Arsenal’s momentum CAN drive us to the Double

Most Arsenal fans are seemingly convinced that the League title will go to Chelsea this year, but while it is still mathematically possible one should never give up hope. Aaron Ramsey certainly hasn’t!

“The double? Yes, that is still a possibility,” Ramsey said in the Mirror. “We are just trying to win our remaining games. We are on a fantastic winning run and that’s all we want to keep on doing.

“It’s going to be difficult. Chelsea have still got a lot of points so they will have to slip up a few times for us to catch them so it will be difficult — but it’s still possible.”

“You cannot rule it out. When you have that momentum it is still possible. Even though it will be difficult we have to win our remaining games and see where that leaves us.”

“I feel we’re getting closer. Even last season we started off really well and maybe just faded away at the end. We lost against the bigger teams but this season we have done a bit better against them.

“This season we didn’t start too well, it was a bit interrupted, but the second half of the season we have been really good and consistent in our performances. I feel we are very close.”

Today will be crucial to our chances of the title, with Man United going down to Stamford Bridge to try and put a spanner in Chelsea’s confidence. Van Gaal’s side is looking defensively frail without Carrick or Blind and others, but they have won their last six games on the trot, so you never know…..

VIDEO – How Arsenal got to Wembley this year

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  1. Brianu says:

    Breaking News Chelsea Sign Jurgen Klopp and Loan Him out For Six Years,Haha!!!,The Double is possible Mathematically,but,Lets focus on todays game,one step at a time does it,COYG!!!!!

    1. waslim says:

      Its not funny…

    2. Goonsquad8 says:

      I thought that was funny

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    now this discussion about us winning the title made me look at it deeply…viewing chelshit’s remaining games, u’d know its possible..Chelsea still has ARSENAL,LIVERPOOL,LEICESTER,SUNDERLAND and the crazy in form CRYSTAL PALACE after today against man u.. we can only hope man u gets a winning,it’ll be best if chelsea drops 3 points today and then when they come to the Emirates, hope the boys also put their everything and get the 3 points.. now thus i don’t see how Chelsea wont drop points in their last four games seeing how their form is on the balance. But then again this Mourinho, and its best we take each game at a time and keep winning because if we all know him,he’ll push his boys to the end. looking at our title chances, its very slim,its very far but near and only fools have the word IMPOSSIBLE in their dictionary

    1. truegunner12 says:

      Palace’s strength is their home ground, away fixtures aren’t. They play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. They play Sunderland on the last day of the season by which time Sunderland would either have confirmed safety or relegation or the title race could be mathematically over. It’s probably the longest odds for both scenarios to not have occurred before then.

      We play Sunderland who are currently 3 points from safety, Hull in a tough away fixture, the same resurgent United we hope beats Chelsea today. West Brom and in form Swansea.

      Let’s focus only on ourselves, focusing on others is exactly how City got themselves into their predicament.

    2. Gooneristic Truth says:

      Chelsea has lost 2 games out of 31… only TWO! To hope that they’ll all of a sudden teeter & slip enough points to let us get past them is a little too much optimism! In my opinion, the title is theirs already. However, for our squad to show that we are becoming genuine title contenders, we have to show toughness in the remaining big games for next season’s sake. We fell to United & Chelsea earlier in the season, then made up with victories against City and United in Manchester, and continued to win 8 in a row exacting some revenge against Liverpool along the way. Chelsea can smell the title, and United is hitting top form & can smell 2nd place. How well we square up in games against these two teams, as tough opponents as they, & with so much at stake and within reach, at such a desperate time in the season, will really show what we are made of and can surely give us a lot to look forward to next season.

  3. Hafiz Rahman says:

    We need to sign Jurgen Klopp as soon as possible before he gets to Man City or possibly Chelsea in a year or 2

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Don’t you hear? He just signed contract with Chelsea and automatically loan to Kung Fu FC for 6 years! HE’S NOT AVAILABLE!

  4. fred cowardly says:

    Lets concentrate on Reading. A loss would destroy our season

    One match at a time And see what happens

  5. CraigZWE says:

    Hope Jack doesn’t play, we’ll most likely lose then.

  6. Wilshegz says:

    If Chelsea lose or draw to United @the bridge ,the pressure would be on them in their remaining games..

    Arsenal must beat Chelsea @Emirates if we wanna win it.

    Thatz 5/6 points dropped of 10points..

    We still need Chelsea to drop points in two more games..
    Nominees: CrystalPalace, WBA, Liverpool, Leicester(relegation fight)..

    1. truegunner12 says:

      We play Hull (relegation fight away), Manchester United (away), Sunderland (relegation fight), Swansea and West Brom. That’s more or less a similar fixture list

  7. davidnz says:

    Reading are hot favourites today
    to finish second 🙂

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      to win a ticket of Wembley FA Final.
      to finish second (if Jose plays he’s invincible bus parking strategy, LOL!)

  8. unjonzeable says:

    Chelsea is going to win the league……let’s just focus on this FA Cup…we are so close, let’s not divide our attention by chasing two things and eventually lose out on the two…..FA Cup plus 2nd place in the EPL would be an encouraging outing!

  9. Big Gun says:

    Bottom line is Chelsea need to lose 3 games and draw one, and we need to win the remainder of our games to win the league. I don’t see Chelsea dropping 10 points, we might beat them and United have a chance, but they will beat Liverpool, Sunderland and Palace…I mean they have only lost 2 games so far this whole season…I really don’t see them folding now. Best we can hope for is 2nd, finishing about Manure and giving them a hiding when we play them, and of course winning the F.A cup.

  10. says:

    Will it be the Double or the Treble, Arsenal would have won this season if they add the Premier League title and the FA Cup to the Charity Shield they have already won? Arsenal have scored a total of 93 goals in all competitions so far this season in the order of: Defense-line>11 goals, the Midfielders>31 goals and the Forward-line> 51goals. Podolski scored 3 and Sanogo got 1 before they went out on loan. Ramsey has 9 goals to his credit so far. Sanchez has the highest with 19 followed by Olivier with 18. Cazorla is on 8 and Welbeck who Joined us in January is on 8 too. Walcott, Rosicky and Oxlade are all on 3. While Rhino’, Koscielny, Bellerin and Chambers are on 2 each. Wilshere, Flamini, Arteta, Monreal, Gibbs and Debuchy are all on 1 goal each. Only Coquelin and De-Abereu are yet to register a goal for Arsenal so far this season. I hope they will score for Arsenal before the season ends. Arsenal need to score a total average of a 120 goals and concede not more than 15 – 20 goals on the average to enabled them to win the Fithrupled. i.e. The Charity Shield, The Capital One Cup, The Premier League title, The FA Cup and The UCL. But this season they have conceded a total of too many goals in all competitions. Hence we will be limited to winning 3 titles out of the 5 available to be won. This issue of conceding too many goals in the Gunners’ season campaign and scoring less than the 120 goals mark, must be seriously addressed by the boss in our next season campaign. So that we can defend with some ease, the Premier League title and the FA Cup we are going to win this season by God’s grace in addition to the Charity Shield we have won. The set Mark are as follows: 5 strikers to score an average of 16 goals each to reach the 80 goal mark for the forward-line, 30 goals are needed from the midfielders. They are already on 31 goals. My kudos to them. And 10 contributed goals are required from the Defense-line. They have 11 goals already. My welldone to them. But our combined forward-line of Sanchez, Giroud, Welbeck and Walcott have 53 goals scored in between them. They are as of today’s morning deficitted by 27 out the 80 goals required from 5 strikers. But we have only 4 strikers striking and 1 out of the 4 has not started striking regularly. I hope the boss can see how we are deficient in terms of numbers of top strikers which should be 5 in numbers. And insufficient numbers of goals scored from our 4 forwards. But I think our current 4 strikers will eventually got to 60 goals scored. Akpom has not made it count for Arsenal at all as our 5th striker. Consequently, the boss must sign a 5th top quality striker for Arsenal to enabled us win the UCL and the remaining Quadrupled. So long.

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