all footballers stick to a good diet. Just because Wenger introduced a different way of eating 22 years ago doesn’t mean every footballer eats good. Don’t be nieve in thinking a footballer wouldn’t sit on the sofa with the misses and have a take out. Or get smashed up on the weekend with his mates and have a kebab. These guys are human beings. I could tell you I know a handful of pros but u wouldn’t believe me. Believe me after training and matches they are normal people.

        Young players smoke weed and drink with their mates as all youths do and experiment. Not all footballers do this. So to think none of the arsenal players have a bad diet outside of the club or don’t live their lives is a silly assumption. Case in point I am 100% certain marouane chamakh had the worst diet ever. O yeah he played under Wenger.

        I don’t have the time to debate unfortunately as I’d love to. I am also a bit ashamed that I couldn’t put more time in to pointing to more facts rather than just making a passing comment.

        As for stretching, yeah ok impact injuries can’t be helped. But muscular and injuries to tendons and ligaments can. Dedicating time outside of training to stretches and yoga helps. I bet all that I own majority of footballers don’t do this I know they don’t. Players like Giggs and Ronaldo do. Players now don’t give a f they earn far too much money to care and just want to floss and a lot don’t even love footy they are just talented sportsmen and women

  4. Grandad says:

    Spot on John Fox

  5. Promison01 says:

    Its normal for players to be injured, it happens at some point to every club,arsenal fans just tend to shout over the rooftop. Stephen will cover at left back as he did against city and by next week Monreal should be match fit. There’s no cause for alarm,we all should stick together and support the team,manager and trust them

    1. ken1945 says:

      Promison01, such a sensible post regarding injuries to ALL clubs.
      Nothing to do with owners, boards, ex managers, diets, current players, ex players or even playing styles.
      I do believe that our refereing standards are a cause of some injuries, as I believe we have the worst band of men in black that I have ever seen.
      That’s why I cannot agree with your point that Arsenal fans shout louder than others for no reason.
      Eduardo, Ramsey and as recently as Sunday, AMN.

      1. jon fox says:

        Much truth in what you say. However, our long term injury record under WeNGER WAS FAR , FAR WORSE THAN AVERAGE, SEASON AFTER SEASON. NOT BECAUSE OF DIET OR NOT STRETCHING but overplaying the same players instead of more rotation. Also leaving subs , other than early injury, as late as 70th minute , consistently, when players needed replacing earlier. I notice Emery took off Ramsey in the 54 th minute. Oh Joy! A manager not in thrall to the bl..dy 70th minute! LASTLY kEN, i WILL KEEP MENTIONING wEnger whenever I need to in order to make comparisons to Emery. You want US to forget WeNGER. But we can’t until all his dross is gone and new methods up and working, which will take sensible time. To pretend WeNGER DID NO DAMAGE IS NOT HONEST. You cannot airbrush the last dreadful years NOR the first decade of glory. Both are relevant still.

        1. ken1945 says:

          Jon, you can mention Arsene Wenger as many times as you want.
          Why do you think that would bother me?
          I want every single Arsenal fan to be aware of the greatest manager ever at the club.
          His trophy winning success has only been bettered by AF.
          Your ranting and raving about substitutions and their timing in a game are a complete irrelevance.
          I have to laugh when you mention the dross that has to go and yet our new manager has given new contracts to Xhaka, Iwobi and Bellerin, three of your dross examples.
          He wants Ramsey to sign a new contract and he sees Mustafi as part of his squad.
          I have more faith in Emery than you seen to have Jon.

          If I was as embittered as you seem to be I would be asking our new manager these questions in a cynical manner.
          WHY did he get his tactics completely wrong on Sunday?
          WHY did he not select players in their correct position?
          WHY did he not play his new signings, who were obviously fit as they were on substitute bench?
          Cynical? Yes, because that is what you accused Wenger of doing, but for some unaccountable reason haven’t mentioned/commented on.
          Finally the absolutely ridiculous statement that our injuries were down to overplaying.
          One minute you say that Wenger was soft and the next minute you accuse him overplaying these’weedy’players who have no fight and should have been rotated.
          I have to say Jon, your comments are up and down like a yoyo, but when you feel the need to compare the differences between Emery and Wenger, please also show the examples of their joined up thinking.
          After all, I’m sure you want to be seen as being fair and considerate in your continued education of fans such as me.

  6. Albert Mutinda says:

    Petr Cech will start vs Chelsea…. we’re doomed

  7. goonervishrut says:

    Arsenal lose to Man City, people say we’ll be lucky to make top 6 while Chelsea beat Huddersfield and everyone says that Chelsea are one of the title contenders… Football punditry at its best….

    1. jon fox says:

      I have seen NO ONE who has said on here that Chelsea are serious title contenders. Where is your evidence for your claim?

  8. GanjaMan says:

    Jesus some Arsenal fans need to get behind the team and coaching staff. Did you really think we were going to be world beaters over night? The best thing to come out of this is with a coach the caliber of Emery we will finally see the players who should not be donning our kits. 20 of the 25 man squad I’ve counted on are from Arsene Wenger’s era the other 5 we literally just signed. The key word is “TIME” which I’m completely onboard with giving Unai Emery. If things start to not go the way you like at some point during the early days of the season, instead of complaining ask why the great Aaron Ramsey hasn’t committed yet which some happily place him in their starting lineup over and over again. Constructive criticism is ok but point it in the right direction and stop being so thick.

    1. Me says:

      There is no time to give him time.
      Its a results based industry – you lose out on CL football you lose out on tens of millions of pounds of revenue and you fail to sign top players that will keep you competitive – just like we are.
      Its not the Ferguson-Wenger era when there was only two competitive teams and you had time to develop teams. There are now eight teams who are competitive and if you don’t hit the ground running you find yourself trying to catch up.
      Arsenal are not very good under pressure and a more likely to fall further behind like the 35+ points we finished behind City last season.
      Emery understands all of this.
      This is not a bedding in season – he fails and I expect him to be removed.
      Unfair but thats Premiership football…

    2. jon fox says:

      Well said! Realism writ large! Oh joy!

  9. Innit says:

    Cech is not the problem. He is still a good keeper. The mistake he made against City was listening to Emery’s instructions. He should have gone with his instincts and his usual way of keeping. I think Emery understands that now and will give Cech his freedom

  10. Me says:

    The more things change at Arsenal the more they stay the same.
    Our error prone defence against Hazard and Co.
    At Stamford Bridge.
    One good thing is there will be no Costa to bully our defenders
    You simply cannot blame Emery that he has inherited such a poor squad of players but you know he will pay the price.
    Arsenal do not have the resources of PSG or the ethics and technical ability of Sevilla – this will be THE test of his mettle.
    He has a very difficult task on his hands – completely reprogramming the terrible mindset installed by Wenger and competing in the most competitive league in the world with the highest expectations.
    As the expression goes “you can’t polish a turd”

    1. Admin says:

      Yes you can!
      Are you saying that Aubameyang and Lacazette are s**t???
      Are you saying Ozil, Mhkitaryan and Xhaka are rubbish and never been top level performers?
      Are you saying Mustafi hasn’t won a World Cup and Lichtsteiner hasn’t won 7 Serie A titles in a row?
      Et cetera Et cetera!
      I think that it is you that needs your ‘mindset’ reprogramming because you can only criticise and not look for the qualities in front of you…

      1. Me says:

        Are you saying that Xhaka is a good player then?
        You have a good sense of humour.
        Lacazette and Aubameyang are good players.
        Ainsley is a good player
        When I mentioned polishing a turd I was referring to players like Mustafi and Xhaka who are quite honestly not very good.
        You don’t need a mindset to see that – just watch the games…

      2. jon fox says:

        I AM saying that XHAKA plays like a turd! He was a disastrous buy and should be got rid of quickly. In the meantime he should only play in a dire injury crisis. He is useless, as almost ALL on here regularly state. Do they ALL need their minds reprogramming! Eh?

      3. jon fox says:

        Don’t put words that he did NOT say, in his mouth. THAT IS DISHONEST! HE NEVER MENTIONED Ozil, Auba and the others who YOU mentioned. The facts are that Emery inherited a far worse dqwuad than any good manager should EVER hav eto work with. Far worse than the one WENGER INHERITED BACK IN ’96.

  11. Frank Neasey says:

    Jon, you’ve just got to get that keyboard looked at.

  12. Efe iteire says:

    Xhaka in our mid field is the the reason we are playing in the Europa

  13. Sean Williams says:

    I think we will see much the same up and down Arsenal. We were as out of our depth against City that I’ve ever seen us. I do think though the combination of Guendouzi and Torreira will act as base and come good in the future. To me Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding, are poor defenders, Xhaka just not good enough, Ozil gets dejected too much when things aren’t going right, Mkhitaryan is extreme inconsistency, Ramsey is great but his head seems elsewhere. There are way too many players who just are not good enough to play in a team that can challenge for the Premier League. With many other teams signing good players we are depending on our quality pairing of Lacazette, and Aubamayang to produce. This is NOT down to Emery, it is down to ‘Greedy Stan Kroenke’. Because he owns 4 large American clubs and Arsenal, he is purely a collector of clubs and only makes sure they are profit making only. He is a true nightmare owner who used the general feeling that he was American, and Usmanov was tainted, to get his shares. It turns out he is Arsenal’s nightmare. The real job is to get Kroenke to finance a great team or **** off.

  14. Grandad says:

    Well said Sean.Admin Mustafi is no longer in the German squad so to mention him as a “world cup winner” is totally irrelevant to the plight of Arsenal, a club which does not have one top quality defender on the books thanks to our former Manager.

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