Arsenal’s next four games – Will 4 wins bring the title tantalisingly close?

The Gunners only dream of one thing: lifting the Premier League title. They have a clear sight of the trophy at least 19 years after they last tasted league glory.

Arsenal’s last win (4-1 over Crystal Palace) before this international break saw them go 8 points clear of second-placed Manchester City, though the Cityzens have played a game less. But this lead is nothing when there are 10 games to play. After being eliminated from every other competition, Arsenal has no excuse not to win the title, because they only have one competition to focus on right now.

Arsenal’s next four Premier League games could jeopardise their chances of winning the league. Although the title is in sight, the battle continues.

Arsenal vs. Leeds

Arsenal will play Leeds United at the Emirates Stadium on April 1, 2022. The North London giants, who have been unbeaten in the league in the last five games, should easily dismantle the struggling Whites.

Liverpool vs. Arsenal

Arsenal will head to Anfield in the hopes of stealing all three points from a shaky Liverpool side that has been inconsistent.

West Ham vs. Arsenal

Mikel Arteta’s men could resume or extend their winning streak after the Liverpool game when they face the Hammers on April 16th at the London Stadium.

Arsenal vs. Southampton

Southampton will visit Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. Although Southampton has proven to be a difficult nut to crack for Arsenal, this Arsenal team is not like the ones in the past.

The Gunners must win every game in the league from here on if they are to have any chance of capturing the league title. If that doesn’t happen, they’ll have to rely on Pep Guardiola’s team to lose points against challenging league opponents along the way, but that’s a gamble.


  1. That’s not accurate- We don’t have to win every game. We can afford to drop four points regardless of what City do, potentially more if Liverpool do us a favour when they play City.

    1. As far as I am concerned we need to match City’s result against Liverpool.

      If Liverpool beat City at the Etihad that will throw the cat amongst the pigeons… but Liverpool seems to be awful away and great at home …which isn’t good news for us!

      1st April hopefully will see us at least 10 points ahead if Liverpool get something out of the game and then we beat Leeds. That would mean we could lose to Liverpol and City and still have a 4 point buffer which covers their game I’m hand… just!

      So the key is to get a result at City and Liverpool! We don’t need to win but I think changing how we play would work against us …

      1. I don’t care who comes to play. If we truly deserve to be champions, then we gonna go and play like only we can do. We might win all or lose all, depending on our mentality. The final table will never lie. After leading the EPL all season, there is no solace of runners up. I’m sure pretty sure Mikel Arteta had the boys fired up for this final push. No matter what happens, I’m still gonna go ashes one day as an Arsenal fan. COYG!

  2. The Game at Anfield will certainly be difficult… Liverpool’s record at Anfield is recently has been good

    1. take a leaf out of Brentford’s book. they beat both Liverpool and man city. the bees where not frightened of the reputations

  3. Man City will have seven important games from April 1st up to the 23rd, whereas Arsenal will only have four games within the same period of time

    So there’s a good possibility that Man City will lose one of their upcoming four EPL games

    If we can win three games and get a draw at Anfield, we’d have less pressure at Etihad Stadium. But if we lose two out of the upcoming four games, it’s going to be very difficult for us

  4. In fact we can afford 3 draws as long as one of those is against City. Win 7, draw 3 is 24 pts taking us to 93. So city could win 10, draw with us, 31 pts giving them a total of 92. The game at city could be as big a title decider since Anfield 89.

  5. Am happy the way arsenal are performing this season.we are hopeful that the trouphy is going to emmirates stadium.thx for the manager mikel and the players for there good work done.

  6. The way I see it, if we beat City we should win the title.

    If City beat us and Liverpool, it will be an extremely close race that will have us on edge the whole way.

    1. This is a do die for the remaining 10 games. If we draw at Liverpool and citizens, the rest will be history. Go on arsenal.

  7. Leeds, West ham and Southampton are winnable games and that can give us a better boost and morale to go at the Annfield and ground something which will help us to give city a game as it’s hard to defeat arsenal over the two legs. Am hoping for the best, #COYG

  8. Take one game at a time. Leeds United are next. Will be a tough game as they will be fighting to stay in the PL.

  9. At the start of the season I was hoping and praying for a top-four finish that would take Arsenal back to Champions League football.
    Now, 10 games to go and I would be devastated if we failed to win the Premiership even with CL football guaranteed.
    How times change, and expectations with them!

  10. To answer the question in this headline truthfully, it is plain that the sensible answer is YES , IT WOULD!

    What I see as our likely key advantage that we have, which losing to Sporting has now brought about, is our run in of just of one game a week, compared to Citys likely run of getting to both Cup finals they have ahead. I pray they reach BOTH finals and then lose both.

  11. Every game is hard.
    Leeds beat Wolves away. West Ham and Southampton are in a relegation battle.
    Knowing Arsenal it is going to the last game of the season against Wolves.

  12. We are in good shape to win it. Hopefully we can win it before the last match. There’s no guarantee obviously but we’re looking good


    1. People said when we lost to city that title is over for arsenal but now we are eight points clear above city.So let’s wait the final whistle.

  14. Well saw much have been say and done, b I share the same sentiment with our couch when he call (one game @ time

    1. You just nailed it! One game at a time. The focus shld be the next game, one after the other as we play towards Wolves game!

  15. In answer to the question, it will be further away if we lose them all!!!!
    Seriously, I will be happy with ten of the twelve points on offer… I wonder how many points city will drop?

    1. Dan, when have we not lost one game to any of our London rivals, after playing all but two of the fixtures?
      Oh ye of little faith!!!

  16. If the race continues up to the last game,we will play wolves at home will city will be playing Brentford away which I think is a deciding game.

  17. I am not concerned because I know every team will drop points between now and matchday 38. I’m Not looking past Leeds United either.

    That being said, I am supremely confident that Arsenal will win the league when the games have been played.

  18. Not only these 4 games but every game from now on till the end of the season is a must win. City will be relentless in their games and the only way Arsenal can stop them is by winning our own games.

  19. I’m sticking my head out and saying we are already champions.
    All what needs to be done is to get at least a draw in the Liverpool and city games, then run through any team that is put in front of us.

  20. The key is not to lose at City. If we do that then there will be massive pressure on City to win all there games including the ones at Liverpool & Chelsea.

  21. I pray our players come back in fine health and we can kick on from where we stopped.
    That for me is most important. We’ll take it as they come cos believe in the team.

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