Arsenal’s Keown accuses clubs of greed as talks continue over PL return

Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown has accused clubs of greed as the proposal of scrapping relegation was brought up at the Premier League meeting.

The government and the FA are believed to be in continual talks as they look to put a plan together which would allow the Premier League, and possibly the lower professional football leagues, to complete their current campaigns.

Some teams who are at risk of losing their PL status are said to have put forward that teams should not be at risk of losing their place in England’s elite division under a new scheme which could have a detrimental effect on teams.

The prospect of playing in neutral venues to see out the season, paired with the fact that no fans would be allowed into stadiums would no doubt benefit some teams much the more than others, with West Ham and Brighton on the worst end of things considering they lose home advantage over a number of top teams, and both hold slender leads over the drop zone.

Keown claims however that the only reason to finish the season would be in order to assure that relegations were to be decided fairly, and for champions to be named.

“Scrapping relegation would be farcical and it stinks of greed,” He said.

“How would we then package and sell those remaining rounds of fixtures which would essentially become dead rubbers?

“The reason we want to restart and finish this season is to establish relegations and promotions. Otherwise it is no longer a competition.”

He added: “It will be a logistical nightmare and I do not envy the decision-makers.

“They need direction from the Government and, in truth, I’m not sure it is feasible right now. There is also a moral dilemma regarding testing, whether footballers should be tested before key workers.

“But whenever it is, in six months, 12 months, whenever, I want to see this season completed, with relegations included.”

I’m yet to be convinced that the current campaign can go ahead and return to action, despite the continued positive planning that is supposedly going on behind the scenes, especially as I’m not hearing any current players talking about a need to return to play.

Does the PL season have to be completed? Is there a way that the division can be played out, or decided without being completed that will be deemed for everybody?


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  1. The plain and simple fact is that the covid19 virus is no more dangerous than the common flu.
    The virus only affects those with already weak immune systems especially the elderly and those with preexisting conditions. The British Government has never locked down the country and has let 40 million people go out every day and mix with strangers at work at the supermarkets in parks and on the streets with out protective measures. So has there been a pandemic?
    No there has not.
    Fit healthy people have not been adversely affected. The world has been utterly conned
    and shutting down the economy was a vast over reaction.
    The League can be completed in June and July no sweat although to allow people more time to realise there is no pandemic the league completion could be delayed until October and November then start next season in February and play two calendar year seasons culminating in the winter world cup in Qatar in Nov/Dec 2022.
    We have simply over complicated everything with the “pandemic” reaction that is just another seasonal flu.
    But having invested so much energy into the invisible “pandemic” it is embarrassing now for the Gov’t to have to admit as much and sheepishly have to restart the economy which did not need to be shut down in the first place.
    Football is suffering because of the Governments vast miscalculation about seasonal flu and the FA should sue the Government for all the games financial losses now and for the net two seasons.
    Lighting a fire under the Government will put pressure on them to allow the season to restart.

  2. Stevo
    This post is worse than your last I am sorry to say
    I don’t think that the 30,000 plus who have currently died as a result of Covid and the ones still undergoing treatment, which by all accounts is gruelling and without close family by their sides, fancied popping off this mortal coil just yet.

    There are over a million people like my husband who need to be shielded due to the consequences of this virus in the UK. Are they just dispensable?

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