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Arsenal’s new home kit – Pink it is then….

A couple of weeks ago we saw some apparently “leaked” mockups of the new Arsenal home kit for 2018/19, and I must admit i wasn’t impressed with the pink armbands on both arms, but now with the first leaked publicity pics it looks like it really is true….

So, what do you think now? Will everyone be queueing up to buy this in a few weeks?


37 thoughts on “Arsenal’s new home kit – Pink it is then….

      1. Handyandy1

        Canon’s still round the wrong way I see. Can we get rid of the cartoon canon and get the old classic one back please? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Sean

    Just another mistake by Arsenal in general. Why not the red instead of pink?

    OT: Ozil wants showdown talks as he & a few other are not impressed by Arteta coming in?

    So players not happy, fans not happy & Puma having a laugh!

      1. RSH

        I’m actually delighted to hear some players dont like the appointment. These players need to start feeling uncomfortable and I hope Arteta wields the axe on some of them. The free paychecks some of these players get for minimal effort needs to end and I hope Arteta is the guy to do this. Thinking positive.

  2. GB

    I donโ€™t mind it but still think itโ€™s a fake. Also notice the sock tops are pink too.

    1. Maks

      For me too… this is a future of Arsenal. I am very happy that we have them.
      Let them dress full in pink and let them win!

  3. Ronny

    Don’t care what it looks like as long as they play well in it!
    I do favour the dark colours though with a bit of neon ๐Ÿ™‚ the dark blue and yellow 3rd kit I bought a season a go is one of my favs.

    I’ve been reading all the articles about Arteta and the invaluable inside knowledge that pep will have given him.
    Yes true but the most important thing is the person and personality being recruited. If you want to gain an insight into peps skills, (and klopps) then get someone to take notes whilst watching back every episode of motd covering city at their best and sky bt sports etc. **this is not me being sarcastic but deadly serious**
    The fierce pressing to win the ball back instantly, the wing backs coming inside to confuse the opposition. The attackers setting traps against other teams trying to play out etc etc.
    It’s all been discussed and highlighted on television.
    What also should be noted is that 1. City have quality throughout the team compared to us. 2. Pep is the reason they are top of he pile, (fierce, will not lose, give everything mentality). Which comes back to the person not methods.
    If pep coached you 1-1 you’d perk up your ears as you know his reputation and he’s charismatic, if Arteta did this you’d think ‘fook off what do you know? Teach me about passing side to side!’ Not fair but in my eyes he just wouldn’t be believable.

  4. RSH

    I thought armbands were red? Ugly nonetheless and can’t wait for Puma to be gone. They’ve made some horrible kits.

  5. Ronny

    Agree with you on puma having not been a success.
    Kappa please like the Napoli kit ๐Ÿ™‚
    Likely Nike or Adidas I guess.

  6. ks-gunner

    I hope that our puma deal comes to its end soon enough. But to be honest even some of the nike ones where very ugly. Adidas all the way.

  7. Barren

    1.maybe arsenal fc don’t want other teams to no our budget in case they asking mad prices for their places??? If we sed we had 200mil sokratis and seri wud be priced way much more ???? And maybe we don’t want our rivals in England to no how much we prepared to spend bcoz of transfer targets???
    2.arterta might be able to coach bellerin,kolasinac and iwobi and make them better players.
    3.I’m trusting in sven and raul not so much Ivan the terrorist.
    4.if we cud sort out our team b4 pre-season get decent fixtures things might end up good!!!!
    5.get a good young enthusiastic coaching team with arteta.
    6.I will be 100% behind the team

  8. jon fox

    I have nothing at all against footballers of either sex wearing pink, PROVIDED it is their club colours. Ours is red and white and I always want us to wear precisely this at all times, EXCEPT when it clashes with say, Liverpool, Man Utd and other teams in red. This farce of so many other strips is just a commercial con designed to fleece already hard pressed fans for yet more money to go into filthy rich players and their parasite agents disgusting pockets. We all know this already, so WHEN is someone actually going to DO something to change this con?

    1. Sean

      Spot on sir ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Stick to the club values they said? Didnt see pink as are club colour, maybe an odd navy appearance but always Red & White for the home top!

    2. Ingleby

      Completely agree. Bring back the old away strip of all white with red piping as well.

  9. Ackshay

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