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Arsenal’s new wonderkid signing confirmed

Arsenal’s youth policy continues with the confirmed signing of the ex-Barcelona wonderkid Joel Lopez, according to the ever-reliable Jeorge Bird, who is the guru of everything relating to Arsenal’s youth teams. He reported this morning….

Arsenal have completed the signing of talented young defender Joel Lopez from Barcelona.

The 16-year-old, who has been heavily linked with the club in recent months, will initially go into Arsenal’s U18 squad.

Lopez has signed scholarship terms and will put pen to paper on a professional deal in March when he turns 17.

So that is yet another “one for the future”. He is generally used as a left-back, so let us hope that he rises through the ranks like Hector Bellerin to become an Arsenal star. Hopefully our new youth training team can get great improvement out of him and that he doesn’t get an undying wish to return to the Nou Camp in the future!

Darren N

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20 thoughts on “Arsenal’s new wonderkid signing confirmed

  1. Break-on-through

    Its a pity we don’t hear more about Sven’s part in watching them and making the case to sign them. This lads size looks like it could be an issue, he’ll need a big growth spurt because he looks very fragile, he’s only sixteen but I’ve seen many sixteen year old’s taller than I am and taller than my generation on average. The Premiership is full of strong quick fullbacks. So it’ll be a bit of a wait I reckon, probably between 19 to 21. Bellerin got his shot sooner but Bellerin’s an athletic build. Anyways I’m sure he’ll work n it and I don’t think Barca wanted to lose him. Good luck Joel and welcome to the Arsenal.

    1. McLovin

      How tall is he?

      Best fullbacks are 170-175 cm tall.

      Marcelo 174
      Lahm 170
      Cafu 176
      Roberto Carlos 168
      Cole 176
      Sagna 176

      Sagna not the best obviously, but he was Mr Reliable for us.

    2. gotanidea

      Jordi Alba is the best Barcelona left full/ wing back I have ever seen, along with Sylvinho and Van Bronckhorst, despite their small built

      1. Phil

        I can remember Kenny Samson and Nigel Winterburn at LB as not being the tallest but both would walk in to today’s squad.

  2. Goonstar

    This notion of wonder-kid / next big prospect / great potentials talent doesn’t excite me anymore. How many of these so called (wonder kids / next big thing) in the last 12 years have made it?

  3. Randall pryce

    I don’t think it’s a back idea bringing young players to the club cuz we never kno who is gonna be the big thing,,,,,I also think our transfer business isn’t done as yet bcuz we need to get a player who can take us to the top again,,,There are players n the squad that have great potential but we need a motivator an inspirer a team leader so sell OZIL n go get him💯⏳

  4. wengers coat

    There is a new team of staff working on our academies, I can only be optimistic compared to Wenger’s era.

    Even Barcelona is struggling with their young prospects, I think Arsenal are doing average, considering we have few acadmies playing for league 1 or 2 across different regions.

    Prospect is prospect, look at Man city, they’ve spend huge dollars on young stars, most can’t even make it to the first team.

    1. GunnerJack

      Please explain why we need a winger. Thank you.
      Also, please explain who you would drop to fit the winger into the team: Auba? Laca? Mikki? Ozil?
      Over to you. I very much look forward to your answer.

      1. joseph

        Mario Mazuduzic is a winger in Juventus, so I expect Auba or Laca or evn mikky to used as a winger.

        1. GunnerJack

          You got the idea:) Our 4 up front need space to operate in and to drag defenders out of position. They can then hit the penalty box as and when they see fit, not just stand in it as sitting ducks for massed defenders.

  5. Declan

    Looks like another one we can forget about, Malcom going to Everton for £30 million aparantly.

    1. GunnerJack

      Yes, it looks like Unai is not looking for a winger/attacking midfielder. Perhaps he knows what he’s doing?

      1. Ken1945

        So far the club from the manager down seem to know what they’re doing.
        Just wish they would get the Ramsey situation sorted one way or the other.
        Someone said to give him an ultimatum and, as a Ramsey supporter, I think that’s the only way to resolve this issue.
        Not long to go now, still believe we have one big signing to announce.

        1. GunnerJack

          Interesting that you think that about a big signing Ken. Is it just a feeling you have or have you noticed something happening?
          If Ramsey stays for me it means that Unai believes he can improve him, which would be great! If Ramsey goes then yes, I could see why Unai would bring in a top class replacement rather than relying on such as AMN or maybe the new kid Guendouzi.
          At the moment I’m having difficulty working out who’s going to play where so adding another good player would make it worse:) I hope things get a bit clearer in the next few weeks!

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