Arsenal’s Leno insists that Ozil remains professional despite ‘disappointing situation’

Bernd Leno has stated that Mesut Ozil remains professional during training and in the changing rooms despite the ongoing saga with Arsenal.

The 32 year-old has been frozen out of the playing squad by manager Mikel Arteta, who has opted to drop him from his Premier League and Europa League quotas.

Ozil could still feature in the Carabao or FA Cup competitions, while there is also an outside chance of being registered by the Spaniard during the January transfer window, but that doesn’t appear likely at present.

Despite the ongoing saga, the playmaker has remained professional however, as confirmed by teammate Leno.

‘Mesut is still a part of the team and trains with us,’ Leno told German outlet BILD(via the Metro).

‘He is absolutely professional, both on the pitch and in the changing room. Obviously it’s a disappointing situation for him but Mesut handles it well and is absolutely loyal.’

I would be very surprised if Ozil was given any competitive minutes by Arteta this term, and despite his position in the squad, he still appears adamant on seeing out his contract in North London also.

While the situation would be best off by the player leaving, as long as he remains professional on the training ground, and not interfering with the progress of the club, I struggle to see a huge issue with the situation.

Does anyone expect Ozil to leave in January? Who thinks he will leave the club on good terms, and not leave with a bang like he did the international team?


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  1. Of course he remains professional, just has he has done throughout his entire career, not only at The Arsenal.
    He has principles, he has his opinions, he supports the less fortunate and he remains loyal to the club.

    If his style of play is not the way MA wants to play, then so be it, but it’s great to know that the players still appreciate his commitment and presence at the club.

    Come the end of January, we, the fans, will all know what the situation is, but I have no doubt that MO will carry himself with dignity and not let the club down in any way whatsoever.

    1. ” HIS STYLE OF PLAY” Ken! You obviously must mean choosing to be lazy, as THAT has been his “style” all his years at Arsenal.
      As for principles thats laughable,as those so called “principles” don’t extend to working properly and EARNING the money he gets.

      The way you constantly defend this enemy of our club staggers me! And “committment” to what? Apart from committing to making sure he hangs arond like a bad smell to get every penny his Gazidis awarded disastrous contract awarded him. To me he is a lowlife masquerading craftily as a man of honour( Muslims Gunnarsaurus, etc) while actually having NONE!

      1. So Jon- Ozil has never changed his playing style. He has always played the game the same way since I can first remember him at Real Madrid, the German National side, and of course finally at Arsenal. So he was brought to the club with everyone knowing he was never going to be a Flamini, who would go head first through a sheet of glass to kick the shit out of whoever. As the EPL has evolved, certainly the last 3-4 seasons, there is no doubt Ozil has been less effective, and especially in a side that had zero defence under Wenger and zero tactical nous under Emery. Your beloved Arteta obviously felt the player could certainly contribute to the side because he picked him for EVERY EPL game when he took over, right up until the lockdown. So, “LOWLIFE”? What exactly has the player done to earn this tag from you? It’s the same player, same style, same workrate that I bet you were very pleased to see sign a contract extension when he did, as I certainly cannot remember too many on here suggesting he should go when Sanchez went. Mind you, let’s not forget your immortal “NEVER HAVE I BEEN MORE SURE THAN I AM NOW THAT UNAI EMERY IS THE RIGHT MANAGER TI LEAD ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB” immediately after the annual Anfield humiliation ladt season. The Club obviously felt differently PAL as Emery was gone less than three months later. That is one comment you will forever wish to erased I bet.

      2. Jon, what staggers me, is the way you ignore what is said, in order to pursue your tirade against a player.
        It was Leno who said what was reported in this article, not me.
        I just added some personal thoughts, as I thought I was allowed too…silly me!!!

        The difference is Jon, I don’t call you an “uneducated animal”, a “fool”, or a “dullard” when I disagree with your views – it seems that every player who has supported MO must come under the bracket you label me with and, as for Xhaka and Mikel Arteta, the reply I gave to you regarding the suggested swap with Eriksen must have made you blush to call MA a fool, as that is what you call anyone who differs from your analysis isn’t it?

        As always, you will follow your usual theme, regarding Phil’s questions to you in his post – ignore the questions because you have no coherent reply…and I suspect you will have no answer to MA’s thoughts on Xhaka, simply because you always think you are in the right and haven’t bothered to look at what MA has said anyway.

        The players are with MO every day and they know what his commitments are – not some fan who goes around with blinkers on, ignoring what the manager says about individual players and/or what the players say about their fellow professional.

        One day it just might sink into your befuddled brain, that MO is not “an enemy of the club”, but someone who has stayed loyal to a contract offered to him – MA doesn’t see him in his future vision and that is that…do you expect him to go around the pitch flagellating himself in penitence, while giving up what is legally his because the club offered him an obscene contract they now want to renege on?
        Perhaps some might see YOU as an enemy of the club, with all your rants about dross players who are wearing the shirt?

        Do you actually support the club, or your own version of the club…I sometimes wonder Jon – you see I am quite relaxed about MO and his departure, doesn’t worry me in the slightest to be honest, as I support MA – but I will defend him against dullards who try to crucify him at every opportunity – I see that as being a decent person with morals.

        Please Jon, use your self described higher education and THINK about your preposterous demands – he is not playing and earning his salary because MA has decided he can’t – isn’t that the case Jon and didn’t you applaud it???

        Meanwhile the players are more than happy that he is training with the same intensity that they are and offer him their support…I guess he values that way above a fan who he has never met and one who has no idea about the man himself.

        All your rantings and ravings about him and your name calling of those fans who see things differently to you, set you out as a vindictive know it all, who cannot debate, but someone who tries to bully his beliefs on to others in the case of MO and Xhaka at least.

        I look forward to your replies to Phil on this thread and my questions regarding Xhaka and Erikson.

          1. lcw, MO brings out the worst in Jon and myself – I have realized over the years to fight fire with fire and not be down trodden, just as I suspect Jon has as well.

            If you are comparing ME with Trump, then I must have overstepped the mark – I would never compare Jon to Trump, as he is too decent a man for that and I don’t class Trump as decent in any way, shape or form!!!

            Let’s see how Jon responds to Phil and my questions now shall we?

            1. Ken: I am not comparing either one of you to Trump. I am saying what John writes (and I have no doubt he is a descent person) reminds me of Trumpism (Not Trump). When he brings things out of thin air that have no relationship with the subject at hand , that’s Trumpism. When he viciously attacks others (like myself) for having a different opinions that’s Trumpism. In any event I should not interfere with your discussions. For that I stand corrected.

              1. lcw, please be aware that I wasn’t asking you not to join in our discussion – that’s what this site is all about, debating.

                Secondly, I am more than aware how Jon attacks others, as I have been on the end of them, just as you have!!

                Thirdly, I did think you was comparing me to Trump, which made me think I had overstepped the mark and ahve you the reason why I had.

                There are so many ways to describe “trumpism” and trump himself, with differing opinions of course.

                I hope this clears up my reply to you, in which I did not make myself clearly understood.
                I was not having a go at you, that’s for sure – I hope this clears up any misunderstanding between you and me…look forward to your posts and debates my fellow Gooner.

      3. it is hard for some fans to understand quality creative players like Ozil, they are artist who paint the playground with their skills. call them lazy if you may but being creative is a gift only few people understand or appreciate. it is flair, it is style, it is art.. few fans appreciate that in the world of football.

    1. I don’t agree lcw – firstly, when a player is asked a question, they should reply.

      Secondly, MO trains with the first team squad every day and the decision made with regards to him, had nothing to do with the players – they just see how he is conducting himself and it seems that there is no problem from their point of view – as does the red herring that his obscene salary is causing problems with the players holds no waater whatsoever.

      It looks likely that MO will leave in June and he may never wear the shirt again, but he has never let himself down since MA made his decision – such is his mental strength and commitment to the club.

      My personal opinion of course!!

    2. Tells them bro’; they are pissed for this unreal Ozil treatment.

      It can happen to any of them. Auba, Laca, Xhalka Sanchez, , all signed partly because of Ozil presence in team.

      Today, we have a complete team, missed Partey & secured CB.

      Auba extened deal seing this, he cqn get money anywhere, more….He said it, the addition of these players made him commit as he knows football; we finally have team to compete.

      But, today, in term of football, padt few games showing it; we miss a miece in puzzle; a player as Ozil to blossom attack!

      But, he is banned til mid season, not by football league, he must beat down 3 players to get such a sentence.

      Banned from EPL, EL by Kroenke, board & Arteta are puppets….

      This is shaddy, certainly smells shitty as it is for teamates.

      it is ignorant in every ways, not only we precisly need him and he is a true professional and loves Arsenal.

      If you want an Ozil, you need a Kante which wad denied to Wenger.

      Now we got that dominant DM in Partey;; and we remove Ozil from completed puzzle?

      Dont put it on any players, we have no coach, or this would not happen either way Arteta supports this or not.

      He can not be forced to ban a player, it happens to slightly affects team, game; result.

      Every clubs must be like; WTheck, Arsenal has the team to win; oh damn they removed the Maestr’Ozil!!! Oh crazy is that, lets beat them up!

      1. Although it has been suggested that Ozil’s perceived unenthusiastic attitude and sub-par work rate have been the main reasons behind his recent omission, Leno is adamant that he has ALWAYS been fully committed to the collective cause at the Emirates.
        He is absolutely professional, both on the pitch and in the dressing room.

  2. If conspiracy theories are to be believed that Arteta freezes out players that talk about ozill ccAMN, I guess we’ve seen the last of Leno in goal then. Bring in Runarsson. Lol

      1. 😂Sue I trust you are well. It’s been a while since I last saw your comments on here. Maybe it’s because the international break is such a long unnecessary drag and it gets so boring without club football or maybe I’ve not been noticing your comments as I’m not very active here myself due to the long break, just glad club football is back soon and there’s not going to be any interruption for a long time.

        1. Hey Kstix 😁 I’m good thank you, hope you are also!
          Your comment on Leno tickled me 😂
          Yes it’s been a very tedious couple of weeks – thank heavens the darts has been on, otherwise I’d be climbing the walls 😂
          Remember how fed up we were after Villa.. and I said how we’d be pining for the next fixture 😆 Which is bang on, can’t wait…. and I also can’t wait for Dan’s predictions 😉
          Let’s hope it’s a good ‘un, Kstix 🤞 Amen to that about the international break!!!

    1. A tad different in what the two players said though Kstix, wouldn’t you say?

      AMN = “The squads behind Mesut, we’re a team. That’s always going to be the case until Mesut decides to make his decision on what he wants to do and what he wants to say.”

      LENO = “Mesut is still a part of the team and trains with us. He is absolutely professional, both on the pitch and in he changing room. Obviously it’s a disappointing situation for him, but Mesut handles it well and is absolutely loyal.”

      AMN is saying the squad is behind him, while Leno is saying that Ozil is professional, trains hard and is absolutely loyal.

      Now, IF there was a conspiracy theory and I was MA, I would see Leno’s statement as saying MO is doing what he is expected to do and doing it well – while I would think that, perhaps, AMN is saying that the team are backing MO in the present situation…well that’s my take on it anyway.

      Of course, if MA saw them both as a challenge to his decision and authority, saying that Leno was dropped for “footballing reasons” would be much harder to explain than dropping AMN to the bench, even though he had just been selelected for England.

      1. Ken…

        Your knack for providing clear reasons for your thoughts and comments is highly commendable. Also, I should note that your continuous spar with Jon on many topics, particularly on Ozil, edges closer to becoming legendary on JA, which should appeal to the Admins… *smiles*… Nevertheless, it has been interesting reading both of your comments, approached with different tactics…

        On another note, for some reason, you seem now to harbour as well as to agree with the possibility of a “conspiracy” theory, which you earlier refuted in one of our previous debate. I am glad you have mentioned it now, which implies that the word “conspiracy theory” is usable and may also be a possibility.

        Further, I am glad that Leno has also publicly supported Ozil, which implies, going by your theory without the “conspiracy”, that sooner or later, Leno should be on the bench, right? That should either prove or disprove your earlier thoughts/theory/opinion?

        What do you think?


      2. Ken, while I admire your concise response, I think the contexts of what each player said can be interpreted according to varying perspectives.

        One could argue that Leno using the exact word “Loyal” which isn’t coincidental, being the very same word Ozil used in his statement after being frozen out of the team. In his words “Loyalty is hard to come by these days”. Isn’t it curious that Leno would use the same word to describe MO’s commitment to the club which would indirectly give MO’s statement some sort of validation?

        Also saying “He’s part of the team” when taken into context could also mean, “he’s one of us, we support him, we’re behind me” which is a similar thing to what AMN said. Wouldn’t you agree then that depending on how you look at it, both Leno and AMN have come out in support of MO and if the conspiracy theories are anything to go by, we’ve definitely seen the last of Leno which was my whole sarcastic point in the first place.?

        1. Kstix and Fire

          Let me make it very clear – I don’t believe there are any conspiracy theories concerning MO and MA.

          What I do believe is that MA had to ensure that the players knew, without any doubt whatsoever, that he was in control and he made the decisions regarding the playing side of the club (his influence is even greater now of course).
          The complete shambles he inherited was the reason for this “hard-line” approach and I applaud him for it.

          On to the statements by Leno and AMN – I gave my take on them and why, in my opinion they differ in content.
          I fully see the point of view expressed by yourselves, but must ask you this question… Is MA going to drop Leno, after so publically supporting him anyway and put a complete rookie between the sticks?
          Of course not and to suggest it is nonsense and would probably result in him losing the dressing room and the fans – unlike the AMN situation, where, if one takes my suggestion (not claim I should remind you) that he might have been dropped for the comments made would not affect the team, as he had the players to cover his decision.
          If he dropped Leno, would he be on the bench, that would make no sense either and if dropped from the squad he would be signing his own resignation letter… in my opinion.

          Now on to my spat with Jon.
          I have never called out a current Arsenal player in the way Jon does, which of course he has a perfect right to do.
          You will notice that I never gave my opinion on the player, but quoted MA ‘s own words.
          All I do, is look at what others say about said players and cross check.
          If there is an obvious discrepancy, I bring it to the forums attention for clarification and debate.

          The Xhaka post from Jon, was the complete opposite of what MA said.
          How Jon reacted to that is not my problem.

          I will add a footnote that I did actually criticise one current player in Mustafi and I regret doing that, after witnessing the awful reception he received at the last Emirates preseason friendly.

          It is common knowledge that I disagree with MA’s decision regarding MO, but that does not mean I can be called an “unintelligent animal” or a “dullard” without reacting to this childish behaviour – it is a difference of opinion amongst Arsenal fans and the sooner we act like mature people the less hostile reactions we will have.

          I hope I have covered the points you both raise as I always try to answer questions put to me… unlike certain others of course.
          Let me know if you think I haven’t.

  3. Ken…

    Nicely argued! And you have covered the points expertly well.

    I accept your opinion that you do not believe in “conspiracy” theories, nevertheless, it does not mean such possibilities do not exist, and on this note, we can lay such to rest.

    I believe in arguments and debates that are based on intellectual perspectives, deep thoughts/analysis, cordiality, and respect for our differing positions. And as long as you similarly believe in the same, then, you can only remain yourself.

    I do understand that many comments here on JA are posted from often inflamed minds, which are typically void of deeper thoughts and are mere emotional explosions. In this regard, we must apply restraints to avoid been swept into the same class.

    I do believe you have come a long way with Jon on JA, and you both understand your differing methods… I hope at all times, superior arguments and deeper thoughts will always prevail…

    Once again, I look forward to the next thought-provoking article amid so many…

    Stay safe and remain blessed!


      1. First of all quality before quantity. Second there are less postings on other threads lately. Maybe not playing games has that effect?

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