Arsenal’s most valuable academy graduate revealed – it will surprise you

Arsenal has prided itself with bringing players through their academy for many years. Some of the club’s academy graduates have gone on to develop good careers for themselves with the Gunners or with other teams.

Mikel Arteta has continued the tradition of bringing through youngsters from the academy and players who are yet to break through will continue to hope that their time will come.

The likes of Reiss Nelson, Bukayo Saka and Joe Willock have all come through the Arsenal youth set up into the club’s first team this season.

A recent study done by Carteret Analytics and cited by Sun Sports shows that the most valuable academy product at Arsenal at the moment is Ainsley Maitland-Niles.

It claims that the Englishman is more valuable than the likes of Bukayo Saka and Reiss Nelson who have also come through the ranks at Arsenal.

Maitland-Niles could be on his way out of the Emirates as Arteta doesn’t seem to fancy him.

He started as a midfielder, but he has been used as a full back more recently under Unai Emery and Arteta.

The report claims that his current value is £30.3m which is much more than Saka who is valued at £19m. They value Reiss Nelson at £16.1m and Joe Willock on £14.8m.

I have to say that surprises me big time, I would personally value Saka more than Maitland-Niles and possibly Willock but that is just my opinion.

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  1. The valuation is correct. Maitland-Niles is the most versatile, the most experienced and the most skillful of them all. But I think Willock, Saka and him have attitude problems, whereas Nelson seems to be the most determined one currently

  2. Saka less valued is a bit of a surprise, but not sure what people see in Willock. He definitely needs a loan spell, and honestly doesn’t seem ready to perform at this level.
    Our midfielders are poor overall, and with half decent players Willock probably wouldn’t get a sniff.
    I think ESR is better than Willock especially at playing as a 10, but hey I’m not experienced like Arteta and Edu, so what do I know.

  3. Saka is worth the most, I don’t care what this says. If we were to sell both players we would get a bidding war for Saka. His age, his potential, his character, he’s def worth more.

    Ainsley, we don’t even know his natural position. He says he’s a winger, wide right is his best position, fans say he’s CM or CAM, yet he had his best games at fullback, but he’s not yet ideal for fullback as he hasn’t got the experience with positioning down. I honestly don’t see a future at Arsenal for AMN not unless he knuckles down and sorts out his concentration and his confidence.

    If he is to stay at AFC, I think he has to see himself as a fullback and do everything in his power to try and improve in that position. I don’t see him winning a first team place in either of those other two positions, some friendly advice that the lad needs to take on board.

  4. Arsenal following the antics of the past Manager suffer a complex of opting for fine handsome faces.
    Saka from the beginning had been relegated. By chance of substitution forced by injuries, gave him the opportunity to shine.
    Saka is definitely my preferred academy advancement to the XI team.

  5. OT.. Watching Norwich v Southampton – just to see a drunken Delia at half time screeching “let’s be having you” at the cardboard cutouts 🤣

  6. I guess their contract is one of the reason, probably AMN has more years than Saka aside that I feel Saka is ahead. My opinion

  7. I will not join the “he inherited mediocre defence” “weak midfield” bandwagon. Same was said about Emery – “give him time, he got us to the final, we missed top 4 by a point, bla bla bla”. Look where he left us.
    Arteta is beginning to manifest Emery signs. How can Martinelli who was our best young player before Arteta arrived not get selected before Willock, Nketia and Nelson? As frustrating as Pepe can be, he still has that moment of magic in him. How is Guendouzi and Willock starting ahead of Ceballos? Why has Arteta failed to get Holding back to the level he was before his injury? Why did he drop AMN for Bellerin when he was beginning to own that position? As frustrating as Laca can be, is Nketia better than him? Why hasn’t he tried Auba in the middle to allow Martinelli and Saka fight for the left flank? If you want hold-up you play Laca, if not Auba should be in the middle, not Nketia.
    The signs are not encouraging. We shouldn’t have more than 1 youngster in attack and in midfield at a time. These are very clear to see.

  8. It is right, you just judge him on his RB role he got fed up with… When Bayern, Barca, Madrid or City buys him, and plays at his position; you will value way hire.

    Same for Nelson or even Saka who had to play as a LB, his value be 5 times that as a winger, his great stats be way higher as a Winger of course! . Common sense!

    Gendouzi valuens higher because he peformed well and for a longet period, Niles has been building up for 5 years into first team. Devellopment slowed down for over a year, used up as a RB and left home…

    our club is a total mess in term of general and football management!

    No coach on board, an assistant, tomorrow next game!

  9. Saka is lower just because its only his 1st real season in first team and his contract is expiring.
    He is the one most likely to succeed.
    AMN hasn’t improved one bit on his mental qualities like concentration or positioning and i believe that will be the reason he doesn’t succeed at arsenal Which is a shame considering his talent.

    Willock has the lowest ceiling and will be squad player only at best. Nelson seems to be shy and scared to fail which stops him from playing his best football. If he can get over that he will be a good player.

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