Arsenal’s new positivity is brilliant – Now let’s have a fast start..

The DMs are coming! by Konstantin Mitov

Well my friends, the latest victory of our turnaround comes as we’ve FINALLY signed a real defensive midfielder. Such a figure has been absent since the days of Gilberto Silva. And let’s jump straight onto a quote from his interview.

Because ‘garra charrua’ means that we give all we have inside. We give all we have to our football, our jersey and our country. We do our best because every time we enter the pitch we represent our family and friends, the most important people for us.

Welcome to Arsenal 2018 where hard work and giving everything sits on top. The guy had a good world cup, especially considering the fact he hadn’t played much international football before. His main purpose will be to protect the defence. Something we didn’t have in the likes of Denilson or Song, but we had in Coquelin, just not up to the standard required.

We’ve also added Matteo Guendouzi. A very highly rated young French DM, and my god, do you see the amount of talent coming back from France? They cruised it through the final of the world cup and they’re still to play at their very best. Signing the next generation reminds me of the days we snapped up Anelka and Henry. I am perhaps getting a bit carried away, but the new Arsenal is so nice, I can’t get enough of it right now!

That makes it FIVE players already and yes you aren’t dreaming. It all has happened before mid-July! We didn’t have a lot of players at the world cup either, so most of our squad will be ready for the start of the season! In contrast Spurs and City dominate the world cup and we should be taking advantage of this.

Remember how many slow starts we’ve had in recent times? At Arsenal people for a very long time have ignored the little details that paint the big pictures. For example we’ve just signed Chris Morgan, who will be joining our medical staff from Crystal Palace where he spent the last 2 years, having been at Liverpool for 11 before that.

We were broken everywhere, not just the players on the pitch, but the board, the backroom staff, the manager, the coaches and so on. Now we’re sweeping clean – left, right and center – and it’s extremely important we gel those people together as quickly as possible.

We now have a very big squad. What will we do with the likes of Joel Campbell, Jenkinson, Lucas Perez, Holding, Emi Martinez and Takuma Asano? I know they have different stories, but I suspect at least half of them will be loaned out at least. We’re moving on Ospina and luckily we cleared out Wilshere.

And speaking of Jack, Wenger didn’t miss an opportunity to embarrass himself again by comparing a player who’s main superpower was being injured to one of the greatest players of all time in Messi. Not that the results Arsene put Arsenal through weren’t a joke enough.

Anyway, things are all very good while everybody is all smiles after a nice summer break, but the season starts against Man City and if we’re to cut the gap this season, Emery will need to know his best squad or at least have a decent idea about it or we might turn out as another Liverpool (from a few seasons ago). Signing a lot of players and then wondering how to ship them out when it doesn’t work.

I am positive this will not be the case here. A large number of people who have worked at some of Europe’s best teams are working on our project now. We don’t sign players from Southampton and West Brom, with all my respect. We’ve mixed youth and experience we’re very focused on work. Something we didn’t do for the large part of the last 10 years.

We’re building Dortmund 2.0 with a touch of Barcelona. I’d like us to replicate the model of Juventus, a team who won endless Serie A titles in a row and got to two champions league finals in a row, without breaking the bank, but by being smart and taking players like Pogba, Tevez, Vidal, Khedira and so on who seemed unneeded in their previous teams and built a solid working machine. And when the opportunity struck, they went and bought Cristiano Ronaldo.

Arguably the best player right now and despite his age of 33, getting him is an unbelievable achievement. Just the number of shirts he will sell and the amount of people who will follow Juventus due to his signature is ridiculous. We’re at least five-years behind their project, despite being richer and taxing a lot more for tickets with a stadium that has a mere 20 thousand more seats!

We have to start rebuilding somewhere though. Now attention shifts to the work of the backroom staff. I think the board and Ivan G have done a sublime job so far, let’s hope Emery and the boys continue this trend!



  1. gotanidea says:

    Actually Coquelin was great when Cazorla orchestrated the play alongside him. But Coquelin seemed not to have high stamina

    From all the fringe players you mentioned, I think only Perez would stay, if Arsenal cannot get a new winger

    Speaking of Juventus, when will they get Mustafi? I bet Ozil would really love to reunite with Khedira and Ronaldo at Juventus, hence we can also offer him to them, maybe with Douglas Costa as a part of the deal

    1. Harkinz says:

      see u do u wanna empower juve wit all power having a player of ozil status alongsyd ronaldo dyabala higuian u must be kidding

    2. philip says:

      I can’t see how guys never see Ozil’s brilliance but only his style of play,

  2. snowden says:

    I am sure you mean well but you sound like a West Ham supporter. Blowing bubbles. Blowing bubbles, blowing bubbles and bubbles and bubbles.

    1. jon fox says:

      Your post is meaningless and impossible to understand. Why write in riddles?

      1. snowden says:

        Nice one Jon Fox. Keep them coming.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          Lol nice one job fox ,you got abit of brown on your nose m8

      2. Jag says:

        Jon fox from you that’s priceless, the master of crap and rubbish. Amazing that you didn’t mention Wenger does that mean you’ve moved on?

        1. Mickew says:

          ? well said Jag.

        2. jon fox says:

          Jag, Well have you any idea what he means with all his “bubbles” riddle , cos it is meaningless drivel to me? As you are clearly far cleverer than me , please explain in clear English what he means. If you can do so without any further abuse of me, that would be much appreciated. I would hate to think you an oaf, so please prove me wrong.

  3. T2T says:

    We now have to look hard on who we should move on:
    Arsenal squad 2018/19 – 30 (28) / 9 HG
    Goalkeepers – 4 / 1 HG
    1 Petr Cech 20/05/82
    13 David Ospina 31/08/88
    19 Bernd Leno 04/03/92
    26 Damien Martinez 02/09/92 (HG)

    Defenders – 11 / 4 HG
    2 Hector Bellerin 19/03/96 (HG)
    5 Sokratis Papastathopoulos
    6 Laurent Koscielny 10/09/85
    12 Stephan Lichtsteiner 16/01/84
    16 Rob Holding 20/09/95 (HG)
    18 Nacho Monreal 26/02/86
    20 Shkodran Mustafi 17/04/92
    21 Calum Chambers 20/01/95 (HG)
    25 Carl Jenkinson 08/02/92 (HG)
    27 Konstantinos Mavropanos 11/12/96
    29 Matteo Guendouzi 14/04/1999 (Y)
    31 Sead Kolasinac 20/06/93

    Midfielders – 8 (5) / 1 HG
    4 Mohamed Elneny 11/07/92
    7 Henrikh Mkhitaryan 21/01/89
    8 Aaron Ramsey 26/12/90 (HG)
    10 Mesut Ozil 15/10/88
    11 Lucas Torreira 11/02/96
    15 Ainsley Maitland-Niles 29/08/97 (HG) / Y
    22 Jeff Reine-Adelaide 17/01/98 (HG) / Y
    34 Granit Xhaka 27/09/92

    Strikers – 8 / 3 HG
    9 Alexandre Lacazette 28/05/91
    14 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 18/06/89
    17 Alex Iwobi 03/05/96 (HG)
    23 Danny Welbeck 26/11/90 (HG)
    28 Lucas Perez 10/09/88
    32 Chuba Akpom 09/10/95 (HG)
    Takuma Asano 10/11/94
    Joel Campbell 26/06/92

    A maximum of 25 players born before 1/1/97 and of those a maximum of 17 who are not “home grown” (HG). Another kind of challenge…

    1. gotanidea says:

      Great post bro

      Suppose the following players leave, will this solve that quota problem?

      – GKs: Ospina, Martinez
      – Defenders: Koscielny, Mustafi, Jenkinson
      – Midfielders: Ozil, Xhaka
      – Strikers: Akpom, Asano, Campbell

      1. Andrew E says:

        You want to get rid of Ozil and Xhaka, the only two creative players we have? Who is going to set up the chances if Ozil goes? We can’t afford it, Man City just paid £60m for Mahrez and apparently Liverpool have offered £80m for Dybala.

        I agree on the rest except I would add Iwobi who has had his chance(s) and failed. Looks good at times but can’t finish for nuts.

      2. Trudeau says:

        If this is accurate I don’t see a problem, 16 players born before 97 and not homegrown, 17 if perez stays (I’m assuming Ospina is as good as gone). Or am I reading this wrong.

      3. Amitosh says:

        Midfield we are still thin, Kos will stay for sure. and not sure how we can get rid of Jenk,Martinez and Danny as they are home grown too. Max one of them can go, and hope its Danny

    2. Arsene is Out says:

      32 Players. Needs to come down to 24-25 which is the norm for the season plus maybe a couple of additions for cup games from the Academy team.
      These players will probably be out this summer.
      Ospina, Martinez ,Mustafi, Holding(Loan), Jenkinson, JRA(Loan or Academy), Welbeck, Asano, Campbell. That’s 7 out and 2 loans bringing the total to 23 players and we have Nelson and Nketiah who will probably get some game time this season.
      If we can get around 40M for the above clear out we could probably be in for a winger.

    3. Akan says:

      If we are going to win anything this season we need to complete the project
      Please, please please, PLEASE…. SIGN WILFRED ZAHA

    4. Akan says:

      Sell the problems

      Ramsey and Xhaka

    5. Enock says:

      Matteo Guendouzi is a DM, Macey is also part of the squad. It is a tricky balance to achieve to cut down to 25, even harder is are we going to use 3 or the conventional 4 at the back, 2 DM’s or 1. Dare to dream gunners!

  4. samuel says:

    Its great that Arsenal have refocused from the Arsene Wenger era.I’m happy for the new recruits buts lets hope that we don’t loose to man city on the very first day cos it will really dampen our morale for the season. COYG’s

    1. Angus says:

      Why does everyone keep saying this? We made 2 mil profit and the give an take on that is not going to be massive. Then we spend what 50 mil and your talking big changes? Club is run the same. Emery gets his turn to turn dust into gold dust. I’m optimistic we might take top 4 again which is important but what Wenger got killed for prior to his actual 2 year failings.

      1. Angus says:

        2mil last year

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          Unfortunately Angus you are right. The trinity have selected players to address the defensive deficiencies in the previous squad, trying to find value in the market. The changes to the backroom/support staff have been positive over the last 12 months. The attack is looking good with Arsenal fans looking forward to a full season of Aubameyang, Lacazette, Mhikataryan, Perez and Ozil playing together in various combinations with a well drilled disciplined defense, including at last a specialist DM behind them.
          However, there is still considerable pressure on Unai Emery to make the Arsenal perform as a team, greater thsn the sum of its parts.

  5. Dotash says:

    Good mood today

  6. Drew says:

    I know Ozils “laziness” pisses us most of us but im excited to see what he can do with Torriera behind him, a LW like Perez and Lacca on the right and Auba up top. Thats potent!

    1. Andrew E says:

      I think that it’s a media myth that Ozil’s lazy. He has a different style, he doesn’t run around like a blue ar**d fly like Iwobi but he does provide more chances and assists than anyone in the EPL. As an example he has produced 50 EPL assists to Wilshere’s 17 and has scored 27 goals to Jack’s 8. More assists than Mahrez, Coutinho, De Bruyne and Silva.

      Ozil needs runners who can finish and has now got them and, as you say, someone to protect his back. We haven’t had a decent mobile striker since Henry and Giroud should never have been at the club, nice bloke but can’t finish for toffee. He has yet to have a shot on target at the World Cup!!

      Let’s get behind Mesut next season, he has had enough stick from his own countryman, then judge him at the end of the season.

      1. Andrew E says:

        ‘Countrymen and women’!!!

        1. OzzieGunner says:


      2. Angus says:

        It’s crazy how high he performs compared to others and gets slated particularly as his big game record isnt that bad across the bad and is straight fantastic in ARSENAL PLAYER terms.

  7. Declan says:

    It’s not 5 new players a Konstantin, it’s 6. We also signed the young striker from Sunderland.

    1. RSH says:

      hes not for 1st team though

      1. Declan says:

        Very true but a good prospect though.

  8. Aricha says:

    IVAN PERISIC can he play as our new left winger? good performance today

  9. Aussie Jack says:

    I`ll keep my comments to myself until the season approaches Christmas but it looks like Mr.Emery knows what he`s doing and isn`t afraid to put his foot on the accelerator to get what he wants. The new names are strange to me but those more involved seem happy enough will his purchases. Based on his `signing on` interview I`ll ring Torreira as my player to follow.

  10. Aussie Jack says:

    No mention has been made of ex Arsenal stars joining the coaching staff, is this still on the cards?

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