Arsenal’s new transfers won’t have an impact in the short term

Delivered transfers won’t change a thing! At least not straight away! (Opinion)


As nice as new signings are in a club, I can’t help but feel that our new additions are just going to paper over the cracks so that Mikel Arteta and the board can say they promised signings and they delivered. In fact if you compare our signings to other top EPL teams, I am much more likely to use my NetBet Welcome Offer to bet on Chelsea or Man United to take the title away from Manchester City, even though I am a certified Arsenal fan.


I am not doubting the ability or talent of these players. They are all individually talented and I am sure have potential to reach the top. However none of these players other than Odegaard really stand out to me as wow or big signings.


All I am going on with Odegaard is that in his loan spell when he was fit he impacted the team in a positive way. But now he is a permanent fixture in the side he no longer needs to prove himself for a move away from Real Madrid so will he drop off performance wise as so many players have the tendency to do?


I say that because I want you to cast your mind back to loan spell number one for Dani Ceballos. He came bursting out and had an amazing loan spell which meant we would go back for him and so they did. However in his second loan spell he, and I don’t think he would disagree, struggled to get off the starting  blocks and didn’t impact the team in the way he could or should have. Which in turn led to a return to Real at the end of the season where he doesn’t seem to be coming back for a third loan spell.


So with Odegaard, now that permanent move has been made, I hope he can be one of those players that continues his form and impacts this team to show the transfer was worthwhile.


Despite the signings there is still a lot of work to do at Arsenal, and although the transfer window isn’t closed I can’t see that Arsenal will be able to finish all the business they must finish in this window.


In my opinion they need to get rid of the likes of, Willian, Reiss Nelson, Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Eddie Nketiah to name a few.


We cannot afford to lose Alex Lacazette if we do not have a replacement for him. We need a top striker at Arsenal, not someone who is unheard of, and we cannot bag a top striker with only a few days left of this window.


I hope the new additions do impact the team positively as the board have spent money and obviously persuaded these players to join by showing them what their ambitions are.


Us fans are used to being let down, but the players don’t deserve that, and so for their sake as well as ours I hope they prove the doubters wrong, myself included in some aspects, and begin to help the rebuild of the club in the best possible way rather than helping to paper over the cracks!

What do you think, Gooners?


  1. If you haven’t done so already, get yourself over to the clubs site, and have a listen to Aaron Ramsdale’s first interview – well worth a visit.

    1. I watched it and was pleasantly surprised,he comes across as very mature and level headed, difficult not to like the boy.

  2. Most of the new signings are young players with potential to get better. Those that meet up with our expectations will likely be around for quite some time. I don’t see how that’s “papering over the cracks”.
    My worry is about team cohesion. So many changes to the team in the past few years, will definitely affect team cohesion. I just hope the team can gel quickly..
    We may not be able to get a better attacker than what we already have so, we may have to keep Lacazette.
    I think we’re still light in midfield and we should let Bellerin go and replace him with someone better.

    1. Agree Namo – in fact its totally the opposite. It’s replastering entirely and waiting for the plaster to set. Signings like Willian, Luiz were, but not these lads.
      My fear is whether Arteta is good enough to integrate and develop them enough to realise their obvious potential. If he can we could have a super team, buts thats a couple of seasons away.

  3. Just watched AJ. He impressed me – nice humble but ambitious lad, and a character. He will be popular here.

    1. Maybe then guy all the separate pieces come together before it’s too late for Arteta to rescue his time at Arsenal

      1. I still think we can sink lower Sue so it will be tight! As I said earlier all 5 have big potential, but as Arteta is still totally unproven, the question is can he develop them?

  4. I am so disappointed, on the face of it the transfers are not that great but i suppose it reflects our current set up and where we have fallen. We haven’t addressed our frailties of last season, our defence, possibly isnt as good yet, our midfield is basically the same and our strikers haven’t been refreshed. I see no players that give us a different dimension or approach, in fact im less confident of top 6 this season than i was last, dont see any real power in the team, only Partey when he is fit and Tierney on the left. I dont think it is spread among the team, we have some nice players who need the right players around them to get the best out of them. I think we have missed a trick. For the same money this year, i would have been ecstatic with Bissouma, Abraham, Cantwell and keeping Saliba. That would have answered a lot of our problems of last season. I want to see a big big improvement in the next 3 or 4 games or Arteta and his pal Edu can do one.

    1. Arteta is naive and arrogant. A young manager who just started his career needs to be humble and smart.

      We should have sold Elneny and Xhaka. Kept Torrera and bring in Bissouma.

      Bissouma and Torrera> Elneny and Xhaka

      For now, we should go for 2 more players:

      Pedro Neto and Aouar

      A club that finished 8 need a huge investment to return to winning ways.





    2. as you know by, we’re clearly on the same page, in many respects, Reggie…if someone had told us at the opening of the window that we would have been afforded the luxury of spending well over 100M and this would be the projected roster, come the start of the season, very few would have been raving about the possibility and anyone who tries to suggest otherwise is an Arteta apologist, daft or lying to themselves

      with these available funds, we had the perfect opportunity to properly address our pressing needs, so that we could aggressively pursue a much-needed tactical change…instead, it appears as if we’re going to continue to deploy the same trudge-worthy football…furthermore, if Arteta’s “plans” fail to inspire real change, it will be difficult to entice a proper managerial replacement, especially considering the fact that it would be difficult to expect another round of substantial investment without selling our best and brightest

      1. Plus TRVL if Artetas “team” fails, i see many of the signed players losing value as our players have done over the last few years. Im with you, given the amount of expenditure this summer, we could have done a whole lot better than we have done. Why as a club do we never just go out and strengthen the weak areas from the previous season, we seem to, like Merson says and i know where he is coming from have a lazy transfer policy. It goes back a long way, i remember one season Wenger needed to strengthen the center of defence badly because we were weak and we didn’t address it with quality we spread the budget around and got what we deserved, a weaker team. I just fail to see character in our team, its all just “Grey” and safe, if you get what im saying. Where is the bad boy, where is the confident goalscorer, where is the strength and where is the excitement factor.

        1. for me personally, our fundamentally flawed transfer window reminds me of both the year when Wenger only acquired Cech, when we had everything to play for, and Wenger’s constant refusal to properly redress our longtime DM position…when a club fails to heed the lessons of it’s past organizational mistakes, it’s bound to repeat them…if this persists, it has a tendency to take on a life of it’s own, thus becoming systemic in nature…it’s just so infuriating to be in a situation where everyone and their brother can identify the obvious flaw(s), except for those who are in a position to do something about it…maybe, just maybe, we’re not done and we’ll see a more impactful player coming in before the window closes, but based on our pursuits so far I highly doubt this will be the case…frankly I don’t trust this group’s abilities to identify just such a player

      2. Arteta didn’t go for the type of players that the club needed coz they would question his tactical approach but instead went for the kind he had control over.
        What is worrying is they’re going to be bullied just like last season

    3. tbh Reggie I think most of us had other favourites in mind, but its not our jobs on the line if he’s wrong. With the funds available its a fairly good job imo. We dont know whether we tried but rebuffed immediately on any of the others. I like the ages but agree – too many similar small, neat, possession players for my liking. This is the EPL and we could be bullied all too easily. And they’re all high potential but average now. Can Arteta actually improve them? Few signs so far that he’s the great trainer we were led to believe. We will know soon enough I guess.

  5. The players purchased are for the season after this one. If the ersults do not improve just hope that if we do get a new manager he likes the players of the following season and does not want to go back to the drawing with his own selection of players.

  6. Let’s hope the fanbase will be patient are prepared to wait (perhaps for 2/3 years) for the new signings to turn things around.

    In my own mind, I can’t help looking back to the many “what if” calculations:
    – what if we had kept young Saliba, saving the 5OM for a new CB;
    – what if we had kept Matt Ryan, saving the 30M on Ramsdale;
    – what if we had kept Guendozi, saving 20M on Sambi.

    In total, a conservative estimate of over 100M to easily acquire a James Maddison, and new right back, straight off the bat. But instead of looking forward with a positive outlook for the new season, it’s the same old Arsenal song: the cry for better scouting and recruiting and better management decisions. Still, nothing to be excited about.

    1. Agree RF – For me its at least a full season before we notice much change. If it goes perticularly badly we get a new manager with his own style and player preferences and the whole process starts again. We are then dispensing cash quicker than the World Bank.
      I don’t get the obsession with Maddison though what do you guys like about him for that price?.

      1. World Bank dispensing cash – that’s funny. Not sure, myself, if JM is really worth 70M. My thinking was.. we just need someone to inject more pace and energy into the heart of our midfield.

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