Arsenal’s Lacazette encouraged to rest over Christmas

Arsenal’s most expensive signing ever Alexandre Lacazette has admitted that while he was playing for Lyon in France he had always enjoyed watching the Premier League games over the incredibly congested Christmas period and was intrigued to see how we all coped, considering that most other European Leagues had a break over the festive period. He told “When every weekend you watch the Premier League, you tell yourself, one day why not? You think about one day feeling that atmosphere and experiencing that time in December, experiencing a season in the Premier League and knowing what it’s like.”

So now he is going through it himself, and he has described how Arsenal have been training him on how to survive this trying time. “One of the reasons I came to London was so I could experience this period,” Lacazette told “They’ve given me quite a few tips on nutrition, on how to be careful and get a lot of rest. They also told me how, despite it all, I should enjoy time with my nearest and dearest because often, people who are close to you come to London during this time.

“They’ll come for the holidays. In France, it’s the school holidays and so my brothers and parents can come to London and we can enjoy the Christmas holidays in London as a family.”

He hasn’t had much time to enjoy it so far, with a game every three days for the last few weeks, but he can now have a rest until we go through to the 28th when we cross London to visit Crystal Palsce, then it is back to the grindstone 3 days later with a visit to the Midlands to face West Bromwich Albion. The it’s New Year and off we go again!

Enjoy it while you can Alexandre. Just don’t get injured please…



  1. TEMALAWRENCE1 says:

    lets see how he will cope with the festive season

  2. ŞÜKHJÖT says:

    Whenever a player has his first season in english football,whether he will be successful or not depends a lot upon how he copes with the busy schedule without any major injury troubles. So it is obvious that we better not risk him for every game in the festive period. But I’m sure world class professional footballers know how to deal with all the situations and eventually next season or the season after that he will be ready to play all of these fixtures if necessary….

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