Arsenal´s new dream team will only get better!

Neither of them are new signings for Arsenal and both have had plenty of good moments for the Gunners in previous seasons, but it is starting to look like this current campaign will be the best ever in an Arsenal shirt for two of the current Gunners, Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott.

And maybe it is no coincidence, because they appear to be tailor made for each other and are certainly helping each other shine on the pitch. Ever since the German midfield star became the record Arsenal transfer when signing from Real Madrid a couple of years ago, people have suggested that he needs a striker with better pace and movement than Olivier Giroud to really get the best out of him.

Unfortunately for us and the England international, Walcott has been out of action due to injury for most of Ozil´s time as a Gunner, but now he is fully fit again and Arsene Wenger is giving him plenty of chances to show what he can do with Ozil´s undoubted creative ability.

The answer is, quite a bit. Metro have this week published a stunning stat about the two, showing that in the 1,495 minutes they have both been on the pitch for Arsenal, Walcott and Ozil have contributed directly to an incredible 51 goals.

That means that it has taken on average less than half an hour for one, the other or both to score or set up a goal when playing together. And they are still developing their understanding so we can safely assume that this new Arsenal dream team will just keep getting better as long as they both stay fit. Is that the only thing that will stop Ozil and Walcott leading Arsenal to the Premier League title this season?

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  1. Of course I have pointed this out several times here. But Giroud worshippers like AKB’s if they aren’t the same are a very stubborn bunch that rarely look at things realistically and objectively.

    You can’t buy Ozil and stick Giroud up there as the striker. You just can’t. It is a bloody waste of money. Might as well not sign Ozil. You need pace, trickery, guile, dribbling, finishing, unpredictability etc.
    Walcott’s skill-set might not exactly encompass all of these but he fits this bill better than Giroud and hence it is understandable that Ozil would do as well as he is doing with Walcott on the pitch.

    1. Can you not celebrate a player without laying into another one at the same time. And also niggling away at fellow supporters. Why do you find it so hard to believe that we have fans who appreciate Giroud, he averages about twenty odd goals and ten to fifteen assists. It’s not world class numbers and nobody says it was but it doesn’t mean it has to go unappreciated.

      1. He doesn’t hate Giroud. He just feels Giroud isn’t good enough to win the title. To win the PL you need an excellent finisher. Giroud scores once in a while and I appreciate every goal, but at the end of the day he is what he is. An average to slightly above average striker.

        Over the past decade plus look at the CF who won Pl: Costa, Aguero, Drogba, RVP, Van Nistleroy, Tevez, Henry, Bergkamp. I would not put Giroud in that company.

        Walcott isn’t the perfect CF but he is more likely to put ball in the net than Giroud.

        I was hoping for a Top striker this summer but did not materialise.

      2. Well according to whoscored Giroud has never scored 20 goals and has never provided more than 8 assists in a season as an arsenal player and this is his 4th season with Arsenal so it is not true that he he averages 20 goals and 15 assists. These are facts.

        1. Giroud had 11 assists his first season as an arsenal llayer so I don’t know where your getting your “facts” from

    2. Yes. Imagine if someone like Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic or even someone like Jackson Martinez was on the receiving end of Ozil’s passes
      An assist only happens if the Ball goes in the net.

      Giroud and Welbeck score some goals but miss so many chances. Welbeck has time to improve but at 29, Giroud is at his best and he is simply not good enough to be main CF to win PL.

      Welbeck is a poorer finisherand holder of the ball than Giroud but faster than Giroud. Giroud is a better finisher but still not a good enough finisher.

      Walcott is not perfect as you say but is definitely a better finisher than either of them. He is improving. We need Theo to be injury free to have a chance at PL.

      In terms of attack, Theo, Alexis and Ozil are our main trio.

  2. I like having an Arsenal starting XI where there’s not one player I look at and think ‘he’s rubbish’ or ‘not good enough’. Instead I think we have a very strong team. There’s certain positions where I still think ‘could be better’, but on the whole it’s a good team we have.

    That’s not to say it’s quite done with inadequate players. There aren’t any in our best XI, but quite a few in our squad…

  3. stats show that when theo an ozzy are on the pitch together they contribute in a goal everu 29.5 minute
    Anothe state tells we are yet to concede in premiere league while paulista is on the pitch

  4. Can’t wait for us to be able to play a front three of Welbeck, Walcott and Sanchez. Oh, why did Welbeck have to be injured at this time? ☹

    1. @twig
      i agree with you that ramsey sometimes seems to be the weakest link and you want to exchange him with danny but i don’t know why i feel that ramsey brings the stability in the midfield with his stamina and if he gave the pre-assist for the first and third goal against manu

  5. Let’s stop bashing our bench and get behind the team. It seems players like giroud and ospina have lost confidence because of the constant criticizing of our own fans. Let’s not forget these two were key in the second half of last season so let’s try to appreciate what we have at the moment and back up our subs when called upon.

    Theo is awesome and well, mesut is the man. Ozil came to arsenal when many of our better players had given up on the club and has since picked up a few medals with us. This year I’m hoping he continues to pick up silverware.

    And yeah, more blitz football please…

  6. Giroud is a top striker but we need a world class Henry type striker with skills and pace that will bring the best out of Ozil an the other midfielders . Right now Walcott is brilliant. As others mentioned injuries to Jim never really create that partnership with Ozil. Welbeck I feel will be a huge player when back and if fully fit will terrorize defences with his and walcott pace, add Sanchez to the mix or even Ox , then it will be a potent frontline. What I don’t understand is that we had the best striker ever, in Henry, even Ian wright. Why don’t Arsenal employ these guys to coach our youngsters and guys like well beck. We saw adebayor learn from Henry , with some composed clinical goals. Right now Henry is available, surely the club can use him. Akpom is a great talent, as s Alex iwobi. And I hear that young willock is something. This will save the club those massive millions in the trf Mkt. We’ve seen well beck with his pace and skill finish spur and utd but in many instances miss a lot of goals as he did in utd. Similarly in the midfield we have Ozil, Cazorla, sanchez, Rosicky that are world class, start getting youngsters like zalelem when back from loan involved with them. I like the new recruit Adelaide. What a future he’s gonna have. I was really disappointed we did not go for Martial, but that is history now, we must motivate our youngsters. Our team is gonna get better, they need to how the same form and attitude like they did
    against utd. I sense if we beat Bayern, we gonna have a brilliant season. Provided everyone’s injury free.

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