Arsenal’s internationals The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

Internationals. How did our boys Do? By Galen.

It has been a good week of International football for most of the Arsenal players. I watched a few games to see how they fared and, like always, you are impressed with some and disappointed with others. Where do I start with —– oh yeahhhh…

The Good
Rambo: Yes he was fantastic against Belgium playing the entire 90 mins,c ompeting against the likes of Witsel and Naingolan who are top quality midfielders. Wales are the team of the qualifiers for me. Very impressed.

Ozil: He went assist crazy in Germany’s 7 -0 victory against Gibraltar. He had 3 assists and created numerous chances for his teammates. I have to say I have never ever ever seen a footballer as generous as this guy. He could have scored at least 2 goals but he is a perfectionist and he walked the ball into the net instead.

Jack : Super super jack. Well he bossed England and lifted his team when Slovenia were in control. He has improved so much defensively and is very aggressive. The goals were orgasmic . He is also benefiting from the fact that the team is built around him. he has been Man of the Match for England in his last 5 internationals. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Cazorla: Played the Xavi role in Spain’s victory against Belarus. What’s there not to like about him; passing, dribbles, skills, composure, he’s got it all. An underrated player. I still don’t believe we signed him for £13m. Give Arsene a knighthood!

Alexis: Great start to his Copa America. He was full of energy and made those great runs. A fantastic run and assist for the second goal. Played the entire 90 mins.

The OK
Gibbs: Played the entire 90 mins and had a decent game for England.
Rosicky: Played the entire 90 mins of Czech republic loss to Iceland.
Campbell: Well I can’t really blame him. When you play against Spain you barely ever get to touch the ball. He still created an assist for the opener.
Carl and Chambers: They both played well for England in the under 21 friendly. Chambers played at CB while Carl was at RB

The Bad
Bossielny. Former French international Lizarazu said that the Boss and Varane are too similar and don’t complement each other. For all of Bossielny’s greatness he has the odd penalty mistake in him. At this rate he may break the French record for penalties conceded. He didn’t play in France’s second game against Albania and was replaced by Liverpool’s Sakho

Walcott. Andros Townsend was chosen ahead of him? Sweet lord…. Well, he played the last 20 mins of England game.
Podolski: The normal odd sub appearance for club and country.
Szczesny: Was on the bench the entire game.
The Ugly.
Olivier Giroud. Do I blame Giroud or do I blame the French set up? On Giroud’s performance, Lizarazu said there is a reason Arsenal needed to buy a striker this summer lol. According to Opta on Giroud vs Albania:
Touches – 13 touches. less than goal keeper Lloris (14).
Duels won: 0% . Arial Duels won: 0% . Interceptions: 0
Passes: 9. Pass accuracy: 67%
Fouls won: 0 . Fouls Conceded: 2.
I think the French system didn’t help him but when Benzema is absent and you have 2 games to play (one against Belgium and another against Albania) and you do nothing about it then its very disturbing. Being in France at the weekend I think some of the criticism of Giroud went overboard. I have to say the entire French team was poor. But good Lord, Giroud was shocking!

The holiday lads.
Le Coq, Ox, Per, Flamini, Arteta, Debuchy and Welbeck are on holidays in some nice place. Diaby?? Is he still at the Physio room? Or on holidays too?


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    1. I like both Draxler and Reus but both of them are injury prone..Maybe Shad can work his magic if we manage to sign either.

      1. I think Wenger will go for Draxler because of age and the fact we never replaced RVP even though we’ve forgotten about him

  1. Everyday, I keep thanking God we signed Alexis. I really do hope we keep him for as long as possible and also win great titles.

  2. One thing I really can’t understand about most gunners: why do they like Giroud so much and think he’s good enough as our main striker???

    1. It’s more about people supporting their club and the players it has. What is the point calling yourself a supporter or a fan, when all you do is moan about the club, manager, players, board, owner, price of season tickets, price of shirt, flat beer, lack of atmosphere.

      If every arsenal supporter that attends matches and stay at home fan, got behind the club and it’s players we would be a much more difficult opponent and the envy of other clubs. You hardly ever hear chelsea or united fans complaining, yet arsenal fans moan everyday. Get behind us and roar us on to the title instead of moaning us into 3rd or 4th.

      1. You mean it’s us fans
        fault the club has not
        won the title in 11 years?
        The guys who select the
        team and the guys who play
        are not to blame ? 🙂
        Chelsea and Utd fans never complain 🙂
        You oughta read the Man U blogs last 2 seasons mate.
        Other clubs envy Arsenal getting 4th? Eh?
        They laugh.
        So according to you Arsenal fans
        should celebrate high ticket prices.
        high shirt prices, no atmosphere,
        horrible pies and flat beer ?
        Lots of fun round your house 🙂

  3. @kickAss when we cleared the stadium debt we were promised WC signings only,out 6payers bought last season only Sanchez is wc the rest non is quite an upgrade in their respective positions.When will this penny pinching end! If we get cech only Sachez will be on best 11 out of the 6,only wc players can improve arsenal.We knew b4

  4. International football
    is so naff. The world
    cup semi finals is about
    the only time it really
    means anything.
    IMO club loyalty
    and inter club hatred always
    over rides international unity.

  5. If Giroud is a good striker many clubs would,be interested in him.How comes all the good strikers are being linked with a move but no one wants girue,its pity that even the spuds have better striker than us!

  6. If it is not for some of us who put pressure on the manager including insulting him at the train station there would be no hunger for success.Tell wenger he is not under pressure and he will be very sad with you

  7. @Kickassfan….. well that’s what they made us believe….the info were classified….i think the media had a copy of it stored in a secret archive

  8. Just want to point out – the England team is NOT based around Jack. At all. He is playing out of position and is restricted in his play. The team is based more around Rooney – the concept being to get him the ball and get players in and around him or beyond him. It is VERY frustrating to watch seeing as Rooney has consistently been one of the worst players on the pitch for England of late…

  9. 1. You missed the draw Chile v Mexico. Alexis had a great game, even the winner wrongfully called offside. But still not mentioned 🙂

    2. I am a big fan of Liza but he of all people shuld know that games with country cant ever be compared with the games at your club. Very few players have been capable of being the héroes of both club and country in crucial moments (Zidane, Maradona …and maybe one or two more, hell not even Pele was able to do it in a big club, and please lets not argue about if Santos was a big club or not).

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