Arsenal’s latest injury setbacks! Wilshere (of course!) The Ox and Cazorla (Oh no!)

I know that most Arsenal fans will think I’m joking when I continually say that Jack Wilshere will not play at all this season, but every time Arsene Wenger talks about him it is only to tell us of the Englishman’s latest setback. Just over a month ago Arsene told us that Jack had started running again, but that was obviously patently untrue. Wenger completely contradicted that yesterday. “Jack is doing quite well but has still not been outside yet, running,” Wenger said. “He starts again, I think, this week. He will be three to four weeks [more] out.”
Yeah Yeah Yeah…..

So let’s just write that one down to experience I think, but a real bit of bad news for the club is that Santi Cazorla is also not close to recovery yet. The little Spaniard told us last week that he was hoping to be back for the second leg against Barcelona, but I’m afraid that is now out of the question. “Santi is not doing too well,” Wenger confirmed. “He has some achilles problems that hold him back.

“His knee is doing well but his achilles has inflamed a little bit and we have to put him off impact [training]. It has been a reaction to coming back. A return in April? We have to see now how he responds. He always had a little tendonitis in his achilles and we have to see how he responds to that.”

This is a real blow to our title hopes as his presence in the starting XI seems to make us twice as effective than when he is absent. Oh Santi, the Gods have not been favourable to us.

Lastly Wenger has given his first estimate on the return of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, which I am pretty sure can be taken with a pinch of salt. “He will be out for six to eight weeks. No surgery. We feared surgery at some stage before we saw the MRI. In the end we got, on that front, positive news.”

That’s positive is it? And when asked if this may affect his participation with England in the summer, he replied: “The next eight weeks means March and April. He should be OK for the Euros.”

So in summary… Jack – another four weeks. Santi – Maybe in April. The Ox – Six to eight weeks. I won’t be holding my breath…

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  1. and who wasn’t expecting the ever popular SETBACK for one of our key players like CazorLa????

    He’s 30 something and he plays for Arsenal

  2. Everything is a blow for you, eh? Truth be told is that if you have a serious injury and you don’t move then your old injuries have a good chance to come and give you some more work to do. Just do the job with what you have. To be honest when he contracted the knee injury I was writting him off for the season. You people laugh at Wilshere but mentally this is way challenging than physically. I feel really sorry for the lad. But go ahead and sell him once he is fit. I am sure there won’t be any shortage of buyers. And do the same with Ox while you are at it. That’ll teach them!

  3. OT:I read somewhere that Isco is available after all, why not to go all out for him??
    On topic: I Wish them quick recovery.
    Missing you Santi.

  4. while we keep Laying all our crooked hopes at the feet of cazorla……… Its clear that we fail to Look beyond his present physiological conditions with view to knowing HE WON’T ALWAYS BE THE SAME LIL MAGICIAN WE KNOW

    i sighted some instances why we must not lay all the blind faith in the world on him to save our creativity

    1) His age is waning
    2) He wasn’t in the best form of his Life before that dreaded injury
    3) His body physiology is changing
    4) Worst part is he has no one to fill his big shoes

    Yet we cry up to God asking why….. Our silly negligence in the transfer window have brought us thus far…..we could have brought in a much younger closely similar two footed player like cazorla….to Learn from him and succeed him in time….
    ..Ramsey is not that man, his lack of discipline and ego gets in the way ….. With cazorla injured and Le coq without cover, wenger goes on to buy EL-neny (who is neither a coq or a zorLa)…

    Guess when u know the truth Like i do and can see beyond the nose, u find it any hard to drop a tear cuz u know certin things could have been done in time to avert an unnecessary situation in the future

    We miss cazorla no doubt, but its our fault we miss him even more

    1. then add to it an instant return to form and potency after such Lengthy injury is not a guaranteed one……it may take more time for him to recover, it may take less…..we never know

      it’s why a closely similar player could have been groomed in his stead and could have proved useful now in his absence……simple Logic saves the day

  5. No news then I guess,protracted injuries that takes forever to heal is part and parcel of the Wenger folklore

  6. Is anyone really surprised ? This is just another casual day for Arsenal, lose a key player, get told they will return on a certain date, 2 weeks before the predicted return time they get a setback for another month.

  7. Perhaps the ox should spend his days watching the touch and control of Messi, the finishing of Suarez and the wing play/crossing of griezmann in order to learn something.

    I’m going out on a limb here but I don’t think he will be missed much in the run in! Can’t remember last time Jack played so no loss there. Jack is more of a club mascot that player.

    Santi is a huge loss as we are in much need of some creativity.


  8. Its a shame about Santi would love him back at this point of the season..I dont know if its the backroom team or just our bad luck when it comes to injuries….

    In summer there MUST be HUGE changes (be in Wenger in charge or not) we need to dump some players, sell our useless players and sign some decent guys…

    Players going out:

    Szczesny, Ospina, Flamini, Areta, Rosicky, Walcott, Jenkinson, Gnabry, Debuchy

    Players that should be moved to back up/ bench:

    Per Ramsey, Santi, Giroud:

    Players from youth team that should be brought up :

    Reine-Adélaïde, Akpom

    Possible signings:

    GK: Scuffet, Leno, Donnarumma

    CB: Laporte, Marquinhos, Sule, Riedewald

    RB: Aurier, Cancelo

    CDM: Danilo, Ruben Neves

    CM: Isco, Tieleman

    Wing: Marhez, El Ghazi

    ST: Živković, Morata

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