Arsenal’s mistakes are NOT accidents!

Treating mistakes like accidents is why it’s no accident Arsenal haven’t won the league in 10 years‏ by KM

Hello fellow Gooners. After another horror start to the season I continue to sit in disbelief of the fact how every moment I start to think something might have changed, it all goes back to normal with a defeat to an average team.

So in an attempt to investigate why such events keep repeating I can only find one explanation – we didn’t learn from our mistakes again. A couple of seasons back we started with 1-3 home defeat to Aston Villa and again we were off the back of a transfer free window.

Wenger will not buy. We might sign one player, but honestly hope is lost. Wilshere is injured, Welbeck is injured, Alexis is short of match fitness and suddenly the problems start to creep in. We need a new striker. I don’t care who it is really. Put somebody in to improve the morale.

We need someone to help out Coquelin. We were predictable in our first game at home. We were short of fitness and short of ideas how to break down the opposition. Worrying stuff from a team “full of talent”. This doesn’t win the league. Why aren’t we signing Pedro? Why didn’t we try to get Benteke or Martinez?

Giroud was so bad against West Ham I was wondering why didn’t we start Walcott instead. Why didn’t we start a striker with physical presence? We have options up front, but truth to be told, none of them are good enough. And where is the problem really? Theres only one person responsible for this.

Arsene Wenger is the one who brought in all those players. He has to take the blame and he doesn’t. All he does is take the easiest route. Say it’s an accident. Big goal defeats were all treated like accidents and because we fail to identify the problem, it gets repeated over time. Simple as that.

We need new personnel and a new manager. Sadly we aren’t getting any. Manchester United and Liverpool wasted no time in spending 50+ million on new players. Why is that? Because when you finish more than 10 points off the champions you do have areas in which to improve, which we fail to admit.

Next up is Crystal Palace away. Lose that and the title is pretty much gone in August. Another thing to point out is the shocking statistic we have on games on Sunday. I don’t know why but with late matches and Sunday ones, we really struggle.

I was so hyped, I really fell for the hype round what could be. But with Arsenal it’s always about ‘could be’. What about ‘what is’? At the moment we need 2 more signings. If we don’t make them and we start like last year, at least you cannot say I didn’t mention who is to blame.

Arsene was booed at Stoke, and there was this banner about the memories and the time for Arsene to say goodbye. When you have 200 million in the bank it’s a criminal act that we allow ourselves to be so far behind the other top teams.

Anyway for another unpredictable number of years it is what it is with Arsene, because he will never change.


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  1. I think even the board is starting to worry…it’s not normal for a board member to publicly release our “200” mil figures like that. I think they are trying a ” it’s him not us “……..

    1. Yep, they are distancing themselves from him and his decision not to procure by telling everyone they ‘do’ have funds.

      Wait til Usamov pipes up again!

      1. I want Arsenal to win all trophies available but,
        Arsenal will not win the league this season.
        Mancity or Chelsea will….i’m being realistic because i know this, so don’t bother hoping for the league title….A Gunner fan since day-1

  2. And the person to blame for these mistakes is none other than the coach himself…i bet he hasn’t watched a video of Palace recent games as yet…he wont study opposing teams, thinks we go out there and give it our best…if it doesn’t work…Oh well, i still get paid and still have a job!!!

    1. @Gunner
      Like your logic dude.
      AW watching a video of WH would have helped Ox clear the ball better, helped Kos or Nacho in defending against Kouyote’s header and in essence won us the match…
      Fkn priceless…

      1. @NY_Gunner
        Bru you not getting the point…No amount of studying can allow you to stop every goal or in every battle but if you dont assess your opponents don’t complain when things don’t go according to plan…It wasn’t only about loosing the game – also the BOLD fact that we never looked like winning it..Didn’t create enough decent chances..

        1. @Gunner
          No dude. You never got the point while laying all the blame on AW and none on the guys out on the pitch…
          Watchin match videos don’t help in scoring goals if your players ain’t in the fight…

          1. No dude, you dont get the point, get your head out of Arsene’s a$$ for a minute.
            This is his team, he bought every player, he gives the tactics and the motivation, he has had free reign to do as he pleases and this is the result. Is Cazorla a winger? Why was he on left wing? He cut inside the whole game narrowing the field, when we needed to extend it. Sure you can always blame the players, and they are at fault too, but give the same team to a top manager, give him the same amount of money Arsene had to spend this summer and see if there is a difference in the way the team plays.
            He is not ambitious enough to upgrade his team. Why dont we have 2 better players than the ones we have for the 70m we have at the bank. Why wait until now?

            1. @jimbeam
              You, like ya boy, are breathing too much of your own methane. It does not agree with you…

  3. This ‘marquee’ signing is taking far too long…season has already started, other teams have strengthened considerably but we haven’t. My biggest worry is that Arsene was moaning about the window extending into the season, yet if rumors are true, he himself is making use of this extended period to tie up a final deal. A bit hypocritical and it doesn’t make any sense. I really won’t be surprised if we don’t sign anyone at all before the window closes and it will be a crying shame as we literally are 1-2 top players from being genuine contenders.

    Please Arsene don’t make the same mistakes!

    1. @Big Gun……… And this is precisely the reason why “AOBs” exist…… Not that wenger’s totally a bad manager(credit to him for fabulous deeds so far), but bcuz he’s so stubborn and refused to Listen to reason and do what’s best…….when we slated him at the start of the window for not making quick signings, many on here were like “Chill dudes….we have 2months to make transfers” …..43 days later, we are yet to make just two signings….infact, we have signed the least number of players so far (just 1) compared to other premier league teams…… Its like a customary thingy with wenger…..i saw it from the start……POWER REALLY NEEDS TO CHANGE HANDS!

        1. We AOB’s exist bcoz we gave up on Wenger and his lies, deceits, stubburnness for the past 11 years. He is the least spender the most seller and charge fans the higest ticket price to come to Emirates and be humiliated over and over. With this way season is over for Arsenal in August. Wenger out bring on banners and kick his stubburnness A$$ out of our game.

    2. Over 10 years of same mistake,wat makes u think he will solve it.them deluded Akb ass lickers will say wait till the seasons ends.ive been hearing same crap

    1. you really should stop saying “we trust” ……. U don’t get to decide for others whom to trust or not….. U are on ur own …son!


    Andy Carroll was spotted at the Emirates yesterday during a meeting with Wenger. My reliable source informs me that Wenger although keen to sign Carroll refused to buy a hotdog with extra onions for the West Ham striker over lunch.

    However, Talks are ongoing and are expected to continue throughout the weeks ahead. Other options such as a chicken burger meal deal are being explored as an alternative and former Vice Chairman of Arsenal David Dein has been brought in to facilitate this deal.

    1. CONTINUED, this just IN:

      DONE DEAL! Arsene Wenger has finally activated the buy out clause of Andy Carroll which was estimated at ~ one hot dog with extra onions, so about £2.

      Wenger was quoted saying: “Andy who? Look, honestly I don’t know where our onions went. At the moment we are a bit short at the kitchen, but Flamini is back and is like a new signing. Jack? Although his ankle is broken, he is just few days away from returning to first team training”

  5. Wenger is fully to blame for all that’s wrong in the team,he’s the manager he controls everything in Arsenal from training to transfers,the board has shown clearly that they give him huge transfer funds but he dithers and misses out on targets!

  6. well well well here we are again..perfectly written. I never stopped saying it, you blame wenger not the players,yes they deserve to be blamed too but the real threat to our title winning chances is wenger himself. Labelling that pure defeat an accident is so lame,its not like WH wasnt very good and composed. or better still we expected them to give us no worries.. well fam this is the EPL not some Young money thing, with every team in EPL, we should be worried always and prepare for the battle in every match. I won’t say wenger out i would only hope he turns a new leaf and do the right thing,if he doesn’t do so man i won’t blame anybody who says #Wengerout by the ending of the season. we lost the battle to WH but the war is still on, lets tend to our injuries and charge forward to take back our territory. Am cheering for the team this weekend, lets give our hundred percent support

  7. If anyone told you 10 years ago that Arsenal won’t win the BPL in a decade, none of us would have believed it.
    If we don’t sign 2 top targets, this trend will continue.
    In 6 years, Man City, Man U and Chelsea have won the BPL 2 times each.
    Arsenal needs to wake up…before our 4th place luck runs out on us.

  8. I don’t get why this always happens every season and Wenger never seems to learn.. I thought he would be clever enough to realise that Giroud up front and Mertesaker at the back in particular does not win you the league.

  9. The first goal Monreal
    should not have been
    the one to defend Kouyate.
    The second goal was an attacker
    (OX) trying to dribble his way out of defense.
    These were mistakes and are avoidable.
    Really am intrigued to see how we respond.

    1. @davidnz
      > The 1st goal we held a high line defence and that gave them space to run at and also too much space for Chech to come and collect.
      > The team had no urgency unlike at the Chelsea game…here we started flat.
      > AW picked the team – with none of the players wanting to play the RW position…
      > OG often left his CF position to play LW and Wenger said nothing about that..
      > AW organises Pre-seasons against clubs like Lyon and Singapore which we can beat easily and look good instead of playing Barca and Real and recognise our flaws and work towards fixing them.

      1. Good point on Barca and Real, we did play some good teams in Emirates cup but we were still expected to beat them. Chelsea was a good test but your point about really testing our strengths makes sense.

  10. wenger is sentimental…….he picks the wrong player for the right job (e.g ramsey on the wings) , picks the right players for the wrong job(e.g wilshere at DM) ….messes up the team ……brings in rubbish (e.g kallstrom) ….Have faith in mediocre players like flame, arteta, sanogo etc…..too soft on players….. Stingy to the bone…… I think he’s to blame!

  11. man city have tabled 50m for de bryune they are also going for otamendi sterling has settled and that makes them title favourites imo.when lord harris said there is 200m for transfer akbs were the first here to oppose that in defense of wenger,why oppose spending like club money belongs to you!lets unite for a course please,arsenal needs a revolution.Wenger is a manager of doom 10yrs without Title says it all really.Lets storm the emirates and demand for a change!!

    1. arsenal will never win the title till wenger stays he is too stubborn & will never change he feels this mediocre squad will win the title unless new signings come in we will finish 2nd or 3rd + if lucky win an fa cup & make it to cl round of 16

      spend arsene spend

      1. I cant wait til Wenger wins us the title and shuts yous up for good hopefully. I had my doubts over a couple of years ago whether he could or not but with basically no chance whatsoever of him getting the sack and us with more and more money each season well I think it is only a matter of time now. He has already shown that he can win silverware he has also shown he can outwit any PL opponent and furthermore he has shown a willingness to spend big for the right player ie a top class one.

        He has shown like all men he has weaknesses and faults but that magic manager who first arrived and blew away the competition is still in there somewhere.

        1. Wenger really need to prove us wrong….. And if it means us lifting the EPL or UCL?……. Then i want to be shut up for good…… We all go home happy!

  12. arsenal don’t work on their defense we all know that evidence was during the community shield when during a freekick I saw ozil marking ivanovic
    arsenal need atleast 3 players this window a cb like abdenour , cdm kyechowaik/bender & a striker else it will another season of disappointment not just that even the likes of ozil/sanchez may ponder about their future

  13. bloody hell the wenger bashing is getting worse!

    its one game in guys, the window is still open..chillllllll

    1. @ muff…….even teams were signing b4 the window got open…….43days after the window was officially open……. “chill…window is still open” L()L

    2. Deluded akb ass licker like muffdiver n all his akb buffons are always saying let wait the window still open,didnt u muppets say the same thing last year,n b4 that n year b4 that.i can go on n on.same thing u morrons say oh wait til the seasons end,dnt judge wenger now,u morron buffons.10 years n u still use the same excuse.

      1. Blah blah blah 10 years without a trophy u say now your saying 10 years off what we’re winning trophys so shut it COYG

    1. So you like when we fall at that hurdle just so you can talk shit about supporters and Wenger, would your time not be better spent hoping like all fans do that your team is on a winner and throw your support behind it. That statement you just made confirmed my thoughts on many fans in here just being haters.

      1. @YinYang69
        Sad and funny at the same time knowing that these were the same fickle fans who were bending over and smiling for AW when we beat Chelsea…

      2. Well said yingyang most of these people have gone too far with the wenger hate that they rather see us fail so they can say I told you so even tho weve starting to win trophies in the last 2 years don’t get me wrong it was as disaster Sunday and gutting for everyone but it’s only the first game of the season these idiots are trying to create bad karma around the club and unsettle the good feel factor are club has got at the moment let’s relax and at least wait a bit the season just started COYG red army

  14. Its been really hard for me to have faith in wenger ever winning us the premier league after the January signing of Kim Kallstrom. For me that was the perfect opportunity we had to win it, and with a few additions to the squad in january I really believe we would have had a great chance. This was the season I was hoping to be proved wrong (still I’m), but what a start. Our squad is full of quality players, n with competition the players should only get better. But what is the point of competition when some players are guaranteed starters regardless of their form. This tactic of playing midfielders on the wings may work in some games but will cost us in the long run. Why not let them compete for the 3 positions and whoever is not good enough gets benched, rotation will be key this season. Makes me wonder if another coach can get more out of our players

  15. Some are so far in Wengers Ass that they cant see the light anymore. lol.

    Accidents do not happen very often. Till now Arsenal has done every shamefull thing a big team should have not do. Losing to 8 goals, losing to 6, losing to spurs like it was nothing, losing in the cl against a fart club like monaco and now losing the first game at home besides being so pumpet up and cooky. hahah. Oh Wenger, You are trully a specialist in failuare.

    1. @ks-gunner
      And some have their heads so far up their own azz’s that they’re suffocating…Take it out and breathe…

  16. Well first off you shouldn’t be talking as if a good honest team should never have beaten a big club team. All clubs lose to lesser opponents, but the way we go on about it you would think we are untouchable. We are no longer the Invincibles so get that out of your head. Even WHam have been laughing at us all week not because they bet us but because they dared beat us.

    The thing that bothered me most isn’t that WHam are capable when playing us, it is because all of the sounds coming out of our camp have been how everyone is so confident and we are really taking things serious but then no real fight in a London derby.

    I expect us to get better, in fact we know we are going to get allot better. Maybe the fight wasn’t there because it’s only the first game of the season.

  17. Arsene Wenger lacks ambition or maybe doesn’t know how to get what he wants.

    CECH is a great signing, but then Goalkeeping was not Arsenal’s major area of concern last season.

    When we needed a striker/dm… Wenger got us Ozil

    When we needed a striker and a dm… Wenger got us Cech

    ARSENALs Captain (Arteta) and Asst cap (BFG) are the weakest players in the team.

    Arsenal lack leadership in the Field and From the bench.

    Being 2 goals down against Westham can be hurting, but it’s more hurting seeing Wenger on the bench looking brain drained and cold.

  18. Honestly! You guys obviously weren’t Arsenal fans in the 70s and 80s. We live in a dreamland today, by comparison. We’re now one of the top 10 clubs in the world. That would have been unimaginable pre-Premier League. Arsene Wenger has done an incredible job of keeping us competitive while building a new stadium. Sure, there have been bad judgement calls (Mikel Silvestre anyone?), but show me a club or company that never gets things wrong. I respect all Arsenal fans, but some of our new fans (especially those that started supporting the club during our glory years) have a ridiculous sense of entitlement.

    1. perhaps its why you are called KIWI-GOONER …….. Kiwi(s) fly backwards……. Lil wonder why you are so backward,irrational and outdated in thinking…… We live in a whole new age now….. Arise and shine blonde!

    2. It’s as easy to support Westham today as it was in the 70s and 80s.
      Nobody expect much from average teams.
      Unless you’re admitting that Arsenal of today Average, Hence the lack of ambition.
      Even Average teams sets TARGETS for their Managers, in Arsenal our Manager is in holiday.

    3. Thank u kiwi I’ve been saying this for years these new breed of gooners are a spoilt bunch who have never seen their team finish outside the top 4 before and the funy thing most our probably gooners cause of wenger in the first place

      1. two seasons ago……manure finished at 7th…….. Last season, they are back in top 4…..LVG have made remarkable signings to bolster their dilapidated squad…… This season, they have opened the campaign with a win over the spuds……they just might get back on their feets………while we lost to WHU…..what are u insinuating?

        1. and just so u knw……… Manure still got their fans sticking arnd after dropping outta top 4 …two seasons ago!

  19. Forget it, the season is over, that’s it, we blew it. We had a horrible start, and now would be lucky to get in to Europa League. I mean forget about the other 37 matches we still have to play.

  20. and just so u knw……… Manure still got their fans sticking arnd after dropping outta top 4 …two seasons ago!

  21. We lose one game, and the pitchforks are out. And, of course, it’s Wenger’s fault again. How about players take responsibility for once. Ramsey, for example, who’s only got goals on his mind, and can’t pass the ball to an open Debuchy. Or Cech, who probably forgot that he plays for us now, and not Chelsea. You mentioned a Villa game from 2 years ago when we lost 3-1 on the opening day. What you forgot to mention is that we won 8 out of 9 games after that, and were top of the league for 4 months after. If Walcott didn’t suffer that unfortunate injury against Tottenham, we would’ve won the league that season, I have no doubt about that. So why don’t you hold off to judge our team yet until we played say 7-10 games? Some people just have unrealistic expectations, that’s all…

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