Arsenal’s latest injury is not serious for a change!

Monreal’s injury is nothing serious!

During Arsenal’s latest result, a 3-1 victory over Watford, Nacho Monreal picked up an injury that left many Arsenal fans in a state of concern. However Arsene Wenger has since confirmed that the injury is nothing too serious!

Nacho Monreal joined the club back in 2013 and was initially seen as back to the then more prominent Kieran Gibbs. Now however it is very much the other way around and Monreal is seen as the far more superior left back in both quality and experience. Monreal has not only go on to become one of Arsenal’s most consistent defenders, but one of the most consistent in the Premier League and many rate the Spaniard as the Premier League’s best left back.

Monreal hobbled off in the 74th minute against the Hornets and many wondered how serious the injury may be. With two central defenders in Mertesacker and Gabriel already ruled out for a few months, losing Monreal, albeit a different position, would not have been easy news to hear. Thankfully Wenger has confirmed that Monreal’s injury is nothing serious, with Le Prof stating: “Nacho Monreal has a kick. It’s nothing major.”

It is unconfirmed how long the ‘kick’ will keep Monreal out for, but given the little concern Wenger showed, it may be a case of a fitness test before Arsenal’s next match to confirm if he is ready to play.



  1. Thank you admin for removing the thumbing system now we can express our views without being thumbed down for being honest and truthful about Arsenal’s title credentials!

    1. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this change. I kinda liked seeing up/down votes. Made it a little more exciting/competitive.

  2. i still feel we need a left back , Nacho is very naive when under pressure from speedy wingers. But i think Wenger is done with his budget, unless we get crazy offer 4Gibo .

    1. Nacho is good, you don’t go from world class last season to rubbish this season unless you sustain a major injury. Plus we have Gibbs, which I think is good enough for a back up.

      I blame OX for yesterday’s goal, if I remember correctly Nacho was 1 v 3 at that point and OX is no where to be seen, even then they had 2 lucky deflections.

  3. Even if Monreal were seriously hurt, I’d very much doubt Arsene would admit as much right now because, coming so late in the transfer window madness, it would only drive up prices if we were scrambling to buy a replacement. In this case though, I do believe Monreal’s going to be okay for us, especially given the international break opportunity to rest and recover.

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