Arsenal’s Marvelous Assassins now have the BELIEF!


Hello there champions! Hello there twelve time FA Cup champions! Wake up you sleepy heads! If you are still hung over from last night’s celebrations, I regret to announce that we have more drinking to do – because today is our trophy parade! Congratulations Gunners. This was a well-deserved trophy and you should all be proud of yourselves.

You see, this is what happens when a great team plays with belief. For many months, I have listened to Arsene Wenger talk about belief, spirit and mental strength. In fact I have listened to his post-match pressers for so long that I can write a Wenger speech for you and you wouldn’t know the difference. Belief is vital for anybody who wants to succeed. If competence accounts for 70% of what it takes to be successful, what is left can certainly be credited to belief.

When I wrote in my last article that Villa were no match for us, many scuffed at these statements. @champagne Charlie and @Twig said it was idiotic for me to state that we were going to smash Aston Villa. Unfortunately for them, I was right. We smashed Aston Villa and taught them football. We tactically bamboozled them. So if Charlie and Twig are feeling remorseful right now, well, apology accepted. I am too happy right now to hold a grudge but you must watch your language boys. We can disagree without insulting each other because we are adults.

You see, there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Yes I wasn’t just confident about our capabilities. This team has given me reasons to be arrogant as well. I mean, just look at that performance against Villa. That was the perfect performance. This team did everything I thought they would do that it even spooked me. As at the time I was writing the article Fighting Talk: Reclaiming the FA Cup, all I knew was that our team was capable of blinding brilliance. Little did I know they would deliver to the letter. Sanchez and Walcott did not disappoint. They kept shooting at Shay Given’s goal until they punched through that brick wall. Marvelous assassins indeed. Our midfield pass masters were simply divine. Villa hassled and fouled them non-stop and yet they danced through all that aggression as if the opposition wasn’t even there. Coquelin the shield did not disappoint either. In fact many voted him Man of the match. And as for our defenders and that Benteke guy, here is what I know. Benteke spent plenty of time in Koscielny’s pockets and loved it. In fact he liked the pocket linings so much that he enquired about who made it. Koscielny told him the designer was Puma. Benteke was impressed and begged to spend time in Mertesacker’s pockets as well. We were feeling generous, so we obliged. It wasn’t until the final whistle was blown that poor Benteke realized this was a football final and not theatre rehearsals.

We were that good and the team played with belief. Belief. I cannot say that word enough. Fan belief, club belief, team belief and individual belief. All of them aligned to give the perfect performance on a day that notable pundits were predicting a Villa upset. According to pundits, Villa beat Liverpool and in so doing, would beat Arsenal too. What nobody told them is that everybody beats Liverpool. In fact, towards the end of the season, Liverpool was like that girl in the neighborhood that just can’t keep her legs closed. Everybody was hammering goals past them. Crystal Palace scored three at Anfield and Stoke City hit them for six. Somebody should have told Aston Villa that beating Liverpool at the time was not an achievement. Thankfully, they played right into our hands.

In summary, we cannot stop believing in this team because we finally have something special since the days of the Invincibles. Yes Walcott will frustrate from time to time but that boy will make us proud. He is doing it already and I am tipping him to carry this team next season, especially as Sanchez will be on holiday for a few weeks. So there is ground for optimism. The golden age is here again. We have got three trophies in two years. The monkey is off our backs and we are now seeing the best of Wenger’s men. Enjoy the victory parade folks. Today is a great day. Champions! Peace.

Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria

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  1. So spot on my nigerian brother,Belief is wot was lacking in our team,now we have it,its time to become invincible again,as far as our eyes can see and our hearts can believe WE CAN and WILL ACHIEVE. COYG

  2. Let’s invest in the key areas. City, Chelsea and United will all move forward so we have to outdo them.

  3. From d keeper to d striker, every had an outstanding game. But I must appreciate one player in particular, Coquelin. For me, he played his best game yesterday. Not only did he won d ball again and again, but he dribbled, made forward passess, distributed d ball extremely well , some long balls played too. His best game of d season. Anyone who comes in at cdm now will hav to b at bench, even schniederlein.

  4. Yes I said I liked the last article you posted… it was sheer confidence.. we did to them what we’re capable of doing to anyone.. I say congrats to all gooner family out there.. we are the champions. we are the arsenal!!! #Coyg

    1. am happy now we can to dos dat left us like rvp,nasr,clinchy.. dat we r making history they only go for league

  5. As I said in an earlier post, we did something I have rarely see us do and that was “adapt” on the pitch without losing our shape or attacking threat. This is what we have always been capable of, yet seem to find it hard to replicate in most matches. We should have this focus going into “every” match.

  6. If we want to win the league then the team and Wenger need to treat every game as if it was a cup final. We went missing at Stoke, Swansea (twice) and Southampton – that was the difference.

  7. Theo has a big choice to make.

    He can be the kind of player who hops between clubs (RVP, Nasri, Cesc) and quickly be forgotten about or he can stay, work tirelessly to improve himself and end up a club great.

    Squad wise we are 3 players away from greatness, those salaries could easily be covered by the players leaving and youngsters can also be promoted to make the numbers.

  8. The point I made, which you clearly missed, was that it’s classless and arrogant to dismiss a lesser team in a cup final of all places.

    Pretty sure every fan was hopeful and possibly confident of a big win, but to say “let’s stop being polite, we’re gonna smash them” just reeks when a club like Arsenal is built on respect and class. You talk about belief and arrogance as if they’re the same, learn the difference in how to be confident but show humility and, most important, respect for the opponent.

    No doubt you were part of the “Monaco are garbage” mob, so you should feel happy one of your inane predictions came to fruition? Round of applause everybody, someone grab the gold stars.

    1. @champagne Charlie, you are still being rude and I don’t appreciate that. Be respectful. I was part of Monaco are crap crowd? What does that mean? Where did I say such in this thread? Be respectful Charlie. I have had enough of your insults. If you want to be negative and ‘classy’ – whatever that means- please do so. But surely, you cannot insult someone who has done nothing to you and claim to be ‘classy’.

      1. Let’s review. YOU say “Let’s stop being polite – we will SMASH Villa” and I call you out for being classless and disrespectful of our opponent before a cup final, making a comparison to those who completely undervalued Moncao only for it to blow up in our face.

        Now you write an article with a smug retort saying @Twig and myself must be unhappy because you were right, and I again call you out for missing the point….but I’m being disrespectful and rude? Whatever you say.

    2. @charlie. Just take the weekend off mate….We’ve just won the FA cup back to back, but all you want to do is have petty arguments….jesus christ. Have a pint and enjoy the win!

      1. Is that all I want to do mate? You must know me so well. I’m definitely not just responding to someone who felt the need to highlight me in an article….

    3. I’m with you on the gung-ho predictions of demolishing other teams – but have to say the mock indignation seems a bit odd coming from someone who routinely denigrates his own players and prefers bigging up other team’s players. I don’t see the ‘respect” there.

  9. anyone else seen bilbao vs barca? barca played immensly. if we want to compete in the cL with the big boys like barcelona, we need improvement.

    1. The chances are that every team in Europe will need improvement to compete with the present Barca. We are not alone. At least Messi will be retired within 7 or 8 years!!??

  10. People who say we do not need another dm know zero about football while coq has done a fantastic job he will not be able to play every game and of course is bound to pick up the odd injury flamini is simply not good enough to do the same job it is a must we sign another quality dm so we are covered in every position for every occasion for big games we could even play both and sacrifice one of the flair players although i doubt wenger will do that the options will be there sign a gk,dm and cf and we willbe serious tittle challengers next season.

  11. I can imagine how Carragher feels about an Arsenal Win,, heard him say,,, After Villa defeated Liverpool, there is no way they cannot win it…. Infact he insinuated many neutrals would want a Villa win… Sorry mate,, liverpool is Liverpool, Arsenal is a different ball game…. @Wzadry,, I watched that game, and I can tell you, Arsenal’s match was tougher than that,, a little more effort from that Villa display, will surely get us a result against many teams… Bilbao just gave Messi n Co. too much respect… See how they lost the ball and let Messi pass them thru like he’s some form of a g.o.d,,, Le coq wouldn’t do such… We, the ARSENAL….. Barca almost always beat us when we are one man short…….

  12. @Uche
    ”When I wrote in my last article that Villa were no match for us, many scuffed at these statements. @champagne Charlie and @Twig said it was idiotic for me to state that we were going to smash Aston Villa”

    Good to note their response to Ur article, but no add feeling guy just their thought man maybe the are not confident as you are Uche.. but i apologies on their behave man.

  13. @cahleycol, bilbao gave messi ttoo much respect? what? MSN have scored 120 goals together. all i’m saying is our front three should score more. walcott missed plenty of chances yesterday alone, which means our creativity is awesome (..erm..erm…ozil), but the finishing not so much.
    competition for places has made arsenal better. i hope our strikers use the summer to improve their finishing.

  14. Missed the match as I was attending a friend’s wedding but after watching the highlights I can say the team has enough belief to start next season on a high.

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