Arsenal’s Man Of The Match disappointed with display but a draw was fair

In yet another disappointing performance which gives us a record of three home draws in a row, Arsenal’s Man Of The Match Bernd Leno thinks that the game could have gone either way as the Gunners were simply not playing their best against the Wolves. Our keeper said: “I think both teams had many choices and at the end we could have won or lost, so the result is okay for the performance.”

He deserved the MOTM especially for his brilliant stop that avoided us going 2-0 behind, and he admits it was vital for the team. “I think if we conceded the second goal then the game would have been finished,” he said. “so it was important to concede just the one goal so that we had the chance to at least draw. At the end we could have won this game.

“Of course we are 16 games unbeaten, but we have to win these games because these games at home are very important. Today the result is a little bit disappointing.”

Going by our last few displays it seems amazing we have not been beaten for so long, and it is an indictment that our keeper was Man Of The Match in a home game against Wolves that we have lost some of our attacking flair, and we can only hope that we find it again while we are off for the international break. Our next game is away at Bournemouth, who are now just 4 points behind us in 6th. We will definitely have to get our mojo back for that one….



  1. C L * says:

    The whole left flank was the problem.

    For Wolves goal, our left back, Kolasinac must be blamed along with Xhaka. He should have tracked back and covered the left side after losing the ball. Instead, he remained as a spectator and that provided acre of space for the Wolves’ pair that score their goal!

    And that goal wasn’t the only mistake he made. Times and times again throughout the match, he left the left side open, and had Holding cover for him!

    We need MOREAL back at the LB, and a proper LEFT WING!

    1. kev says:

      Monreal has always been decent at best.I remember matches in the 16/17 season where he was criticized for poor positioning when he played in the 3 back.I also feel from Emery’s style of play we need better attacling fullbacks.Our LB’s need replacing tbh.

  2. GunneRay says:

    We have to remember that most of the team Emery has to work with were inherited. This team will never finish top 4, we all know that, right?

    If you break the team down and asses each individual you can quickly realise that compared to Liverpool, City, Chelsea and yes, dare I say, The rotten Spuds. There are gaps all over the place. The weak links are there and you always feel, when we give the ball away so cheaply (time after time) that we may just regret it!?

    I for one don’t see Xhaka improving enough and it’s great to see Torriera and Guendouzi arrive. With time they will be the constant, I’m sure. Xhaka is a liability!

    The summer will see Ramsey leave and I’m not sure if I’m that sad? I like him but I don’t love him!

    Our new youngster between the sticks is the future. I have faith in him. I’wobly needs to improve quickly though as his constant lack of shots on target increase by the minute. His heart is in the right place but man, come on!

    I’m not going through the whole team but I do maintain that some of the team are and will remain “average” at best and, Emery will have to spend next year if he wants to break back into the top four!

    1. john hodges says:

      chelsea manager inherited players from former manager but look how they are playing.

      1. Ray says:

        Yes, but he inherited very good “proven” players..

      2. gotanidea says:

        Morata and Giroud might not as lethal as Aubameyang and Lacazette, but Chelsea have very skillful quick players that can score and penetrate from the wings, such as Hazard, Willian and Pedro

        Arsenal only have one player that is willing to challenge the opponents like that, which is Iwobi, despite his fluctuative performances. Maybe Nelson could be the one that can pull off that scoring streak from the wing, but as far as I know he is doing it as a striker at Hoffenheim

        1. McLovin says:

          Sarri also inherited A LOT BETTER defense.

          Strikers win you matches, defenders win you titles.

          Mustafi has to go, Koscielny cannot be trusted too much. Even before his Achilles heel injury, he wasn’t exactly Mr Reliable.

          Holding and Sokratis have both impressed me so far, but they are not world class defenders we urgently require, at least one.

          Any chance we could sign Thorgan Hazard from Gladbach? He’s quite the left winger.

          1. kev says:

            Newly appointed managers who inherit Chelsea teams inherit teams which are complete and can win the title.The same cannot be said for us.

    2. jon fox says:

      Well, we don’t ALL know that ” this team will never finish top four”, and that is obvious as so many fans , of all clubs simply will not face up to the truth and continue to fool themselves. Realists like me DO agree with you, though obviously I still HOPE. But it IS HOPE, not expectation. I believe 5th or 6th is our realistic expectation with some slim chance of a cup. I recognise , as an ARCH REALIST, that Emery is not a miracle man, nor should people expect him to be. While so many of WENGERS DUDS ARE STILL HERE, ESP IN DEFENCE, fourth would be at least fairly close to a miracle, certainly while Mustafi, Bellerin and Xhaka remain in defensive positions. Or at the club at all! BTW, It is good to see a fellow realist write as you do!

    3. kev says:

      Xhaka has not improved.He’s only being played in his actual position.He’s playing for Arsenal the way he plays for Switzerland.What a massively overrated player he is.His qualities are so so overhyped.The combination of Holding and Mustafi is decent at best.I hope we intend on selling Mustafi after this season.Auba and Laca must both compete for CF.We are in the league to be competitive not to milk players and keep them happy.

  3. gotanidea says:

    There is enough time to prepare before the next opponent, so there will be no excuse for the highly paid players next time

    1. jon fox says:

      It is far more than mere preparation we need. We need many of WENGERS DUDS REPLACED AT THE CLUB, NOT MERELY THE STARTING ELEVEN.

  4. Sheet head says:

    Arsenal School of Design, “Drawing” is our culture 🙁 🙁

  5. Innit says:

    Huge disappointment. It felt like a loss
    Draw at home to wolves is not the same as drawing with Liverpool and 2 important points lost

    1. gotanidea says:

      The draw with Liverpool looked good because of Arsenal won the ball possession, but Liverpool scored first and they had two shots hit the bar (beat Leno, as compared to Arsenal’s shots that went directly to Liverpool’s GK)

      The players are still not clicked, but Emery has to play the underperforming stars. I’m curious to see what squad he will set up against Bournemouth

  6. Geo_Gooner says:

    here is our best line up base on the personality, quality and availability.

    Bel_Sokratis_Holding _Niles

    1. McLovin says:

      Özil has been underperforming. He is extremely inconsistent and I would love to see him sold already.

      1. kev says:

        Should’ve not been given that contract in the first place.Apparently we are told he’s loyal and that players like Ramsey and Sanchez are disloyal for doing the exact same thing he did.Cant wait for the day players like Xhaka and Mustafi are sold though.

  7. LENOhappy says:

    “Realist like us”I love that Jon fox,i believe if arsenal pay ozil the money he deserves he will show up more in matches,come on the 300 is too small for a player like ozil,damn he’s a World Cup winner and should be treated like one,give him more money,he should be on the same pay with the Messi and Ronaldo’s.i can count more than 6 defense splitting passes he made yesterday.

    1. jon fox says:

      Wonder why our manager subbed him then since he was so Messi like?

  8. TH14-TW14 says:

    Dear Admin,

    Is it possible to introduce a “Mute Button” that would enable one filter out comments from handles that one would prefer not to read from?

    This would guarantee members their freedom of speech while protecting readers from having to read from irritating handles. I would be very glad to filter out all comments from a certain dude who writes in caps while ranting ceaselessly about our former manager. While I wouldn’t want to deny him his freedom of speech (from my position, freedom of nuisance), I would be protected from his nauseating rants.

    Kindly give this request some consideration.



    1. jon fox says:

      Sorry TH, I won’t be changing my posts. And you have my permission to mention me by name as I have nothing to hide. I use my own real name, unlike you, deliberately, since I don’t hide behind “handles.” If you want to stop free speech, then relocate to North Korea or similar.

    2. Uchman says:

      The new slogan! Win the next match emry has improved the team, all our players has improved under him, draw or lose the next match , Wenger ‘s ghost will appear, Wenger boys r the reason we lost, how hypocritical can one be, we r now being outclassed and out played by the likes of wolves and crystal palace yet dude will still find a way to blame Wenger, of 18 matches we v played this season we v only looked like a descent side in 3 of the matches if 2nd half performanes against Fulham and lecieter city and a descent performance against Liverpool @ home and u kip blaming Wenger, r u sure u r not making ur self a big fool by constantly abusing our greatest manager in history,?

      1. Phil says:

        So the “Greatest Manager in our History” is not to blame for the squad he left us with then?
        Let’s look at the new buys POST WENGER
        Leno-Looks worth every penny and now No1
        Lichstiener-Cost NOTHING -back up for RB/LB
        Sokritis-Good CB.Good Value.
        Torreira-What a player £26m well spent( Xhaka cost £35m)
        Guendouzi-£7m on a talent that COULD become World Class.
        What we be If Wenger was still in charge?You always spout the same about your beloved Wenger but Emery is having to perform miracles to get performances and results with the most disjointed and unbalanced squad we have had for years.Remember who got us in this place to begin with?Refused to buy a CDM.No natural pace and width in the team.Players out of position.Favourites NEVER dropped no matter how bad their form was.Still you and your (very few) Wenger Lovers refuse to accept that Emery is having to work with players far less talented than he had at PSG and still try to get a Top4 place that Wenger proved was far beyond him in his last couple os seasons.
        Wake yourself up Pal.He was SACKED because he was FINISHED.A decade too late in my opinion and many many others as well.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          ?I can never understand the neglect of not replacing Gilberto Silva with a similar DM. Similarly I can not understand the “downsizing” of the physicality of Arsenal players to allow their bullying by other teams.

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