Arsenal’s miracle man to make it TRIPLE injury boost?

While Arsenal fans were plunged into the depths of despair yesterday after the ill fated 14 minute flight to face Norwich City, with our star man Alexis Sanchez picking up the hamstring injury, Laurent Koscielny limping off with a painful hip problem and Arsene Wenger revealing that Cazorla had finished the game on ‘one leg’, it is now looking a little bit brighter.

Those three extra injuries made it 10 first team players in the Arsenal treatment room, as you can see Just Arsenal´s dedicated injury page, and suggested that the same old problems are coming back with a bang but as early as last evening the news was getting better. As reported by, the Arsenal boss gave a positive update on two of the crocked Gunners, with Koscielny and Cazorla both expected to be fit to play against Sunderland this weekend.

Wenger said, “Cazorla and Koscielny should be fine for next week.”

That would be great of course, but many Arsenal fans are understandably more concerned about our Chilean star. We are still waiting to hear the news from the medical scans but it certainly appears to be a hamstring issue and that usually means anything from a couple of weeks for a minor one to almost two months for a really bad one.

But I am keeping optimistic, because we are talking about a bit of a miracle man here. Alexis has proved over and over again that his body is not like other people’s. He had that problem after a Chile game recently that his national manager was worried about and played a full 90 minutes a few days later. He comes back from a long haul international break and plays with the energy of an excited springer spaniel.

So is there any reason for us not to think his recovery from this latest setback will be any less remarkable?

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  1. I admit I would tend to give Santi a bit of a rest and let Ramsey partner Flamini in the centre. He has played a ton of games for us and Spain and his faint was a worry. Plus it would be cool to see Rambo in the box to box role again.

    1. No thanks, not where his total lack of defensive discipline has cost us dearly in the past. He might have all the attributes to do the job but when he’s played there before we often leave huge gaps as he charges forward. Although he’s playing a slightly strange position right now, he’s free to attack without causing too much damage defensively. This is why we should have bought Schniederlin, he can play both Santi’s role or DM, freeing up Santi to cover for Alexis if need be. Having said that, given our lack of fit players, if Santi is out Ramsey will probably play there.

      1. To be fair to Ramsey, the season he was playing as box to box Arteta or Jack was our CDM. Santi has had Coq most of the time, and I think Flamini will offer Ramsey better defensive cover. As for Schniederlin, he hasn’t been that great for ManU.

      2. Are you mad or just a hater ? Ramsey didn’t have LeCoq shielding the defence when he was played as a B2B, expecting Wilshere and Cazorla to offer what he does is delusional on your part. I’m pretty sure with Coquelin by his side Ramsey would be easily capable of getting 15 goals.

    2. Did you guys open today? Arsene himself said that he sees Rambo as a more offensive player rather than a CDM. ” I don’t want to kill Ramsey’s strengths” said the news title. Arsene put him in the right in order to keep team balance, not to play as winger because we already have Ozil and Alexis who’s interchange position in that sector.
      I feel Santi is walking in the wire, because like Coquelin we don’t have equal back up for him either. Arsene must buy not only a CDM which will be easier to find, but also a deep lying midfielder which will be hard to find.

  2. i ain’t a doctor but from what i know, the thing about hamestring problems is that, once the muscle is torn when it is healed, it will have a stiffness kind of like a scar. that means there is a 30% chance it will reoccur since the same spot cannot stretch as it used to. meaning the player won’t be the same. i know alxis is tough but i really am worried he might not be the same.

  3. we need morecphysical players in our team especially the back four
    People say alex ferguson was a genius but no he was clever .man united had physical and versatile players
    vidic evra ferdinand rooney welbeck were one of a huge bunch of physical players who were key
    at arsenal our only versatile/physical players are chambers kos welbz and sanchez at an extent.The only way to beat arsenal is to keep committing fouls its not down to whatever you guys might think.So my plea to wenger is not to be too smart as to think we are bayern or barcelona but to borrow a leaf from englands most successful clubs of the decade and he wil also be succesful

  4. OX – Giroud – Campbell
    ——- Özil
    Ramsey – Flamini
    Monreal – Koscielny – Gabriel – Bellerin
    ——– Cech

    This team even if Santi is OK. He has started many games straight so give him a rest should be alright.

    1. I think both Campbell and Bellerin would both like to play on the right, I think however, that Campbell may have to go on the left. Ox seems to find it hard on the left and joel is pretty effective there. I thinkmit will depend on how Monreal and Joel get on and Ozil too as he favours going left quite often. At least they probably all speak Spanish 🙂

  5. Play HB up top and put our other right back in the 4 zone. Rest SC and play the OX there it’s kind of all over the place but we have no choice. LK keeps coming on going off so that tell us all a new young CB is needed and stones could be the man to do it so just pay them. We need EPL players that can just come on and do a job. Thing is I can see Liverpool winning the EPL and I said that from the start of October then you have city and Man U and Chelsea will be there. So top 4 tbis season could be very hard you no.

    1. Haha. Liverpool win the league and City, Utd and Chelsea in the top four? Don’t see that Liverpool have shown any ability to get close to the league and if at this stage we don’t rack up enough points to keep Chelsea in our wake then we don’t deserve to be there.

      I agree LK is looking a bit more fragile this year, it is a bit worrying. Would love to see Koz and Gab get a run together. Gab needs game time and confidence in a stable back four.

  6. Our Alternate Kit is cursed lol….haven’t won a game yet with it on

    My faith in Joel Campbell is fading, one thing for sure is Chuba Akpom is certainly more of a goal threat than him…let’s pull a coqelin on the lad and recall Akpom from loan to bolster the squad 😀

    1. Sorry, I don’t get your Joel Campbell comment. He was benched for Ramsey. Came on on the right, made a difference, then swapped to the left for Ox. He hasn’t played on the left for us.

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