Arsenal’s move for Pablo Mari is not on the brink of collapse (video)

Media going into meltdown with some claiming Pablo Mari deal is on the verge of collapsing.

The Gunners have been looking to sign the defender on loan until the end of the season with a view to making the deal permanent for £7.5 million and that is still the plan despite Mari flying back to Brazil.

The Metro is among the media claiming that the deal is in danger, however, according to Sky Sports News, that was always the plan.

Apparently, Mari was said to have been disappointed about the outcome of his stay in London, what that disappointment is remains very much unclear.

But the media do love to jump the gun and having just watched Sky Sports transfer update they make it very clear that Mari was always going to return to his homeland while negotiations over the structure of the deal take place.

As things stand right now, Arsenal is still in talks with his representatives and the Gunners still believe that they can complete the deal before the transfer window ends in the next five days.

This video is an hour-long but if you zoom to roughly the 23-minute mark you can hear for yourselves the actual state of play.

Mikel Arteta has been open about his desire to sign a new centre back this month as the long term injury to Calum Chambers and the poor form of the likes of Shkodran Mustafi has made it imperative that they add new defenders to their squad.


  1. MA has said that he will improve mustafi and hinted that ge will move him in the summer.
    About Pablo mari i only saw the video of him with edu so the aftermath…?
    But i would love if we can get matvienko,the skills he display are superb.

  2. I read we cant afford the 9m fee which is why we want a loan first. I’d rather loan first anyway, this guy might turn out to be crap.

  3. I really liked what have seen about this guy in the game against Liverpool. He seem so confident in his ability and distribute passes well too.
    we actually dont have a natural left footed CB in the team so bringing him in is a huge plus for our defense.
    I hope the deal is completed soon enough so he can be part of the team(in the stand, bench or 11) against Burnley.

    i predict 3-1 for us tonight in the FA cup.

  4. No! Please no. Everyone whose voice count at Arsenal should make sure the deal falls through. No dilly dally.

  5. It makes me sick when the Spuds do good business and we fart around. It’s a few days from the close of the Window and it’s clear to see that, as usual, messing about over small money is a big thing with us. It’s not encouraging. I like Arteta, he has won me over, but the management team of Venkateshambles, Sanllehi, the Proxy board, and the Portfolio owners, make me wonder how we will ever ‘rise up’ as the song goes. How come Bayern, Juve, etc…find the funds to keep at the top? How come we are very poor at the time we are in most need?

        1. Yeah thanks for your help. It was your opinion I was looking for but you’re being as helpful as a chocolate fireguard🤭

  6. Do we really care about a CB in his mid-twenties plying his trade in Brazil? If he was decent, he wouldn’t be playing there. I would sooner give some of our youngsters a go instead.

    1. …and when we don’t get wins, we complain and blame the coach or even the players that have their limited capabilities. Youngsters need years of experience to blossom. Our penny-pinching biz model is the reason we remain in mid-table. Look at the top teams, they have top tier experienced players, it’s not a coincidence.

    2. Am thinking so. A good CB at that age in Brazil after playing in Europe? Am always glad to be proved wrong when it’s positive for the club.

  7. Why 3-1? Let’s go for a clean sheet at 2-0. Bournemouth will not give in easy as they’re playinhvat home! I’m ok with 1-0 win! Coyg!!

  8. To many people, pundits, supporters, ex players the way we do business has become a football in-joke. We are an advert for farce, confusion and some cheap, poor, business. It takes me back to when we offered £40,000,001 for Suarez and a few years later gave Ozil £350,000 a WEEK. Now we have bought Luiz and Socratis. Who chooses these players? Let them stand up and admit it.

  9. Your right Sean.Some horrendous errors of judgement have been made by our recruitment team and Management during the past 4/5 seasons yet those concerned seem to have escaped the wrath of the Arsenal fans.

  10. We have no money to spend, we are trying to get in loan signings and obviously the terms of transfer wasn’t discussed in full until now. Flamengo thought we were buying him outright and we dont want to commit to that until at least the summer. It will sort itself out one way or another.

  11. As I mentioned in a previous article,
    Gazidis and Wenger’s criminal
    recruitment decisions are still sadly
    suffocating the club to this day. To
    refresh every Gooners memory…

    1) Paid more for Xhaka than Kante

    2) Chose Mustafi over a less
    expensive, EPL expetienced VVD

    3) Refused to move on Sanchez to City
    for £60M when the Chilean openly
    refused to consider committing his
    future to Arsenal.

    4) Spent more for an over the hill
    Socratis when Soyuncu was begging
    to come to the Emirates.

    5) Commercial benefits aside, Ozil’s
    ridiculous contract extension.

    6) Letting Welbecks, Wilshere and
    Ramsey’s wind down and essentially
    losing all three for fee. A net
    loss of over £50M for a club that
    prides itself on a self sustained
    business model.

    7) See Gnarby, Malen and Bennacer.
    3 players sold for peanuts that
    would be pivotal first team
    players at the Emirates.

    The list goes on and on

    1. Hopefully the clowns that were in charge of transfers and business when these attrocious decisions were made, no longer have any influence, ACE. The fact that other clubs got some business done earlier in the transfer window in not necessarily negative.

    2. and yet, to some people on here, wenger is still enjoying god status. i will never know how that can be. we are still in debt precisely over his huge errors of judgement regarding some transfers and certain contracts. i think the fraud should never be spoken about again.

  12. Salenhi should focus on the Ukrainian kid hes nothing but pure talent a real ball palying CB, calm, makes the right decisions under pressure vs City’s attack, i could go on and on

  13. Not bothered that we are missing out on him, but a bad sign that we cannot get business done and get the players we want. Unless we have broken ground on geting a better player, this is bad news in terms of business conduct.

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