Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta laughably voted second-worst Premier League boss

Premier League fans have supposedly been voting for the best manager in the division, and Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta has laughably picked up the second-least amount of votes.

Pep Guardiola is probably correctly voted as the best manager, given his astonishing list of accolades, although I’m sure most of us believe that we would be able to guide ourselves to league titles with some of the teams that he has managed, with his current squad filling at least two separate starting elevens which are worthy of finishing inside the top six.

Jurgen Klopp gets himself voted in second, while Chelsea’s Champions League-winning boss finds himself down in sixth place, behind the likes of Sean Dyche, Brendan Rodgers and Marcelo Bielsa.

Usually Arsenal fans are called delusional, but clearly our club’s fans voted elsewhere, while the same cannot be said for most other sets of fans, with Patrick Vieira even picking up more votes than our Spanish boss.

You have to laugh at the thought of this vote meaning anything whatsoever, but where would you rank Arteta on his work so far?


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    1. likely only because no one had a f’ing clue who Bruno Lage was…funny thing is that the only reason Bruce was ahead of him was because he got more out of JW

      1. TRVL4e, Steve Bruce gets a lot on unfair criticism in my view. He saved Newcastle United from relegation with a worse owner than KS&E, aided by Willock’s performances and the return of his forward players from injury. Newcastle United had injuries to many key players during the season.
        Steve Bruce does well with what he’s given. It would be interesting to see how the Manager’s rated above him would fare under the same conditions he works under.

        1. my statement wasn’t meant as a slag on Bruce per se, albeit he’s most known for a more vanilla brand of football, which might have more to do with the hand he’s been dealt in several of his previous tenures, but more of a commentary on how Willock’s revelatory form under Bruce might have helped to lift him above our current manager, from a voter perspective

    2. 👍good one Phil
      He’s also 3 rd favourite in the betting circles to get shown the door .
      So he’s 18th in that league as well .

  1. The usual anti Arsenal rubbish. The team is now more in Arteta’s name, let’s hope for a good start ! COYG

  2. I dont need any spurious vote to tell me where our manager rates among his peers. He definitely has everything to prove and i think a short while to prove it too.

    1. Spot on Simon..Totally meaningless.Last week , in the Times Guardiola was at pains to point out that success was all about players not Managers.His words, not mine.

  3. The poll us based on what exactly? Many of them have achieved less! It’s pointless and is obviously Skys attempt to cause debate and ill feeling.

    1. Sky didn’t make the results mate, they just put the option for anyone to choose. Over 10,000 votes so to call it pointless is a bit silly.

      It gives a fair indication of how many Arsenal fans and rival fans see the ability of MA. It’s clear by the 0.2% that no-one even sees him having any potential or of us being a dark horse in the race for top 4.

  4. Once he moved on the grifters from boxing day he managed to get the team many people, including Arsenal fans and some ex players lampoon, to finish 3rd best from January to May.

  5. The poll tells the truth. He is just not a good manager. He cannot motivate players and micromanages obsessively. I hope he can make some good signings who transcend his coaching ability, and can lift the club.

  6. The vote is only for the best manager, so outside the top 4 or 5 its an irrelevance. If voters were asked to rate a top twenty in order Arteta wouldn’t be so low – believe it or not he is probably rated higher outside the club than inside it.
    Certaly below Tuchel no fans seriously think they have the EPL’s best manager – its purely club bias as they should all be level on ZERO.
    So a waste of time

    1. Thank you Guy. No one voted Arteta as worst manager. That question wasnt added. A tiny fraction voted him as best. Important difference although poll still isn’t flattering to him.

      1. Assuming the poll had a good representation of Gooners (reasonable given our online presence), I think one reasonable conclusion from the results is that Arteta has built up very little goodwill amongst supporters. But we probably knew that already.

  7. “If voters were asked to rate a top twenty in order Arteta wouldn’t be so low “
    I don’t get that guy because that’s what’s just happened unless I’m reading your post wrong .
    Also Brenda Rogers was voted top 4 with a team who are not classed as a top 6 side so again I don’t get your post .
    Like I said above betting circles have Arteta as 3rd favourite to get the boot first ,that to me says it all.
    Making him the 18th best boss in the league ,one better than this poll,so pretty obvious that makes him a marked man straight from the off .

    1. And we Arsenal fans are constantly labelled the worst, whiny and entitled fans in the league by our peers.

      We are constantly being labelled as the most delusional fans in real life and worst on social media.

  8. You guys should think arteta won two trophies.. arsenal board didn’t give him his right player he requested in the market
    He is a good manager.. 60 per of Arsenal players are avarage.. arteta has done well

  9. This is also laughable;
    Premier League Season Ticket prices 21/22 💰:

    Arsenal – £891
    Tottenham Hotspur – £807
    Liverpool FC – £685
    Chelsea Football Club – £595
    Wolverhampton Wanderers FC – £549
    Brighton & Hove Albion FC – £545
    Manchester United – £532
    Norwich City FC – £499
    Watford FC – £496
    Crystal Palace Football Club – £435
    Everton Football Club – £420
    Brentford FC – £419
    Newcastle United – £417
    Southampton FC – £399
    Burnley Football Club – £390
    Aston Villa FC – £370
    Leicester City Football Club – £365
    Leeds United – £349
    Manchester City – £325
    West Ham United – £320

    1. Without explanation this is not a fair comparison, for instance Arsenal include 7 FA Cup/European credits within their price and also have one of the lowest single match ticket prices in the league .

      1. We are not in Europe anymore, and FA Cups are like 1-4 games in a year? Still doesn’t warrant the highest season ticket price.

        1. It’s correctly the first seven cup games which will include the League (Carabao?) Cup and also the FA Cup, so possibly just two games only. Also worth noting that the children’s section which includes over 60’s is ‘only’ £499 (or was when I had a season ticket some years back)

  10. Whilst the Who’s got the worst Manager survey might be not be the greatest scientific study ever conducted, it does have a psychological and consequently real impact. Teams used to come to Highbury with fear now they arrive believing they can do us on our own super soft turf.
    Hopefully the Arsenal team and supporters will respond with a ‘Right we’ll show them fighting spirit’.
    When the going get’s tough… COYG.

  11. How does Sean Dyche keep getting away with it?!!!

    These opinions can only be based on last season and that would have been Moyes for me

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