Arsenal’s new signing only waiting for his visa (plus video)

As usual when Arsenal sign anyone it always takes ten times longer than any other club, but the delay in getting the talented Nigerian Kelechi Nwakali over to the Emirates in not the club’s fault this time around.

In an interview with Nwakali’s brother, Allwell, on the Nigerian sports site, Complete Sports, his brother said. “I don’t think there’s anything to fear about the deal not going on as planned,”

“Don’t forget, there are always ways such transactions that are done, so I assure you we’ll get there. There are no threats whatsoever on Kelechi’s Arsenal move, this I assure you.

“We’ve no worries at all as everything is moving according to plans.

“Arsenal are known to have a good programme for young players.

“They develop young stars and enhance their careers.”

This is very good news, as the 17 year-old is the most talented youngster in Nigeria today, but as Arsenal fans we all know how hard it seems to be when the Gunners try to get a work permit for young foreigners. This could be a slightly more difficult case as Nwakali has not yet reached 18, but he should certainly meet the international requirements after having led the Nigeria team to victory in U17 World Cup this summer.

Hopefully it will be all cleared up this week. Meanwhile check out Kelechi’s skills on the scouting video….

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  1. Off topic, but our loanee Jon Toral scored a spectacular volley on the weekend! Out of all the players on loan, I think he has done best so far.

  2. Good luck to him –
    on a different note when is jack back ?

    All seems to have gone quiet again.

    We seem to be lacking creativity in midfield since our spanish maestro got injured

  3. Hope he comes good once his here, too many prospects been brought in and a lot more already here but very few succeed. Apart from Coq and Bellarin the rest haven’t really stepped up and some have been shipped off. Either our scouts need to do a better job or the coach’s.

    Painful to say but even Spurs reserves are getting better results with Kane, Ali and Dier coming up.

    1. So you’re telling me Ali and Dier are enough quality to play for one of the biggest clubs in Europe ? Not saying they’re worse than Sanogo or Welbeck but let’s be honest we should be aiming for the best and not just any player who’s good on the ball.

  4. 5 days to the closing time for this transfer to go through. Or else untill the next summer window before AFC can make another attempt. I think Nwakali should pray to get his Visa before the clossing time for this deal to go through. For Arsenal could change their minds on doing the transfer during the summer when they might have faced another talent.

  5. I liked how he is only a boy but looked very mature and strong, the height too impresses me as you need that extra height for certain pl games. Some at the top say not much to look at but I reckon if he had of shown pace they would have went on about him like best thing since ever. I notice in his description or statistics it was mentioned how pace is his weakness, so long as he’s not overly slow were it’s really noticeable it may not be a big deal. Much prefer a clever player in centre of park, who can conduct play and use his physical strengths. After we get done with him he might just give Zelalem Crowley Sheaf etc something to worry over.

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