Arsenal’s obvious deficiencies – and how to fix them

Arsenal Team rebuild is needed! by Goonerboy

And once again, we failed to win an away game and many are beginning to look in the direction of the young Mavropanos as the major cause of that as if we were winning before he came in, i suggest those doing so should look elsewhere because our “away day” struggles is obviously very deep.

Sometimes one needs to take it easy and not overreact in the heat and pressure filled moment of a game, to be sure, you have to watch again when you are calm and over your anger see what really happened.

For example, i was watching the first leg against Atletico and in the second half, i saw Welbeck dived twice of which the second led to their goal and i began to wonder why he had to fall over without being fouled, he basically gave the ball away, but after the match, Koscielny and Mustafi carried most of the blame (rightly so of course) but something happened before their horror defending; Welbeck.

Now, this is where I am really driving at, after seeing the Atletico game and our game at Leicester, we lacked real width and we have a very soft centre which shows a lot when we play away from home, and we wont be helping ourselves if these are not addressed.

When i see our team and see Xhaka paired with Wilshere and then Ozil, Mhkitaryan or Iwobi all in the same team, it is a recipe for disaster. Personally, I always feel the left footed players are too much which makes us so predictable and boring, but another thing is that we lose our width and most importantly our aggression in defending as there are too many midfielders in the team.

Xhaka has lost his aggressiveness because he wants to avoid being sent off, Wilshere is a playmaker that does not have the stature or the strength to be a tackler and then you move forward to Ozil, Ramsey and Iwobi – all of whom hates defending. These players crowd the centre and give us no width. Bellerin and Monreal become defenders and wingers at the same time while our midfield is high up the pitch, leaving the two CBs exposed.

This is what i see in our teams;




Or you can replace Ozil with Wilshere or Xhaka. These players are almost the same in the way they play, only Ramsey, Elneny and to some extent Mhkitaryan have a different skill set.

This is what we should have;




With that, you have a balanced team, you can go for Fabinho….Ramsey if you want to go gung-ho. Mahrez hugs the wing and can score goals, Zaha is tricky, strong and has really developed. This is how the two most exciting teams this season are set up; City and Liverpool, Jesus and Aguero rotate as the CF while the wingers are Sane and Sterling – and same goes for Liverpool.

We have sooo many similar midfielders in our line up, it works at home probably because teams respect us but playing away where we have to be aggresive our midfielders are just too soft. So for me, we need to get rid of some of these midfielders, get at least one DMF and two natural wingers.

So we can have this squad;





Subs; Cech, Holding, Chambers, Welbeck, Ozil,Lacazette, Meyer, Elneny, Koscielny

What do you think?



  1. gotanidea says:

    If the new manager still likes 4-2-3-1 and can only replace four players:

    Bellerin . Chambers . Koulibaly . Kolasinac
    ……………Rafinha …. Ndidi
    Traore …….. Mkhitaryan …….. Aubameyang

    1. Lupe says:

      I will say this for the last time. Adama Traore is not good enough!! Wait, please can you explain why you want arsenal to sign him because i don’t understand your fascination with him. Is there something am missing here?

      1. gotanidea says:

        Educated at La Masia, might be faster than Bellerin, has played with Messi/Neymar, has a lot of tricks, young, cheaper than other lethal wingers, the most successful dribbler in the Championship, hungry, chased by top clubs like Chelsea:

        1. Lupe says:

          How about his end product. There are a lot of fast dribblers that look good on youtube, but its all about the end product. Please tell me what his stats are like in the championship. Goals, assists, chances created if possible because i can tell you its not impressive. I remember gervinho been a fast dribbler with no end product. Just because he played with messi and neymar doesn’t make him a good enough player for us. Let chelsea buy him, they have been buying a lot of shit lately.

  2. Jabby says:

    Very good point there…we don’t have a winger upfront which leaves very one dimensional because we have Ozil and Mkhi as playmakers one of them playing the wing position. As for Xhaka…he is playing the wrong position…see him when he played for Switzerland. Behrami plays as the CDM and Xhaka plays as the deep distributor with long and short passes. The Manager who comes in…will have to know the strengths of the players and find a pattern…Whoever is coming has got a lot to do from scratch.

  3. John Ibrahim says:


    Martial Mkhi Fekir

    Bakayoko Meyer

    Kolasanic Mavapronos Umiti Sidbe


    Arsenal 2018 / 2019 Team

    1. Ray says:

      Basically, most of the team then?

    2. Lupe says:

      @ john ibrahim
      Firstly, bakakoyo has been one of the worst signings this season but you want him? Fekir is not a winger, and since his injury he has lost his pace, his best position is behind the striker. Barcelona will not sell umtiti. Your team is too unrealistic.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        Fekir is quality, he can switch places with Martia and Mhki Magic

        Bakayoko is a quality B2B just like Viera….

        Viera himself struggle to adapt in his first season as welll…..

        1. jon fox says:

          No Viera did not! He made an immediate huge impact. How young are you? Clearly too young to remember properly.

        2. Enagic says:

          Martial is not Arsenal material

    3. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Lol…Ibrahim have you been smoking some Oshobgo weed? Who’s gon drop the money to get all those players you mentioned? Only Max is free. And the only thing I love is the Martial joining us.
      What we need is just a goal keeper, A DM, a very good CB nd A Winger dammit!! Max is free, Next coach needs to sit Ramsey’s ass down and lecture him on what his job is as a CM. you’re not a striker for fvck sake!! We have two world class strikers and very good attacking midfielders. Do your job as a CM and be disciplined!! If not ship him out, and give the next person the chance.
      We cant have strikers and attacking midfielder all bombing forward the same time with our wing backs who act as wingers assisting them in doing that.. Then you the bloooody CM would also bomb forward leaving your DM and your 2 CBs alone!

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        lets be honest….with Wenger, Grimandi and the French connections gone….

        Unless Mislintat is really interested and he makes a quick move……Less French players will be interested to come….

        Mislintat probably has more connections in Germany than the other parts of Europe and the World…

        Raul will entertain the Spanish speaking countries….which we are not really good at attracting and securing players from

        1. Enagic says:

          Remember Mislintat bought Osmane dembele and Aubameyang from France

  4. Ray says:

    Why Mahrez is not already at Arsenal is beyond me. We should have gone for in for him when he wanted to join us years ago!! He would have been perfect for us.

    Bellerin has been playing with the handbrake on this year. His effectiveness on the flank has been limited. In fact, it’s been missing altogether!

    Every game we played was through a clogged middle. We suffocated ourselves and had no plan B. Every team knew how to play us and beat us! And then, Giroud was sold to Chelsea giving us no other option than to play on the floor. Our height was gone in the box altogether!?$ WTF??

    We really needed Giroud against Athletico Madrid. We needed the ball out wide with crosses to a proven aerial goal scorer! Again, why we sold our only option to Chelsea is beyond me?!

    Problem is, when you look all over the park, we have seen the very same deficiencies over and over again. It’s a managerial problem and one I hope the new manager will rectify ASAP!!

    1. gotanidea says:

      We only loaned Giroud to Chelsea for eighteen months

      We would have him back after that period

    2. Naija Jollof says:

      Exactly! Same Arsenal fans pressure got Giroud out. He would have had a massive impact compared to Lacca during the closing minutes of the game. Giroud would have buried those headers Lacca missed. Mtcheew

    3. John Ibrahim says:

      Mahrez priced himself out of the market by signing a new deal……

      not forgetting we have a budget to maintain….

      Leicester refuse to let him go at a low price….

      things could have been different that season if Vardy agreed to join or BFG and Gabriel did not get injured prior to the start of the season…..we would have 55m to purchase Mahrez or other players…..

      from 50m it went up to 90m

      Even money bag City pulled out of the deal….

  5. Lupe says:

    I agree with this post, i have been saying it for a while now that we don’t have width, all our wingers have been sold and even when they were here, they wanted to play other positions. It seems that under wenger, we are only producing no 10s from the academy and even all the first team attackers want to play in the middle, nobody wants to play as a winger. Against very organised teams we struggle because everything is so tight with trying to go through the middle with our sideways passing football. We need a manager who will bring a more aggresive direct football with high pressing. We definitely need to buy wingers/wing forwards to give this team a good balance. I think even ozil’s performances will improve with real width in the side.

  6. Trudeau says:

    It amazes me how quickly folks want to anoint Mavrapronas as a starter. For me he is in the mix long-term, along with a promising bunch of young central defenders including Holding, Chambers and possibly Bielek, but he is not ready to start every week. These guys need to play along experienced defenders to learn their craft. Barring something dramatic happening, that’s not Mustafi unless you want them to get world class at arm flapping. Sell Mustafi, send Holding out on loan, bring in one top defender and a solid veteran like Evans (unless Koscielney’s recovery is quicker than expected) and gradually bed in Chambers (who is getting better) or Marapronas into the starting XI

    1. Kilted Gooner says:

      Totally agree, Mustafi has to go, he actually hinders whoever he is partnered with because of him constantly diving out the line and going to ground.

      The fact that Chambers, Holding and Mavropanos all play better together rather than when partnered with Mustafi, tells you everything.

      A top CB and GK have to be our number 1 priorities but also agree with everyone else’s points about a proper winger being a must. Fingers crossed eh!

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        if Mustafic is sold whos gonna be the experience 3rd and 4th choice CB?

  7. Godswill says:

    Wait till August.
    Wait for the new manager.
    Wait and compare with other contending team.
    Wait as Arsenal fans as we’ve been passing through this for a while.

  8. Grandad says:

    Kolasinac is simply not good enough and we do not need Saha.Other than that your team looks good.

    1. Sue says:

      ??? I love Kolasinac… what a beast

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        Some how Kolasinac has gone from last year’s Bundesliga team of the year to fans on this site wanting him sold. It might be a good idea to see how he plays under a new manager.

  9. Sean says:

    Arsenel need to be smart with their purchases & clever with departures;
    • Ospina, Jenko, Mustafi, Campbell ‘SOLD’
    – Frees wages & added funds for NEW CB ‘£50m’
    • Cech no2, New GK purchased – Leno?
    – Cech stays for exp, Leno learns from him ‘£22m’
    • Jack/Aaron/Xhaka all stay. Xhaka is a CM not CDM, Aaron is better as a box-box engine & Jack is a ball playing CM. Jack/Aaron/Xhaka battle to play alongside new CDM? ’50m’ Jorginho? Elneny squad player, if anyone sell him for some more cash.
    • Promote Niles & Mavraponas.
    • Perez & Welbz both to be sold to buy an out & out winger in Mahrez, who wants to come!
    • if any chance anymore money wee need another full back to cover Bellerin & compete with.

    GK – Leno & Cech
    RB – Hector & NEW
    CB – Chambers, Mavraponas, NEW & Koss
    LB – Kolasnic & Monreal
    CDM – NEW & Niles
    CM – Xhaka, Ramsey, Jack
    No10 – Ozil, Mhiki
    RW – NEW & Iwobi
    CF – lacazette
    LW – Auba

    Can add more though thats a good start

  10. D_spec says:

    Can someone please tell us who the next manager is?
    Who has insider information please.
    Can’t go through the suspense anymore after enduring the worst season ever.
    Remember resource?

    1. Admin says:

      If you want to hear all the bullsh*t ITK’s go to Twitter. It’s full of them!

  11. Taiwo says:

    Tired of Arsenal fans complaining about the away games results over the season, i strongly believe nothing will change under Arsene and graceful enough he has been shown the door and I’m sure he will help himself through the exit.

    We’ve been forced to endure the trolling by other fan while our team plumel into mediocrity, apart from Wenger who thinks differently from the fans at all times about the needs of the team, the next group of people that needed to be engaged is the management who i suspect of conspiracy.

    All fingers crossed as most fans are qualified to be a match day coach barring the barge, we shall continue to air our opinions as things unfold.

  12. Arsene is Out says:

    In today’s market where we seem to be linked with Zielinsky who is a sub at Napoli for 57M, I think it will be hard to get the likes of Koulibaly and Fabinho for less than 60-70M each. Which scares me that we might not have enough money/ambition to shell out that type of cash for a defender and a defensive midfielder. I hope I’m wrong.
    It would mean that we really need a budget of 200M+ to get GK-CB-DM-Winger.
    I really think the reason Mislentat is here is not to spend 60-70M on players but to find the gems for 20-30M.
    I think Meyer for free is a no brainer if we can convince him. The rest will be exciting to see.

  13. Malch95 says:

    Butland/Leno-22mil , Shaqiri-15m, okayzup/meyer-free, De vrij-free, gimenez(last year of contract)-cheap or big money signing like koulibaly/Sule exc. DM (MOST IMPORTANT IMO) Fabinho/Ndiye/nzonzi/basically anyone who can win the ball

    Sell/release Wilshere mustafi Ospina/cech Welbeck Iwobi

  14. Enagic says:

    I am just glad after tomorrow we will start new era

  15. Enagic says:

    And iam pretty sure since Sven came in he has been doing a lot of things behind the scene re players who is coming in and who is going out like during january transfer window that was a big piece of business to start with

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