Arsenal’s new Adidas home kit leaked – What do you think?

Everyone has been dying to see the new Arsenal kit after we finally went back to Adidas after all these years, and I actually think it looks very traditional. Who knows whether its true or not but this ‘leaked’ kit looks remarkably real – and I like it a lot!

What do you think?



  1. I like the look of it, even if it is a fake!!
    OT so City came back.. albeit with some luck…. would have been completely different with VAR… the quadruple is still on!

    1. I do think it’s a bit unfair though with VAR in one game but not the other and as could be seen, it was vital in both games.
      I like the kit too but agree it’s just another fake.

  2. As long as it is slim fit like the previous Puma jersey

    One of the reasons of why I was attracted to Arsenal is because of their jersey’s color and design

    Adidas’ slogan is also perfect for Arsenal: “Impossible is Nothing”

    1. As I’ve said previously our games against Wolves and Watford could be our most difficult and season defining.

      1. Add to that Leicester City which is the top 10 and Burnley which is only 2 points above relegation zone having played 1 game more than Cardiff (18th).

        That’s 4 tough fixtures we have to play

  3. I don’t care that much about kits
    As long as we win, I don’t care if they play in their birthday suits

        1. I sure did only to watch United lose ?… first half was boring… 2nd half was better, obviously ? been a good day John…. now for Fulham & Everton to win tomorrow ?

          1. Oh I forgot Chelsea can leapfrog us ? I didn’t see the game Sue I had my little woman with me today just got in to check utd score had a good laugh, bet those utd fans aren’t sure of Ole now ? what was the goals like ? ?

            1. How is she? Haha I was quite expecting to see Ole out signs in the crowd ?? maybe at their next game hey?!
              Their 2nd goal was good!
              My nephew went to watch West Ham earlier… jeez they left it late!!!

              1. Huddersfield yeah looks a classic ? hahaha that’s coming soon Sue, they’ll be after Pochettino again ? and Thompson and LeTissier think utd will grab top 4 because they have Ole we have a manager who’s won 3 European titles and Ole who was sacked by Cardiff and managing in the Norwegian league is apparently better ? she’s great thanks Sue we had a good day out ??

                1. I really don’t like Thompson or Le Tiss. Charlie Nicholas argued with Le Tiss earlier over Xhaka’s goal… Le Tiss said as it was Xhaka, De Gea thought oh it’s only him I won’t be in any trouble here…. idiot!!! How many screamers has Xhaka scored??!
                  Well if it carries on, he may be going back to Norway sooner rather than later ?
                  Aww that’s good then ?

                  1. I read that Sue and I thought what an arrogant b**tard belittling a player on air ? bit like his goal at old Trafford a feeble shot that taibi let slip under his legs ? can’t stand that Scouse t*at either! Your right Xhaka has scored some wonder goals and if he was for sale tomorrow there would be plenty of takers! Haha how funny would that be ? you watching the game tomorrow Sue ?

                    1. Haha yes I’ll probably watch both Sue although hate watching Liverpool win and they’ll probably heavily beat Fulham they ship goals like a sinking boat ships water ? Man city were very lucky today what did your daughter say about it Sue ?

                    2. Yeah it could be an absolute annihilation! Will Babel come back to haunt them? ?
                      She was happy, said they were lucky, very lucky… kept on about Aguero’s thighs…. just the usual ?? she reckons they’ll win at least 1 more trophy… I do too

                    3. Hahahaha yous are loving his thighs ? yeah they might win everything Sue but I doubt it they’ll fall short somewhere just hopefully not to poch ? lol if he was our former player then yes he’d definitely score like all our former players haha I heard Monchi might not be coming now well that’s a blow ? overmars ?

                    4. I hope for her they do win all 4.. but that’d take something really special & I’m not sure they have it ?
                      Yeah I saw that… yes that’d be good if Overmars came back…
                      Did you see that article on Szczesny, talking about his former Arsenal teammates? Was really funny, he’s such a character!!
                      Anyway John time for sleep! Glad you had a nice day! Goodnight and let’s hope for another good day of football tomorrow ???

                    5. But then everyone will be say that city team is better than the invincibles ? I like overmars but prefer Monchi ? yeah I saw it online but didn’t read it, I’ll read it later haha ? let’s hope indeed Sue let’s see if your Babel prediction comes true ? alrighty, Goodnight Sue ??

              1. Well I’ve never heard of it John ? but if you say so then you could well be right ??
                I know you mentioned it on the other thread, but Ospina carried on playing after he’d collided with a player ?

                1. Everyone has heard that except you ? ? yeah I don’t know what’s going on Sue it looked bad ? Liverpool lucky today again Chelsea and the arrogant sarri beaten ?

                  1. Let’s hope he’s ok hey? Poor sod. Talk about jammy (& theatrical) did you see how Mane went down… jeez his arms were everywhere, I thought he was waving to all the Liverpool fans. A grown man doesn’t go down like that. I was absolutely gutted.. 1-1 would have done nicely ?
                    Yes it was good.. he was sucking on his fag & probably nearly choked on it when Richarlison scored ? they were crap & I can’t stand Alonso…. 3 points behind us ?

                    1. That’s the type of season they’re having Sue, everything is going their way.. I haven’t saw it but he’s probably taking diving lessons from Salah ? haha and to think most guys on here wanted Sarri to be next Arsenal manager.. I never understood why he’s won nothing and he’s 60 years old lol. We got Everton away too and our away form scares the life out of me ?

                    2. Yes diving lessons from Salah ? Mane’s up there now in the golden boot… Aguero on 18… then Salah, Mane, Auba & Kane all on 17… close!!!
                      I doubt he’ll be their manager next season!!
                      It does me too & to think we have 5 away!! We do usually end the season well, so I’ll stick by that, that we should be ok. It baffles me why we are so crap away though.. I don’t think any other team is as bad as we are ?

                    3. I think you’re right our away form is relegation form ? I don’t understand how we’re excellent at home but bloody rubbish away, if we can beat Everton first up then that should give us a little confidence ? mane has 18 ? Jesus where did he come from lol. If you say we’ll be ok then I’m listening ? you’re the new mystic meg ? well Sue 2 weeks until our next game, a lot of movies to watch in that time ?

                    4. Yes we’ll need a boost at Goodison Park ?
                      Haha me the new mystic meg?! It was a fluke ? probably won’t happen again for another decade!!
                      Oh that is so depressing! I’d better get looking on Netflix & Sky, plus go through all the dvds that I haven’t seen in ages… one thing’s for sure, I’m not watching England!! ?

                    5. I hope you don’t think my Europa League prediction was a fluke ? I could see the 2nd leg result in my mind ?? we’ll find out before the Newcastle game whether you fluked or not ? that’s a ground we’ve had some big results so another needed ? nope me neither I don’t support Harry Kane and his tottscum teammates ? Sue I have hundreds of dvds but don’t watch dvds anymore don’t even own a dvd player anymore ?

                    6. No… your Europa prediction was spot on!!
                      It sure is – like the 5-2 with Ozil’s header ? hopefully we’ll see some more of that!
                      Well you’ll have to binge watch on Sky then!! Catch up with good old Robson ?
                      Maybe watch Cobra Kai again, just to jog your memory for next month ?

                    7. No Robson, I’ve seen all that ? and also remember cobra Kai very well too ? John Kreese walking into the gym at the end ? haha yeah didn’t Billy Joel score too ? there’s actually tons of new films out that I haven’t seen I’ll delve into Kodi during the internationals ?

                    8. Billy Joel ?? haha yes he did!
                      Well Kodi will keep you busy! Me – I’ll settle for stranger things & old MOTDs where we hammered the spuds ? and will still be on here! We’ll cope just about John ? there are some weird films on that Kodi right?
                      Well I’m going to call it a night John.. goodnight John ??

                    9. Think of Netflix Sue where there’s limited movies and TV shows to watch then there’s Kodi which has everything you could ever think of, It’s Netflix and prime rolled into one and then SOME ? haha you’ll enjoy those old MOTD no doubt ? haha the piano Man ?? goodnight Sue ??

  4. OT…Well that’s another record we will hold on to, the most successful club in FA cup history.
    Add that to the Invincibles and I’m feeling quite content after today’s results.
    I think Wolves result is also good for us, as they will, surely, turn their attention to the semi final, first one since we beat them at Villa Park.
    As for the shirt, as long as the cannon is visible and big enough for the players to kiss when we win the CL next year, I couldn’t care less!!!!

    1. One other record Ken, never been outside the top flight since 1919. That makes it 100 years this year?

      1. What a club we all support….100 years of top flight football and we all stilll moan about our wonderful Arsenal!!!!

        It’s brilliant when us fans can get together and celebrate what made The Arsenal, without any aggravation or name calling others…still can’t believe that the old board let kronkie get his hands on it though…come on Fulham!!!

  5. We want you to stay we want you to stay mr solskjaer we want you to stay
    Repeat.. repeat… repeat etc??????

  6. Personally ,and provided we keep red shirts and white shorts, I couldn’t give a tinkers damn over something so overhyped and made out to be important, WHEN IT IS NOT, about corporate led constant kit changes. Why can’t all you who worry about such petty things clearly see you are merely BEING MANIPULATED by corporate sharks! The corporate profit makers are our enemy and the enemy of mankind. Only those who can REALLY think, even recognise the con they are pulling for the con it is. Sigh! I long for the days when adverts were completely absent from our ground, our programme and our kit. Double SIGH!!! THE WHOLE BLOODY ADVERTISING AND MARKETING CON INDUSTRY IS NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF LEECHES WHO DO NOTHING BUT MAKE THEMESELVES RICH. They are on the same slimy level as players agents. OUR players NEED kit. They do NOT NEED ADVERTS!

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