Arsenal’s new signings give us us an optimistic start to the season

Ceballos impressed as Arsenal win again by Konstantin Mitov

Well, well, lovely Arsenal people from over the globe, we won our opening 2 games of the season for the first time in a decade! I’m delighted with the results. For the first time in ages, I’m excited!

It wasn’t really a vintage performance again, with some questions to our defense, but the usual suspects in our attack did the job! We started Willock and Nelson again, which is mostly due to the absence of Ozil and the fitness issues of Lacca and Pepe, but we did the job again!

And if there is one man who definitely stole the show, it was Ceballos. So assured with the ball, he was the energy in our midfield which we we’ve been lacking since Santi left. He was dynamic, showed quick feet and his desire to win the ball back eventually led to our second goal.

Another home debut was David Luiz and I liked what I saw. Sure he kept onside Burnley for their goal, but overall he was solid and stood up well to the physical challenge at hand. That said, you could see the need for more game time between him and Sokratis. I would’ve enjoyed a clean sheets, but it is what it is.

Pepe also made his home debut and pulled a great dummy on Peters. You can see the potential there, but there is again a need for time to adapt. We overall don’t have our best XI available in it’s full fitness, as I do believe Ozil with Auba, Laca and Pepe can be really dangerous with Ceballos as part of our midfield support.

We go away to Liverpool next and I’m not convinced we have enough to take them. Our playing out of the back looked risky at times and it will be very interesting to see how we move the ball against a better team than Burnley and Newcastle (with all my respect).

What this season brings so far is excitement. We have a lot of youngsters and a lot of quality yet to be integrated in the squad. The next two games will be incredibly hard and will give a lot more of a realistic evaluation of our squad so far.

We can’t make still make too much of it, as our main full backs are yet to return from injury and we haven’t integrated our main signing. If that prospect doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. We had a good atmosphere at the Emirates. Probably the most optimistic in years! Enjoy people!



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  1. Although Dani Ceballos stole the show I have to comment on a player I think is going to be our ‘hero’ for years to come. Matteo Guendouzi. Full of movement and energy, and constantly recycling foward. He is 100% committed and has a style all of his own. He could become our ‘Pirlo’. Along with Ceballos we have a diamond. I’m very impressed.

    1. Real talk . We have the beginning of a nucleus of talented young players coming through and they will save us millions in the future plus,we will have a squad to challenge for a decade to come.

  2. I kept seeing ceballous and Santi in same line, some what a ridiculous mentioning..what I’ve seen was a new Ramsey that’s all. Eyes for goals, power to burn etc. Nothing near Santi yet in all fairness

    1. you have to look well enough sir,
      I love Ramsey but Dani is a little more than Ramsey, he has more close control and dribbling skills that Ramsey can’t boast of which can only be said of santi, the stature the guile and movement is also a reminisce of santi. yes he has the work rate and eye for a goal like Ramsey but he doesn’t make those final third runs like Ramsey does. He might be a hybrid of Santi and Ramsey which will be so joyful for us to see

      1. That’s what I said yesterday hes a mix of Ramsey & Santi, we can only judge off what we have already saw strut their stuff at the Emirates and he is like the both of them. It’s only one game but his shooting from outside the box looks decent & he may well start these runs into the box once he properly settled. This is all after 83mins in an Arsenal shirt. Great Talent just too bad hes only on loan. Wonder how much he will be to buy?

  3. Man. I am so happy. Ceballos is the type of all buzzing / all action attacking midfielder that I rate. Going back to the invincibles and the Fabregas era we always had exciting attacking mids. Ever since the only one we have had was Santi.
    I have missed this so much.
    Too bad he is only here for a short period. But I am going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

    Hope he can keep it up for the majority of the season. But it’s going to be a slog.

    All the best ?

  4. I find no reason to differ with Konstantin. Our team is actually beginning to show signs of the old Arsenal which was a pride of all of us Gooners. The signs are good and the optimism is not misplaced. When we look at the players who are out or yet to become fully fit we can really feel optimistic this season. There is still Holding, Tierney, Bellerin and Ozil who are nursing sickness or injury. Then there are those who are not yet fully match fit like Pepe, Torreira and even Luiz. When all these players are ready to play we shall indeed be a threat to any team.
    I have been observing Liverpool in pre-season and during the first two games of the season and I believe this is not the team that was a big threat last year. It is actually very beatable. Man city was held by Spurs yesterday. Chelsea is not the team that beat us in Europa finals. Man U is hot and cold. So all in all we stand a good chance of doing well this season. I wouldn’t want to put a bet on anything because that’s not my way but I am confident for this season.
    I get incensed by people who keep saying that we could be third or fourth. What of first and second? These people’s assertions are that those two positions are reserved for Man city and Liverpool. Who decreed that? There are no entrenched positions for any team. This is a new season and Arsenal is not playing to be third or fourth but to be Champions. It is defeatist to go to a competition with low expectations! There is nothing impossible in this world. Arsenal can indeed win EPL. I will not go into the semantics of can and will as some have been doing. Suffice it to say that Barack Obama’s slogan of “Yes we can” didn’t prevent him becoming American President. Let us keep the hope and fully support our team and who knows what happens at the end of the season.

      1. It could be another 2 months before our injured defenders are fully fit and in the meantime we will have to soldier on with what we have.I suspect Emery will deploy a back three against Liverpool as Sokratis and Luis will be very exposed against the likes of Mane and Salah.A point against Liverpool will be a good result.Ceballos is a very fine player and both Guendouzi and Willock are very promising and with Torreria and AMN in the background our midfield is beginning to look very useful without the likes of Xhaka and Ozil.

        1. Nor at all. A point against Liverpool is just a fair result not good. A good result will be a win. It is not far fetched for us to beat Liverpool. It is possible and also likely. Last season we scored first at Anfield only to capitulate later. If we keep our composure and fighting spirit we can beat them. The coach should avoid playing too many defensive players. He should not fear to take the game to them. If we sit back they will attack us from all angles and cause our defence too much pressure which might cause us to crank and concede goals.

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    1. Look at it another way Phil. Given that nobody on this site will be interested in buying Spurs tickets, and yet they pay for the advertising, they are just wasting their money. When the marketing team finds out, heads will roll.

  6. If Mesut steps up his game like we know he can then holy cow we have a crazy attack and midfield combination in;

    Torreira Cabellos
    Pepe laca Auba

    Did we think it would be this good on paper already? NO! Xhaka will not be a starter now after Danis performance & esp how Guendouzi played also and is developing. Along with Willok who is only in the squad this summer. Exciting times just the defence worries me atm but when everyone is fit our defence doesn’t look to shabby in;

    Bellerin Holding Luiz Tierney

    Not bad at all considering we are only 13 months into the new era of Arsenal FC. Plus 1st time in decade we won our opening 2 matches, if we fair ok against Pool & Spurs then itll be time to be optimistic about our season ahead. We cant really complain now gooners can we??

    1. i would like to disagree with you on the notion that willock has only been with the squad this summer,willock played fairly a good number of matches last season if you were watching arsenal. secondly, that midfield of guendouzi,willock,and ceballos is not good enough if we are facing the top teams in epl including wolves, leicester and everton we will get smashed badly with that midfield.

  7. Saw an article yesterday on Guendouzi’s brother – Milan. He looks just as cute, with all that hair!
    Have to agree with Sean Williams’s post above, what a gem!

  8. Ceballos was awesome and showed everything we miss playing ozil. Think Ozil will not be around too much longer.

    Guenda , Auba and NM were also stand out for me.

    10 yes since we one the first two games of the season so all good!

  9. How can some of you come to the assumption that this team will improve with ozil in it? The ozil from a few years ago definitely, the ozil we have on our books now surely not! The best creative outlet we have (2 assists last season) lol

  10. Noticed Dani in the recent U21 Euro’s, and wished we could grab him.

    Seen enough already……..please stay !!!

  11. Cellabos against Burnley = 2 assists
    Ozil the whole of last season = 2 assists

    I’m sad that Cellabos may only be here this season. He is definitely what we need creatively. He can play deep central midfield or CAM

    Can’t wait to see Torreira, Cellabos, Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette all on one lineup. Hopefully against Liverpool

    1. Innit

      Add Guendouzi to make a 6. He’s beginning to show his perpetual forward recycling. He giong to be ‘a player’.

  12. Just enjoyed Pepe’s nutmeg against captain Ben Mee of Burnley. If he can nutmeg TAA (Trent Alexander-Arnold) this weekend and send him early to bed would be too cute.

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