Arsenal’s Morata transfer hopes dealt fatal blow? Maybe not…

I am not sure if my nerves will be up to the job if this particular piece of Arsenal transfer news pans out the way I think it might, but it would not be the first time we Arsenal fans were left sweating until the very last knockings of a transfer window.

And the fact that it was also Real Madrid that Arsene Wenger was dealing with when he signed the brilliant Germany international star Mesut Ozil on deadline day makes me wonder whether it could happen again. The situation is quite similar as well, because the reason we were able to sign Ozil from them was that the Spanish club had other options.

So with Madrid already having a very strong forward line consisting of Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, the Arsenal transfer target Alvaro Morata could find himself in a frustrating position at the club. According to the Daily Mail the young Spanish forward has already been told that he will be the fourth choice behind the famous BBC front line, even though Zinedine Zidane is happy to have him and is not trying to sell him on after activating the buy back clause from Juventus.

At the minute Morata might be happy to fight for his place and he could be confident of breaking into the first team but what if that is looking pretty unlikely towards the end of August? Could Wenger be waiting to see if the young player is looking to move by then? Are we set for another last minute Arsenal transfer?


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  1. Why are we still talking about an average striker, with a poor scoring record, who’s going to cost a ridiculous amount of money? Having watched Arsenal a lot since RVP left, I was under the impression we needed someone better than Giroud, not worse!

  2. Until Wenger buys one player for 50m+ I would never believe he will…..
    It was reported Chelsea bidded for him with €60 and they were turned down so I don’t think Wenger will shop there this time around….

    Let’s move on from Morata, he is too expensive for his goal scoring stats….

  3. He make 12 Goals… stop articles to MARATA!!!! also I don’t think we purchase anyone now… SO WORRY! UPSET!

  4. Fourth choice? Benzema is the only target man striker at BBC. Alvaro Morata is his back up, so that makes Morata is the second choice.

    1. Ronaldo pisses all over benzema and morata in the air, Bale is also better in the air than morata.

    1. It has been reliably reported that wenger offered walcott plus £15m for higuan. Napoli were very interested in this proposal but walcott insisted that napoli met his current wage.

      Napoli said that walcott was not worth £140k per week and such a payment would disrupt their wage structure. They were willing to offer walcott £60k per week and suggested that arsenal pay walcott a severance payment of £12m which equated to three years of lost salary at £80k per week. Arsenal were unwilling to proceed on this basis, the reason is believed to be that it would highlight their incompetance in overpaying walcott. The deal therefore collapsed.

      1. Who is your source ? If he’s thinking of selling Walcott then the Draxler rumours could be true :0

  5. Literally can’t comprehend why Morata is still being ‘considered’. He’s a good player, could be a top striker in a few years. But he should definitely not be an option as his record is poor and his price is astronomical. He just isn’t that talented and is way too big of a risk, especially when we’re talking about fees upwards of 50 million. Even 30 million I would still be sceptical. How about Lacazette for Walcott + 20 mil? Walcott is worth 20 million I think (especially in this market) so an overall valuation of 40 mil for Lacazette is pricey but I think a less risky option

    1. How about £40m plus Sanogo for Lacazette?

      Anyway swap deals! Really?

      Most players are so above themselves that being the makeweight doesn’t appeal. Look at andros townsend – Dwight gayle. Gayle refused to have the deal announced as part exchange.

      Fact is at the moment we need 4 departures (loan or permanent) to allow 2 signings and if the signing are non-homegrown then at least 1 of the departures need to be non-homegrown.

      1. Not sure Sanogo is worth anything much to go with a cash deal, but I get your point about the swap deals. I would do 45 mil for Lacazette, which seems huge but the market is pretty messed up right now so it seems realistic.

        As for the departures, we can send a few on loan e.g. Bielik, Asano, Gnabry, Campbell even (the lad isn’t rated highly by Wenger for whatever reason so he needs a change). This should free up space for 2 players. IMO instead of ridiculous transfers (which are probably fabricated) like Higuain for 80mil/Giroud + 60mil or bloody Morata for 60 mil, we should go for Lacazette and Koulibaly, for a combined total of 70-80 mil. Its a colossal amount of money but if we want to compete with the big boys that is what is necessary.

  6. Things do not add up… & I’m no accountant!
    Mr.Wenger stated in may that Olivier Giroud was the 1st choice striker for the coming season.

    Now if what I read is to be believed, Napoli want a swap for Higuain + cash…. WTF is going on.

    I can’t see a new goal scorer at the arsenal banging in 20+ goals in their 1t season whoever they are (except Messi or cr7) so, I would prefer to keep O.G. and look for a player that would suit the style of football arsenal play….

    But whom?

      1. That might work at FIFA 15. Giroud + 40M worth at less 55M. But you see, de Laurentis is not computer AI.

    1. Dani, Id say that’s the main reason why Arsene does be so upset about negotiations getting leaked out. When we cannot pull them off it becomes more difficult to motivate and give a player confidence. With Vardy he could say, Oli, you were still the main man, I just wanted him for depth and pace. But with Higuain he cannot say ‘Higuain would be second option, behind Giroud, esp with Giroud used as the bargaining chip.

  7. I am sick and tired of hearing Morata’s and Vardy’s names still mentioned here, even if it as a reference point… We need to move on and concentrate on realistic targets. Real Madrid want to keep Morata and until they change their mind or Morata comes out stating that he would like to leave lets talk about other potential transfers instead of old news/loss causes…

    This season I don’t think that there are any more hiding places or excuses left for Prof. Wenger for not buying the WC players needed to help Arsenal achieve victories in all major cups (well at least the league and another cup, and not the usual 4th place in the league victory)…

    If Morata becomes available I’d be happy to see him at Arsenal but we will still need a WC RAM and CB. Tick tock, tick tock… time is running out!

  8. I rally don’t know what is going on with Mr Wenger he let jensen go to spurs and now he is diddling his finger around It looking like “we didn’t find the quality striker we needed ” we have a tough start with new shrewd managers around by October we could be in the relegation zone God forbid
    I recommend we voice our concern now rather in the middle of the competition so not to embarrass our selves in front of our opponents in the stands

  9. Enough of the Morata rumour already! It’s becoming silly! Besides he is not as good as some of us try to make him and he has a ridiculous price tag on him. Madrid can keep their over priçed average player.

  10. Lacazette please and keep Giroud. Both offer different options and give us a different method of attack.

  11. I so hope I am 200% wrong but to me it seems silly to think Wenger will spend 50 million or more on a striker. There is nothing in the man’s behavior that gives me any reason to believe he is serious about signing a world class striker or even a top striker.

    The rumors about Giroud plus cash for Higauin are also a stretch. With Welbeck out we need an other striker in addition to Giroud just to have some depth. Wenger clearly doesn’t rate Walcott or Campbell as serious options and he clearly rates Giroud highly. So why would he start the season with one striker in Higauin who is not PL proven AND spend 50 million or more? Doesn’t sound like the man I know. That’s more something Mourinho would do.

    If Wenger spends 35 million on a striker I would impressed but thats about as much as I could see him spend and in all honesty I am not waiting for it to happen. More chance he brings RVP back on the cheap.

    1. Lets face it; if Mr Wenger wanted a top top top striker, he would have purchased one by now!

      1. @iGooner, that’s what I would like to think. There are enough clubs who have signed strikers by now.

        To me, if you intend to sign a striker, the sooner you do it, the better your money spend.

        Strikers (or players) signed after the season started near the end of the transfer window, do not have the benefit of pre-season and there for take more time to adjust to their new team. This means, IMO, a delayed return on your investment. A striker who can start the season from day 1 has the ability to pay back immediately. Who knows, but the games against Liverpool and Leicester could be crucial so why not give yourself the benefit of a top striker to start these games?

        Unless my memory deserts me (and at my age that does happen), when Mourinho brought in Costa he started to chip in right from the beginning.

        If we had signed Lukaku I see little reason why he could not have started against Liverpool, same for Hernandez or Janssen or even Morata.

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