Arsenal’s Jack mashes former Spud and says he IS coming back to form!!

It seems that all the sniping and criticism that has been aimed at the Arsenal and England midfielder Jack Wilshere in recent times has not just been like water off a duck’s back. Wilshere has tried to keep it to himself and let the frustration show, but the recent comments from Jamie Redknapp seem to have been the last straw.

As revealed in a Daily Star report, the 22-year old feels that the recent comments by the former captain of Tottenham and current TV pundit were a cheap shot and, considering all the injury problems that Redknapp had in his career, a bit hypocritical and lacking in any real insight or professional respect.

Jack said, “I’ll take criticism – I know that’s part and parcel of football.

“But when it’s just reckless and aggressive, I don’t listen.

“With all due respect, if anything, I think Redknapp should have a little, if not respect, then sympathy and understanding.

“He was injured more than I was.

“It’s easy for someone to go on television and say, ‘he should be doing this, he should be doing that’.

“But, if you look back, he was injured just as much as I was. Maybe more than I was.

“And he was never injured at my age as well, and it does take a lot of mental strength (to come back).

“So to hear people go on TV and say, ‘he’s got to be doing this or that,’ I don’t need that.

“I listen to people like the boss here (Roy Hodgson), Gary Neville, people who talk a lot of sense and can help me with my game.”

“The criticism doesn’t hurt me as much, it probably disappoints me a little bit more,” he added.

“It’s easy to go on TV and say, ‘he’s got to do this or that,’ and ,’if he’s not fit he’s not in the starting lineup and he’s got to get fitter’.

“That’s the easy way out. I heard what Robbie Savage said recently and that was the first ex-player to give me constructive criticism. I respected that.”

The problem for Wilshere is, however, that it is easy for pundits to criticise him on TV and in the papers. The Arsenal youngster has become an easy target and the pictures of him smoking have certainly not helped. Plenty of people have jumped on the bandwagon and will probably continue to do so until Jack proves them wrong once and for all, so to hear him talking about concentrating on enjoying his football again and working with a psychologist in order to get his Arsenal and England careers firmly back on track, can only be good.

He went on, “It is a big season for me, not just for my country but my club as well.

“I’ve had a good pre-season, the first time in three or four years where I’ve managed to do every single session.

“I’ve stayed away from injury, trained here every day. I’m fit and in the gym.

“There’s no point in me saying, ‘I’ve got another year to develop’. I’m 22 now.

“Look at Germany. Mario Gotze won the World Cup for Germany and he’s 22, he’s my age. It is time to deliver.

“I would’ve liked to have played over 250 games and if I’d been injury-free I would’ve.

“I played 60 games in my first year and then missed a year-and-a-bit.

“Now I’ve learned to enjoy my football. Every time I’m on the pitch I just enjoy it.

“I’m not as aggressive, not as angry. If something goes wrong, a couple of years ago I would have gone to the physio and said, ‘look, my ankle’s not right’.

“I’ve grown up. I realise things aren’t going to go my way every week.

“I’ve worked with a psychologist at Arsenal and he’s really helped me.

“He’s taught me that, if your head’s not right, it can affect other parts of your body.

“So get that right and enjoy your football, and that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Wilshere sounds like he is much more mature and has really got his head around what he needs to do now. Let’s just hope those pesky injuries stay away.

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      1. No it’s not! Every team has 3 midfielders who can start, look at Chelsea, Ramires, Fagregas, and Matic. We have Wilshere, Ramsey, Flamini, and Arteta. This is the last year for Flamini and Arteta, so we must buy a CDM. Wilshere Ramsey and our new CDM will be fighting for spots.

        1. i hope your right there there is talk that we might be extending arteta’s contract by a year, i am of the mind that we should say thanks for all your effort here is a little gold cannon enjoy your retirement and come back if you want to do some coaching in a year or 2, as well as replacing diaby and flamini thats gonna cost hopefully hayden will step in to d/m and grow in to that role for us and we could get someone else in the jan window, i think wenger will do the midfield replacements in jan in advance of summer so he doesn’t have to next summer.
          i think if reus injuries keep happening through out this season wenger will buy draxler instead next summer as he wont want to take any chances on reus keeping fit with glass ankles also draxler is bigger and stronger lad so can take a knock or 2 wenger will be asking shad forsythe no doubt, whether reus injuries are very bad long term and the players fitness history with the national team

  1. Sometimes I wish I could watch our games on mute because announcers talk so much smack about Arsenal.

    But Jack, the hate from these fools will never end. There’s really no point of replying. Just focus on your game and prove them idiots wrong on the pitch. Like @th14 said, it’s time to deliver guy.

  2. Totally agree, hate it when pundits say things that they’ve heard in a newspaper and they don’t really know, like jack said, it’s easy to say. Doubt rednapp has watched all the arsenal games jacks played in recently unlike us fans, we’re the ones who actually know! The same goes with ozil, so often people are saying how he’s not as good as how he used to be and stuff, they don’t know everything they just know a little bit and say it like it’s that simple

  3. Jack Wilshere must answer his critics with his feet and not with his mouth,he must stop mouthing off and focus on reaching his true potential!

  4. bit off topic but as we are talking about super stars in the making
    whoever wrote this article was spot on!!!!!!

    i think its good for everyone to take a look at this
    i would just like to state i made the second comment on there
    and saved this article for this exact moment

    if you actually look though everyone was quite supportive of ramsey
    not too many negative people
    he proved a lot of us right

      1. this comment is related to another comment awaiting moderation not the current article we are talking about

  5. let’s be sincere English players are so over hyped yeah wilshere has not lived up to his ratings for some time after the barca match same as other English they relaxed after 1-2 years thats why the English team is moribund. see if England needs to win Rooney should be dropped cause his game is not impacting on the other players and it negates their improvements trust me watch England’s match today and see England’s tactical failure.

    1. English media overhype their players they will make Wayne Rooney seem like he’s Lionel Messi. The England national team play boring football in the last 10 games they’ve only scored 9 goals

  6. Arsenal had a great chance to win
    the EPL last season and again the
    league is there for the taking.
    The defence is basically sound
    although one CB short.

  7. redknapp mcmanaman owen and carrighar get on my sack
    they talk so much crap
    its like an anti arsenal brigade when there on tv
    and havent got a brain cell to share between them
    next gerard
    i think jack has looked more positive so far this season hopfully stays fit

  8. The 17 players forward
    of the back 10 all have
    a make or break season.
    Giroud when he returns Sanogo
    Wellbeck and Campbell if he plays
    are yet to prove they are Arsenal quality.
    Walcott Chamberlain Gnabry on the right have
    so much unfulfiled talent. Sanchez is quality.
    Ozil and Cazorla are class at CAM
    and both hate the wing.
    What are Podolski and Rosicky’s role?
    Wilshere and Ramsey are huge talents who
    have had injury blighted careers.
    Arteta and Flamini are on their last lap
    so can they lift one more time.
    Diaby, the 64,000 k p/w medical mystery.
    1st 2nd 3rd?
    Only time will tell.

  9. ………………………..Szczesny

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