Arsenal’s new signing content with the way he dealt with Neymar

It was extremely interesting to watch Brazil v Switzerland yesterday, considering the fact that the worth of the South American side is up in the billions of euros, while the Swiss side cost peanuts. In fact the 34 year-old Switzerland captain Stephan Lichtsteiner has just arrived at Arsenal for nothing, so the Gunners didn’t have to win one jackpot from the bonus offers on, while his direct opponent yesterday Neymar Jr cost PSG a cool €222m fee when he arrived from Barcelona last summer. How many jackpots would you need to win to pay that sort of money!

But Lichtsteiner kept the Brazilian pretty quiet, and the new Gunner was very pleased with the way him and his team-mates kept the superstar in check during the game, although he admitted he was worried about picking up a booking or two. “It’s very difficult playing him.” said Lichtsteiner. “He’s fast, he’s technical, you need to keep up with him all the time because he’s dangerous. It’s a big challenge.

“And I was a little bit worried about the referee. Every time he fell down it was a whistle, a foul so that was a bit of a challenge.

“You think to yourself ‘don’t be too aggressive’ because every time he goes down it’s a foul. So, because of that, I had to be a bit careful.”

You certainly can’t knock our new signing for the cool way he dealt with Neymar, but the whole of the Brazilian side are packed with talent, and Lichtsteiner believes that it is the team spirit in the Swiss side that helped them to play together and contain their illustrious opponents. “We are a mix I think. We are physical and we defend well – but we also attack. We showed that.

“We knew Neymar was a danger so it was very good teamwork on the right side with Valon Behrami, Fabian Schaer and me closing him down.

“It was almost a perfect game. It’s important to have this teamwork in the next game because we’ll have new situations.

“Maybe it’s an advantage to play a big team like Brazil first in the group. Maybe they don’t know us that well, they don’t have the feeling for the tournament.

“The first game is never easy for a big team in the first game. But Switzerland have a good team – and we got a good point.”

They certainly do have a good team, despite the fact that the didn’t cost billions. Perhaps Arsenal are looking at this and are thinking of bringing in some more cheap “team players” like Lichtsteiner rather than splash out on individual geniuses that are never worth the ridiculous sums of money being bandied about…..


  1. Experience is what the 34 year old brings to the Emirates. I hope Bellerin is taking notes and getting a hair cut. And good luck to all the English fans. You guys will need it with your track record and the WC

    1. I’d love to hear the reasoning behind why fans think they have nay right at all to criticize a footballers appearance. His hair doesn’t affect his performances but fans slagging him off about his lifestyle choices have every chance of knocking them down a notch or two. Its so disheartening to hear fellow ‘fans’ constantly criticizing players who they are supposed to be supporting.

      1. Beaveraldinho,
        Agree completely and you know what makes me laugh?
        When he has a go at the fans, they become infuriated at the audacity of the man to criticise THEM!!
        Just like the Spud fans cheering when Walcott was put on the stretcher, he gave them two fingers to indicate the score!!
        They were horrified by the completely uncalled for response and complained to the FA… moron’s each and every one of them.
        Sadly, for me that’s Walcott’s most endearing memory during his Arsenal’s stay.

        1. Seems that Emery has Bellerin in his future plans
          . According to reports there are five players he is insistent on staying…
          The report doesn’t seem to mention Ozil and I guess that Xhaka having signed a new contract doesn’t appear either.
          Personally I’m very pleased with the five above, but if this is true, worried about the future of Ozil especially.

    1. People will doubt what is already written in the stars.I thought AS Roma were about to hijack?What happened?According to media they were about to hijack.Laughable.So happy to see everything is coming out now .
      The Soyuncu doubters will also be laughing at the wrong side of their mouth very very soon.

      Can also see reports making rounds that Torreira to be announced tomorrow?Yes before Wednesday as I said.
      Frankie de Jong is within our sight and interest is very concrete.

      1. I haven’t seen anything about Frenkie de Jong coming to Arsenal but if true he’s not the icing on the cake of a good transfer window, he’s the cake.

      2. I rate soyuncu highly but I have doubts on torreira his stats are good but my eyes fear for his small stature against lukakus of this league

      3. This is why people come for your head when your rumours fail to materialize. You’re gloating about the deals that are yet to become reality and forget it is not about you but all about the club and the players. The players come if they want to and the club agrees with them and the parent clubs. So as all the deals stand, they are all rumour to us until we see them on official site. I enjoy reading your transfer update though. Keep them coming.

        1. I’m not gloating.This isnt an achievement in any form so I dont see why I should.Its very painful when someone disrespects another just because of posting transfer news.Its not nice to disrespect another just because of transfer news.I know its not about me thats why I havent forged any deal or player from the top of my head.I’m only stating what the club is currently doing and reality of things on the ground.

  2. We have two good players in each position, except good wingers

    Hopefully we can get Bailey, Neres or Malcom. We can forget about Shaqiri

    1. Some here in the previous artucles were saying Lichtsteiner was roasted and for some he backpocketed Neymar and co.Which is which?I didn’t watch the match so I’m struggling to find the truth.

      1. Those people were either fifa 18 expert or who haven’t actually seen him play. I say as a backup rb he is one of the best in the league. Not everyone can pump oil and buy 2 Rb in the same window for 80m.

  3. England in first half: Henderson pulled off a Pirlo-esque pass, Alli was very good, Walker did unnecessary foul, Maguire misplaced several passes

    If they had Ozil or Wilshere in their squad, they would not be as quick and as direct as this, as those extra playmaking stuffs would only slow down their attacks. I believe their 3-5-2 strategy would bring them far in this competition

    1. Man you really don’t like ozil huh. England is tied with Tunisia, probably the worst team in this competition at the moment. Btw, ozil is not like Wilshire who slows down plays, he usually releases the ball quickly.

      1. Tunisia have it in them to cause a real upset.Its not over yet.The 3-5-2 is really really helping England defensively.

    2. Remember I told you that they’ll struggle to score because their wingers are not the goalscoring type or even really the assistive type.Their players are just normal.I can see why they rely and will continue rely on Kane.Wont shock me if they hammer Tunisia in the 2nd half as they have been poor but remember this that Tunisia have it in them to cause havoc.The England formation is also really helping them defensively.

    3. Jesus …. Why Ramsey gets away with his average performance with occasional flash of brilliance .. Henderson spent most of game going sideways or back … England’s midfield is why this team will not advance beyond last 16 .. Henderson lingard alli were very average against a team whose top players are championship level … Wilshire was the kind of player needed and would try loftus cheek in central role … Young only playing cox he’s at man utd … I am surprised wenger didnt triy to sign McGuire given his ease at making stupid mistakes

  4. Goalkeeper is the most important position in a team ,I’m worried to hear that we are almost signing an average keeper who was Left out of the world cup.Analyst even on sky sports say Leno is error prone.If we are not looking for a world class keeper then forget it and give our youth a chance

    1. Atleast , he’s a penalty specialist . he saved 5 out of the 8 penalties he saved last season. and he’s a great passer

      1. Am not a Wilshere fan but i really feel he is needed in this crap of a team. It is a big shame for England to assemble this kind of team….smh…..

        They should just play a back four.






        1. england are average and so is wilshere. People keep saying wilshere is good, but every time he plays he disappoints. His stats are bang average. His reputation alone is based off of one game against barcelona. Would not help this England team because Southgate rightfully picked midfielders that are better than him

        2. Wilshere would only slow down England’s attacks and slower tempo would not bring the English players’ best asset, their physical abilities

          England’s 3-5-2 and Belgium’s 3-4-2-1 could work very well in World Cup, because they are more defensive than the usual 4-2-3-1

        3. People will tell you he’s average and he won’t do better than those who are already starring.A player’s quality whether average,good or world class is seen at his at his best.When a player is deemed to be average,good or world class it means at their best that’s their quality.
          Also some feel Wilshere has also had only one brilliant match in an Arsenal shirt.Its like how people rate Coquelin.They only remember him after his Charlton loan.Ask them about his past and they cant say nothing.Lots of people forget too easily.

      2. The Arsenal youth keeper Joao Virginia has the potential to be a world class keeper.I’m talking of the Oblak kind of talent.No jokes.He will be world class and at worst will be our second choice keeper.

    2. You notice every player that chooses to sign for Arsenal automatically is viewed in a negative light. Let’s take Mkhitaryan for example – had he been going to Man City in January everybody would be like a quality player misused by Mourinho and Pep is a Genius. But because he was signing for Arsenal everybody kept talking about bench warmer etc. When Mkhitaryan in his final season for Dortmund managed 32 assists!!! Not even Kevin De Bruyne could manage that in a season yet they scoffed at Mkhi. The lesson here is the media is Anti-Arsenal – it always was don’t take anything they say too seriously.

      1. have only seen the media say good things about Torreira. Miki was skeptical because he was average for United, that’s not so hard to put together.

      2. I’m really curious to see how Emery can stuff Mkhitaryan, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil and Torreira in the central area

  5. According to The Daily Mirror, Emery has informed Hector Bellerin he is one of a five ‘untouchable’ players. It’s believed Alexandre Lacazette, Granit Xhaka, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Henrikh Mkhitaryan are the other players on Emery’s list.

    Any ideas on who the other four are? Is Ozil not one of the untouchables?

  6. The unfortunate thing about the World Cup thus far has been the amount of “simulation”. Players falling over and clutching various parts of their bodies as if they have been hit by high powered rifles! Even worse the players are being rewarded by free kicks and occasion yellow cards to their opponents for minimal contact. This brings the sport into disrepute.
    Also refereeing has been inconsistent; eg Walker (England) places his arm across opposing Tunisian player results in penalty; Kane (England) dragged down results in no penalty.

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