Arsenal’s interest in Yannick Carrasco confirmed – By his wife….

Despite Unai Emery confirming that Arsenal will not be buying any players this winter but the fact remains that we could be bringing in some loan signings, hopefully with a possible purchase in the summer. One of these possibilities is the Belgian winger Yannick Carrasco, who is apparently unhappy playing in China. Now his wife, Noemie Happart, has openly spoken on Belgian TV that her husband is actively looking for a way out.

The Mirror reports this morning….

Carrasco is currently plying his trade in China with Dalian Yifang, but is unhappy in the Far East.

Carrasco is currently back in Belgium, ahead of a training camp in Spain, and his wife has told Belgian TV that they are both very open to interest from the Premier League.

Asked about reports linking the ex-Atletico Madrid winger with United and Arsenal, she added: “Yes, they are very interested. I do not hide it, but nothing is signed.”

She also added that she is keen to return to Europe “to be closer to friends and family”.

Carrasco moved to China with his Belgian team-mate Nicolas Gaitan, but it would appear that the culture shock of moving to China after playing for Monaco and Atletico Madrid was never going to be easy, but despite the difficulties he has scored 7 goals in his 26 appearances in the Far East.

Who thinks he would be a good addition to Arsenal? We could certainly do with a real winger on the books…



  1. Belgian team mate? I thought Gaitan was Argentinian! That’s all Arsenal ever do is show interest then the player moves somewhere else! The club is a joke and will stay a joke under Kroenke. It’s gonna take more than 3 transfer windows to fix this message especially when we’re skint to begin with lol

      1. We need a bloody miracle John! More doom & gloom… we should be used to it by now!
        I had a nightmare last night that the score yesterday was 4-0 ??

        1. Sue being an Arsenal fan is a nightmare on its own haha but 4-0 ? Chelsea next week your dreams are gonna get worse ? agreed Sue we do it feels worse than last season and I have a bloody migraine sat with ice on my head ?

          1. Haha oh dear… not a good start to the day, with the frozen peas out ? you’d better get on the blueberry juice and get Robson on the tv!! ??

            1. Haha it’s too early for Robson ? and no blueberry juice either ? not a good start to the weekend at all Sue ? have you noticed Salah is now claiming penalties galore ? Get his goal tally up ? taking a leaf out of the Harry Kane book! I can see Kane scoring 1 or 2 today so him and Salah are gonna be leading the charts ?

              1. Yes I have noticed… a puff of wind would blow him over though ? yes it ain’t looking good for Pierre now, he’s going to rue all those missed chances!!
                I hate to think how later will go… Kane or Sanchez to score.. ? not even sure I want to watch!!

                1. If he didn’t miss so much he would be way out in front and now we have to listen to how good Kane and Salah is ? yeah absolutely he’s made of paper! How did Liverpool and Totts get so far ahead of us? It’s ridiculous, we make more money have a bigger stadium yet we’ve fallen so far behind it’s not even funny ? predictions for the Chelsea game Sue ? I’ll go Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea (just being realistic)

                  1. There was a time when we’d finish above both of them… those days are long gone ?
                    I’m no good with predictions John ? although one good thing is we’ll be in red not green ? we usually play better at home..and after that crap yesterday, they may actually put up a fight… whether it’s enough to win though remains to be seen! My faith in them has taken a bit of a battering lately, but I really hope we win as I detest Chelsea with a passion ?

                    1. You really detest that mint kit don’t you Sue ? I don’t blame you though it is horrible so is that purple thing ? don’t get me wrong I also hate Chelsea but they’re better than us and have a good record at the Emirates we’re just in a mess I really don’t know how we can win that, the confidence must be rock bottom now ? you’ll laugh at this.. I was googling Arsenal transfer news.. transfer news and we don’t have 10p to spend haha old habits die hard ? at least Miki will be back soon it’ll be like a new signing ?

                    2. We’d better get used to this mediocre crap then John!!
                      ? Mkhi like a new signing ? another scorpion kick Maybe?! Although Oli’s was much better!!
                      I’ve given up looking on sky sports transfer news… !!!!

                    3. I think the Scorpion kick days are gone Sue ? Giroud goal was the best of them though ? couldn’t believe article on here admin just said Sokratis was a great addition! Breaking records for goals conceded.. thumped 5 at Anfield on top of that he’s in his 30s now! Any more of that rubbish I’m retiring from Just Arsenal ?

  2. whatever …winger or not….how do you expect to create with no playmaker in the squad…100 mn plus forwards on the field and noone to create…Ozil good or bad…had to be in the squad against west ham…

    1. Dinesh agree 100% we have three play makers two is inured and the other sat on the bench start of the game, UE made a massive mistake by not selecting Aaron to start the game and I don’t care what you say but we are missing Mkhitaryan And with Ozil I gave up long time a go he destroyed my dreams, if we was a serious club we should realy be after Philippe Coutinho rather then letting him join Man-U he will fit right in to our way of playing

  3. Emery has made it clear they are making loan signings, why should we be deceiving ourselves bout Arsenal signing Carasco , cause I surely know the Chinese club won’t let him leave on loan.
    The club lack ambitions we knew that, why deceiving ourselves then.

    1. I wonder what it feels like to be hated by millions of people I must ask Stan Ebanezer Scrooge Kroenke next time I see him in hospital in the children’s ward stealing toys just like he stole my dreams while taking my money in merchandising, gate money and TV revenue

        1. I have but apparently according to my two eldest boys I brought them to life and made them Arsenal suporters so I’m resposable for any of life!s and Arsenals disappointments so I have to pay for their tickets and merchandising for the rest of my life and I have another one growing up fast, lucky for me they haven’t yet asked for season tickets because they think there is still years of waiting list but that’s fast changing ?

  4. I get frustrated when I hear about Arsenal expressing interests in top class players. I get frustrated because they are n’ t ready top spend big money on big players as decision makers’ photos are found on the money they have and when spent it the photos of theirs will be seen across the Glob and they don’t want it that way. I thought Emery would have demanded for more quality players for the promotion of the team back to the champions League. I know that he had been brain watched about the ugly systems of the team. The current owner ,Kronke ,does not care about the happiness of the fans across the World. Therefore, I expect no positive change

  5. Are we linked with him because he will improve our squad or are we linked with him simply because he is cheap?
    You question everything this club does now…

  6. After Unai Emery’s revelation about no money for transfers, I find all Arsenal articles relating to transfers, to be fake news. I am surprised that Just Arsenal has fallen for this type of story as its only purpose is click bate and to give false hope to Arsenal supporters. SMH

    1. Hey we’re talking about a loan for now. And if it’s false it’s not me giving false hope it’s Carrascos wife!

  7. Am very sure we will not sign carrasco he will definitely move to man utd,if only we can sign him,carrasco is arguably better than all the winger in the premier league but I won’t get my hopes up.Sometimes sue I feel sorry for you,I stop getting serious about arsenal since the last 7 years of wenger ,I know the coach have his own issues but I really don’t know what some here expected from the coach,look at the defense they are all wenger signings,the only major signing the coach made in the defense is sokratis and he’s been our best defender,the problem is not the coach the problem is the owner,if arsenal continue like this without spending the coach will leave and we will find it difficult to attract another young and dynamic coach,and to all those who want the coach gone already I hope you won’t come to regret it,not even guardiola can do much with this team,the only good department in this team is the forward,in my own opinion we only have one outstanding midfielder (torrera)an average winger in iwobi who has been doing more and more every match,I read it on espn yesterday that iwobi created more chances at the west ham game than the whole Chelsea midfielders did against Newcastle,we have an average kolasinac who can’t score even when he was put through on goal,tell me what do you expect the coach to do with situations like that,so please let’s give the coach sometime please.this is a reply to Eddie to the last thread about what emery has done so far.

      1. oh and better than all the wingers, i’ve watched him play and he isn’t you know players like Sane and hazard play in the PL? i really don’t rate him and having a football holiday in china doesn’t help!

  8. Arsenal or the biggest joke in world football but the yanks other team the RAMS or going great 1 win from the super bowl final so you know were the money going and it’s not on arsenal like i said stop buying arsenal goods and season tickets for the next 3seasons hit him were it hurts come on the fans lets do it

    1. Unfortunately there is no draft in the EPL and promtion and relegation in the NFL; Kroenke hasn’t worked that out yet.
      The Emirates will be sold for apartments next.

  9. His wife is just trying to get teams interested because she hates it out there. They moved for the money, they got a signing on fee as well as a raise in wages. Now they’re looking for another sign on fee, and she is trying to get more clubs biting, so they can try and out bid one another “for her “signature.

  10. Yawn, Yawn, Yawn…..yet another transfer rumour. Confirmed by his wife….hahahahahahaha, laughable…..

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