What is really happening with contracts and transfers? Arsenal fans need answers….

Arsenal should be more active in the transfer market by Precious Evovo

Hello, everyone. Like clockwork, the summer transfer window has officially opened with transfer news and hearsays having become the custom fodder on Arsenal sites. A few teams are already showing vitality in the market- Man City and Everton being particular exemplars, having already signed a plethora of players. Our dear arsenal, on the other hand, despite links to a number of players, have brought in only Bosnian international, Sead Kolasinac- on a free transfer, which, admittedly, is an astute deal; especially considering that he was the best left back in the Bundesliga last season.

Nonetheless, with the calamitous nature of the season we had last year, we really should have done more- even if it is to send a message to our rivals. At this stage of the summer, we really should have identified our targets and started taking concrete steps to the reality of their acquisitions. In our striker pursuit, who are we really signing? Is it Alexandre Lacazette? Kylian Mbappe? Both??? Or perhaps, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang?

In what positions do we need strengthening? And who are our specific targets to fill these positions? Which current players are we hoping to sell? Perhaps, the club and Wenger do not even have answers to these questions (I kid you not!). The season is yet to start and we already seem to be laying the foundations for failure. One would think after last season’s disappointment the club would be more serious as to the personnel requirements of the team. It doesn’t quite seem like it.

Furthermore, there’s also the “small matter” of contractual issues yet to be resolved. The premier league returns next month and we still aren’t sure of the futures of Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere or even Chamberlain. All of these bear no similitude to a club really serious as to the path it is taking. Granted, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of- with backroom personnel changes having occurred and newer ones slated to occur – for this I credit the club.

In the end, though, whilst the backroom staff contribute to the success of the club; ultimately, titles are won by the players; and herein do we most need strengthening.

Precious Evovo


  1. Chill bro , we have signed a 35mill worth defender on a free and Lyon president has confirmed that Lacazette is joining us…so far we have also kept our key players also… This window has gone very good SO FAR ….we wait and watch

    1. Makes me wonder if u are an arsenal fan at all coz I don’t think u are getting on with the roll

  2. …concerning contract issues surround Ozil and Alexis i believe the club must have learnt never to wait again until the last yr of a contract to start negotions.

    ….about our targets in the transfer markets, i kind believe all this Laccazette is motivated by the bitter fact that Alexis is leaving, or may be Sanchez is pressurising our club to sign top quality for him to sign a new contract, that’s why he is delaying to sign a new one; never know!

    OT: i really like Goretzka, his physical presence will some how bring steel to our midfield which has been so weak compared to our rivals, and his age of 22 is what Wenger likes (resale value), plus he is already performing in the top level.

    1. I think Wenger would be good for Goretzka too. He’s still at a good age. Wenger would help his forward game which is all he needs to work on a little on. Vieira and Diaby, three or four strides and he’s covered allot of ground, we look better when we have a CM that can do that. Him and Xhaka, I don’t think anyone would be saying Arsenal got bullied in midfield. I worry that Mourinho is gonna go all out for him though.

    2. I think most people would love Goretzka at arsenal, including Wenger, but if you believe the rumours he already has a pre-contract agreement with Bayern Munich.
      Their control over the other teams in the German League is ridiculous!

  3. OT. As I do not follow bundesliga, can anyone pls tell my why Aubameyang is heavily linked with Chinese league, is it due to money or he is not good anymore? Till last season he was linked with RM then what happened suddenly?

    1. As far as i know the only club Auba wish to join is R.madrid and at the moment madrid are not interested with him!

    1. William Carvalho wont be coming to Arsenal. I would say, any players associated with Agent Mendes & Agent Riola will be joining Arsenal till Arsene is the manager. He somehow doesnt deal with those guys.

  4. @Mall-Gooner; i think it’s all about money,but the boy has quality, looking at all the goals he is scoring for dortmund over the past two/three seasons, he is the beast!

  5. draxler wasnt good enough for us! watch all games of conf cup he is twice better than alexis boyh with n without ball.alexis can only run around with ball draxler is always on target n does everything that makes sense

    1. Alexis has had no relief, he’s a marathon man. He looked to have one of his bad days, but was still one of the most dangerous on the field. If roles were reversed, Alexis would have stole the show and Draxler wouldn’t have played.

      1. idk whats that even mean?
        this is chile’s best team in histry vs some unexperienced young german. it was supposed to be chile’s time.

    2. Twice as good I don’t think so mate. Draxler is good but not twice as good as Alexis and he is very injury prone, we have enough injury prone players at our club. Would love Draxler in our team but only if he is over his injury problems.

  6. What, you seem to think that the transfer window needs to be detailed out to fans so they know what rumours to believe. This is one of the strangest articles I’ve seen in a long time.

    It’s in the clubs hands, fans have no say with this stuff. We have our targets and they are working on it. That is the same motto everywhere.

    What we do is is, we bite when they ( the media/web) put out the click bait. I try to get smarter at it though. Like when we hear Ospina saying ..he is leaving, then you read a headline later that day saying – South American in talks with Arsenal, you’ll click and see it’s Ospina being sold by Arsenal, in talks to leave. They know it’s hard to ignore those words “South American”. But I try to keep up with AFC news so that way I can see through most of click bait headlines. My advice to you would be, on ArsenalNewsNow, look for the small writing beside the headline, and you’ll see who the publisher is, if they keep getting you, you can choose to hide all publications from that source. Ignore sources in chat-rooms, and doubt everything you hear unless someone directly related and not an agent says it.

    1. Hahahaha ?? Now where have I heard that before?
      Probably from some Doomsday Movie…. GroundHog Day- Strikes Back with Vengeance?

  7. Everton is finally getting that rich daddy money in the team, suprisingly the current owner is Farhad Moshiri, who was an ex Arsenal stakeholder, sold all his share to Usmanov. You can only wonder the power of Usmanov if he was a major stakeholder, this guy is one of the richest bilionaires in sport.

  8. This transfer window is no different to any other. Arsenal FC have always liked to do business quietly without anyone knowing what their plans are and often in the past haven’t unveiled players until the moment the players themselves walked out onto the pitch for their first game in an Arsenal shirt (Example – Lee Chapman), ok this was a very long time ago and most younger fans probably will never have heard his name before, however the point i’m making is that Arsenal have had this tradition for many many years and why not, it gives the fans an unexpected lift when the player takes to the pitch.

  9. How is man city’s signing of 2 players considered a plethora?

    Over half of the league hasn’t signed anyone or the same amount as us. Yet most of them have released or sold more than us. Man cityscape released 9 so of course they need to sign more players.

    1. Wish we had managed to release 5 of our “deadwood”. Impressive going by City to release 9, had not followed that fact. Buying and selling players is such a crucial part of football these days it can become a competitive advantage if you are good at it.

  10. It is silly to think we can judge the transfer window until the season has started. If we sign Lacazette that might be great, but if he is brought in to replace Sanchez it might be less great. If we add Mahrez to Lazcazette and keel Sanchez it looks promising but if we sign lacazette and Mahrez but lose Sanchez and Ox it might again be less great.

    The only way any of us can truly say if we had a good window is when we start the season and get promising contributions from our new signings.

    Last season many were excited about Xhaka who turned out to have a disappointing first season and only started to show some potential during the last few games. Mustafi hit the ground running only to fade badly in the second half of the season.

    Reserve specualtion until the window is closed and reserve judgement until we have played a number of top 7 teams.

    The only thing that seems quite likely is that some of our new signings will miss part or all of preseason and that can not be a posetive.

  11. Man C showing “vitality” in the transfer market? Ederson and B.Silva is now a “plethora” is it? The rules seem to be that if you want to knock Arsenal from within then you apply different standards. Only Everton have made waves so far. Chill.

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