Arsenal’s next 5 winnable games can define our season (4 at home)

After our awful start to the season, Mikel Arteta has got the team back on track as his new arrivals begin to smoothly integrate into the squad.

Now the Gunners have 4 of our next 5 games all being played at the Emirates so we will see if Arteta can begin to use the 12th man to his advantage and turn our ground into a fortress.

Today will obviously be the biggest test with our fierce rivals Tottenham coming to town, but the fact is that Nuno Santo has not got his squad firing at all at the moment and are there for the taking. The Spurs have lost 3-0 in their last two games, both against London opposition, so hopefully we can make that a hat-trick of Derby defeats for the Spuds.

After our euphoric 3-0 win over Spurs(!), we then travel down to the South Coast to take on Brighton, which will be tough as the Seagulls have 4 of their 5 League games up to press, but I’ll be happy if we scrape past them with a single goal.

Then we have three home games in a row, League games against Palace and Aston Villa, which will need the home fans to get right behind the team to make sure we take all six points which should see us comfortably near the top of the table at last, which is what we are all wishing for right now.

By then our confidence should be sky high for the visit of Leeds United to the Emirates for a place in the last 8 of the League Cuup, which will probably be our easiest game of the 5 after beating Tottenham.

In my opinion, all 5 of these games are ultimately winnable, and such a run would give all Arsenal fans great faith in getting our Arsenal back.



  1. After our first 3 games, we have had and are having a very favourable fixture list which may have just saved MA’s job, for now.

    It’s not going to get any easier than it is right now, we’ll need to take full advantage.

  2. I did say fully 6 weeks ago that after our 3 tough opening games our schedule would get easier.
    Sure enough as only I predicted we have won two league games and two easy Carabao cup games.
    However since then Brighton is in the top 4, Palace just thrashed Spurs 3-0 and Villa just beat Man United away. So these probable winnable fixtures have become some what tougher.
    I’d take draws v Spurs and Brighton and tough wins v Palace Villa and Leeds.

    1. But not everyone would agree on your take. Spurs are arguably weaker now and a win at home is not unreasonable to ask is it. Thats why I feel that what AdPat wrote might happen.

  3. The fixtures are winnable and if the team manages to do so the season will have a completely different outlook compared to the start.

  4. Back from a weeks hols to find a welcome positive article.

    Is is just possible (I ask myself, albeit forlornly!) that a new positive view is taking hold with Gooners in general?

    But THEN I remember Reggie, Logic, Dan Kit and the many other “virtual hourly” harbingers of doom and am dragged back to bleak reality where the welcome but fantasy idea of positive Gooner thoughts are concerned.

    I at least, much agree with Ad Pat in his determination to look on the bright side.

    1. So you have a week off posting ,you come back
      And the first thing you do is moan and bring up my Reggie and logics name (who hasn’t posted in awhile ).
      We must be living rent free in your head buddy .
      Why don’t you ease yourself back in instead of going full pelt on your first day back .

      1. I had wondered why the posts this last week were much better and not so bitter towards people. That explains it!!!!!!!!!

        1. Id rather be bitter against non staunch fans than be bitter against the club that true SUPPORTERS on here love Reggie !

          1. You’re just “bitter” end of. Shame but true! As Dan said, your first post is just vitriol and typical jon fox.

      2. Honest answer Danny boy, is to get under the skin of constant club moaners like you and to put the positive side of SUPPORTING THE CLUB that most of us love and also SUPPORT!

          1. And someone like you wont get under my skin, what a really typical Jon fox thing to say. You dont respect peoples opinions so why should anything you write get under anyones skin. What a stupid thing to write!!!!!

  5. I much agree with PAT, as I wrote about an hour ago (though that post once again disappeared but may well reappear when THIS post apears(if it does!).

    I have no idea why this KEEPS on happening but it does, unfortunately! If anyone knows why, Id be gratefu to know why too!

  6. It sounds good in theory. But we have been there before with MA and Arsenal. Even AW and UE as well. So let’s see if they can win at the early end of the season or are only able to eke out continuous wins at the end when there is no pressure. Anyway, if Rolls Royce is targeted by Kane today, then it could be another flat tire day today lol. I just hope Gabi takes out Kane before that and he goes on one of those injury absences.

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